Participant Testimonials

May 28 - Jun 02, 2023

This was a great workshop with high-level talks, dynamic and clear. It provided a wonderful opportunity to meet many colleagues whom I wouldn't have been able to connect with otherwise. During the meeting, I had discussions with Eric Cator regarding the use of zero range processes to demonstrate "local equilibrium" for the sum of independent random variables conditioned on the empirical mean being different from the mean. I also had conversations with Marton Balazs about the discrete PNG model and with Nicos Georgiou about traffic jams of the TASEP in a tree. These discussions sparked new projects, and I am extremely happy to have attended. I did hesitate a bit when I received the invitation since I live in Buenos Aires, which requires a 10+4 hour flight and long layovers in Houston. However, the meeting was definitely worth the sacrifice.

Pablo Ferrari Professor
Mathematics, Universidad de Buenos Aires

My collaborators and I embarked on a new project inspired by the talks we saw. The scientific program coupled with the physical environment and the wonderful meals brings such a welcome renewal.

Timo Seppalainen Mathematics, University of Wisconsin