Participant Testimonials

Jul 02 - Jul 07, 2023

I had been stuck on a mathematical challenge with my statistical modelling, and I met a researcher at the workshop who identified a new direction for solving the problem. Indeed, this workshop was instrumental for generating fresh insights and establishing multiple new research collaborations.

David Shih Assistant Professor
School of Biomedical Sciences, Hong Kong University

The BIRS workshop provided a nice global view of all the computational research on single-cell data analysis, which assisted me in finding future topics for my own research. It also confirmed some of my perceptions from my own research so that my future research can be built upon it. Furthermore, I got to talk to many researchers in my field. I have read many of their papers but discussing in person is so efficient and inspiring. I also met other young researchers who have complementary expertise to mine. I have got their contacts and look forward to future collaborations, which without coming to BIRS workship in person would never happen for me. So I am really glad that I got invited and joined in person.

Xiting Yan Internal medicine, Yale University School of Medicine

BIRS workshop provides an excellent platform for researchers worldwide to exchange ideas in single-cell research. As a participant, I had the opportunity to engage in discussions with leading experts and gained invaluable insights into single-cell and spatial transcriptome technologies and data analytics. The workshop not only deepened my understanding of the field but also broadened my perspectives on the role of computational and statistical methods in real data analysis. Additionally, the workshop encouraged exploration of new topics, such as integration of emerging AI technologies with single-cell data analysis. One of the most rewarding aspects of the BIRS workshop was meeting new colleagues, brainstorming and building lasting connections. I am excited about the potential for future collaborations with the researchers I met, and I am confident that their expertise and ideas will greatly benefit my PhD students and post-doctors. In conclusion, the BIRS workshop offers an exceptional opportunity to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in single-cell research. Despite the data science challenges inherent in this field, I am confident that the collective efforts of the research community will drive significant progress. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the BIRS workshop and highly recommend it to fellow researchers.

Can Yang Mathematics, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology