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“Thank you very much for the wonderful stay at Banff; everything was superb! This workshop on "Theoretical Foundations of Relativistic Hydrodynamics...”  read more testimonials >>

Important Notice for BIRS visitors not holding a Canadian or US passport: New entry to Canada requirement now in effect: visa-exempt foreign nationals need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to fly to Canada.

Upcoming Events

BIRS Workshop: Discrete Subgroups of Lie Groups   Dec 08 - Dec 13, 2019
BIRS Workshop: Mathematical Modelling in Glaciology   Jan 12 - Jan 17, 2020
BIRS Workshop: Proof Complexity   Jan 19 - Jan 24, 2020
BIRS Workshop: Fractons and Beyond   Jan 26 - Jan 31, 2020
BIRS Workshop: Geometric Tomography   Feb 09 - Feb 14, 2020