Single-Cell Plus - Data Science Challenges in Single-Cell Research

Videos from BIRS Workshop

, Institute of Science and Technology Austria
- 09:46
Greater than the sum of the parts: Learning relationships between histone modifications in single cells
Watch video | Download video: 202307030929-Yeung.mp4 (46M)
, University of British Columbia
- 10:05
Probabilistic modelling of single-cell methylation sequencing data reveals regions that are informative of cell type and cell state
Watch video | Download video: 202307030946-Korthauer.mp4 (66M)
, Clemson University
- 10:27
Modelling gene regulation via integrative analysis of single cell multi-omics data
Watch video | Download video: 202307031006-Duren.mp4 (68M)
- 11:09
Scalable test of statistical significance for protein-DNA binding changes with insertion and deletion of bases in the genome
Watch video | Download video: 202307031048-Shin.mp4 (64M)
, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
- 11:35
Discussion Session
Watch video | Download video: 202307031111-Ji.mp4 (82M)
, University of Hong Kong
- 16:28
Modelling of cellular dynamics on differentiation and lineage
Watch video | Download video: 202307031613-Huang.mp4 (23M)
, University of Wisconsin-Madison
- 16:50
Joint tensor modeling of single cell 3D genome and epigenetic data with Muscle
Watch video | Download video: 202307031635-Park.mp4 (46M)
, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science
- 17:23
Combinatorial regulons (cregulon): a novel optimization model for unraveling cellular identity and state transitions through single multi-omics data
Watch video | Download video: 202307031658-Feng.mp4 (32M)
, University of Washington
- 09:38
Day 2: Advances in single-cell RNA-Seq data
Watch video | Download video: 202307040913-Mostafavi.mp4 (87M)
, University of Melbourne
- 11:31
RUV-III-NB: A robust method for normalization of single cell RNA-seq data
Watch video | Download video: 202307041114-Salim.mp4 (57M)
, The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research
- 11:46
Modelling group heteroscedasticity in single-cell RNA-seq pseudo-bulk data
Watch video | Download video: 202307041131-Ritchie.mp4 (49M)
, University of Queensland
- 12:03
One of these cells is not like the other - modelling variability of gene expression in single cell data
Watch video | Download video: 202307041147-Mar.mp4 (46M)
, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center
- 16:29
Robust normalization and integration of single-cell protein expression across CITE-seq datasets
Watch video | Download video: 202307041611-Ye.mp4 (62M)
, University of Southern California
- 16:46
Improving the Resolution of Single-Cell TCR-seq
Watch video | Download video: 202307041630-Street.mp4 (56M)
, Hong Kong University
- 17:09
Integrative analysis of scRNA-seq, scTCR-seq, and TCR-seq to identify and characterize antigen-specific T cells
Watch video | Download video: 202307041646-Shih.mp4 (97M)
, Chinese University of Hong Kong
- 09:42
scNovel: a neural network framework for novel rare cell detection of single-cell transcriptome data
Watch video | Download video: 202307050930-Li.mp4 (21M)
, McGill University
- 10:03
Guided-topic modelling of single-cell transcriptomes enables sub-cell-type and disease-subtype deconvolution of bulk transcriptomes
Watch video | Download video: 202307050943-Li.mp4 (56M)
, University of Sydney
- 10:24
Mosaic single cell data integration
Watch video | Download video: 202307051005-Ghazanfar.mp4 (66M)
, Emory University
- 11:19
Cell-type-specific co-expression inference from single cell RNA-sequencing data
Watch video | Download video: 202307051103-Zhang.mp4 (57M)
, University of California Los Angeles
- 11:41
ClusterDE: a post-clustering differentially expressed (DE) gene identification method robust to false-positive inflation caused by double-dipping
Watch video | Download video: 202307051121-Li.mp4 (68M)
, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
- 09:44
Statistical challenges in Single-Cell RNA-Seq and spatial transcriptomics
Watch video | Download video: 202307060919-Irizarry.mp4 (84M)
, Yale University School of Medicine
- 10:03
Spatial Deconvolution Method Considering Platform Effect Removal, Sparsity and Spatial Information
Watch video | Download video: 202307060945-Yan.mp4 (52M)
, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
- 10:26
SpatialScope: A unified approach for integrating spatial and single-cell transcriptomics data using deep generative models
Watch video | Download video: 202307061003-Yang.mp4 (79M)
, The University of Sydney
- 11:18
Biologically-informed self-supervised learning for segmentation of subcellular spatial transcriptomics data
Watch video | Download video: 202307061101-Yang.mp4 (61M)
, University of Adelaide
- 11:38
Rethinking assumptions in spatial molecular data analysis: the role and impact of library size normalisation
Watch video | Download video: 202307061120-Davis.mp4 (67M)
, University of California, Berkeley
- 11:59
Watch video | Download video: 202307061138-Huang.mp4 (81M)
, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
- 16:24
Gene set tests and cell-cell communication in scRNA-seq data
Watch video | Download video: 202307061609-Wu.mp4 (57M)
, The University of Sydney
- 16:57
Identifying changes in cell states related to their spatial context in tissue microenvironment
Watch video | Download video: 202307061642-Patrick.mp4 (41M)
, University of Hong Kong
- 09:20
Scalable analysis methods for single cell omics data and lineage tracing
Watch video | Download video: 202307070906-Ho.mp4 (24M)
, Yale University
- 09:38
Graphical generative model for identification of disease associated perturbations to intercellular communications in single-cell RNA sequencing data
Watch video | Download video: 202307070920-Wang.mp4 (65M)
, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
- 09:54
Cross-species single-cell atlases: analysis and challenges
Watch video | Download video: 202307070938-Wu.mp4 (58M)
, Yale University
- 10:14
An informatics framework for assembling human cell atlases as a digital life
Watch video | Download video: 202307070957-Zhao.mp4 (50M)
, Peking University
- 10:39
Delineate the regulatory map in silico
Watch video | Download video: 202307071014-Gao.mp4 (unknown)