Scientific Advisory Board

Current Membership

Partner Institute Liaisons

Past Membership

The research and intellectual side of the BIRS program is handled by the Scientific Advisory Board of BIRS which is comprised of 30 members representing a broad and expert coverage of the Mathematical Sciences. The BIRS Scientific Advisory Board is chaired by the BIRS Scientific Director. The members are nominated by the Scientific Director for a 3-year term, after consultation with the sitting members of the Scientific Advisory Board.

The responsibilities of the Scientific Advisory Board are:

  1. To assume a role of scientific and intellectual leadership for the development of BIRS;
  2. To oversee the development of cooperative programs between the mathematics institutes in North America;
  3. To oversee the development of interaction with the other cultural activities of the Banff Centre;
  4. To advise on the solicitation of proposals for new programs, workshops, etc.;
  5. To make recommendations on the renewal and balance of its own membership.