Reconstruction Methods for Inverse Problems

Videos from BIRS Workshop 19w5092

, Texas A&M University
- 09:51
Detecting presence of emission sources with low SNR. "Analysis" vs deep learning
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, Università degli Studi di Milano
- 11:36
A multiscale approach for inverse problems
Watch video | Download video: 201906241045-Rondi.mp4 (142M)
, University of Toronto
- 12:27
Two nonlinear harmonic analysis results: a Plancherel theorem for a nonlinear Fourier transform arising in the Inverse Conductivity Problem and multiscale decomposition of diffeomorphisms in Image Registration.
Watch video | Download video: 201906241140-Nachman.mp4 (179M)
, Università di Firenze
- 15:09
Stable determination of polygonal and polyhedral interfaces from boundary measurements
Watch video | Download video: 201906241417-Francini.mp4 (214M)
, University of Genoa
- 16:16
Infinite-dimensional inverse problems with finite measurements
Watch video | Download video: 201906241532-Santacesaria.mp4 (139M)
, University of Vienna
- 17:04
Quantitative PAT-OCT Elastography for Biomechanical Parameter Imaging
Watch video | Download video: 201906241620-Sherina.mp4 (159M)
, Technical University of Kaiserslautern
- 09:14
Regularization of Inverse Problems via Time Discrete Geodesics in Image Spaces
Watch video | Download video: 201906250831-Steidl.mp4 (120M)
, University of British Columbia
- 10:19
Discrete processes and their continuous limits
Watch video | Download video: 201906250924-Ascher.mp4 (163M)
, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
- 11:29
Total variation based Lavrentiev regularisation
Watch video | Download video: 201906251043-Grasmair.mp4 (371M)
- 12:22
Analysis of a model of elastic dislocation in geophysics
Watch video | Download video: 201906251145-Aspri.mp4 (115M)
, University of Klagenfurt Austria
- 15:09
Regularization of backwards diffusion by fractional time derivatives
Watch video | Download video: 201906251416-Kaltenbacher.mp4 (183M)
, Technische Universität Chemnitz
- 16:18
The impact of conditional stability estimates on variational regularization and the distinguished case of oversmoothing penalties
Watch video | Download video: 201906251532-Hofmann.mp4 (144M)
, University of Floranopolis
- 17:01
A convex analysis approach to iterative regularization methods
Watch video | Download video: 201906251621-Leitao.mp4 (150M)
, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Emory University
- 17:51
Deep Neural Networks motivated by PDEs
Watch video | Download video: 201906251701-Ruthotto.mp4 (144M)
, University College London
- 09:18
Combining learned and model based approaches for inverse problems
Watch video | Download video: 201906260831-Arridge.mp4 (144M)
, University of Genoa
- 10:11
Combining the Runge approximation and the Whitney embedding theorem in hybrid imaging
Watch video | Download video: 201906260927-Alberti.mp4 (117M)
, The University of British Columbia
- 11:22
Conservative architectures for deep neural networks
Watch video | Download video: 201906261046-Haber.mp4 (112M)
, University of Siegen
- 12:17
New results on a variational inequality formulation of Lavrentiev regularization for nonlinear monotone ill-posed problems
Watch video | Download video: 201906261135-Plato.mp4 (191M)
, Case Western
- 09:28
A stable Bayesian layer stripping algorithm for electrical impedance tomography
Watch video | Download video: 201906270834-Somersalo.mp4 (145M)
, Case Western Reserve University
- 10:26
Reconstruction via Bayesian hierarchical models: convexity, sparsity and model reduction
Watch video | Download video: 201906270931-Calvetti.mp4 (164M)
, University of Auckland
- 11:40
Born approximation for inverse scattering with high contrast media
Watch video | Download video: 201906271102-Kaipio.mp4 (111M)
, University of Mannheim
- 12:33
On the Analysis of the Ensemble Kalman Filter for Inverse Problems and the Incorporation of Constraints
Watch video | Download video: 201906271148-Schillings.mp4 (129M)
, University of Cambridge
- 14:46
A joint reconstruction, super-resolution and registration model for motion-compensated MRI
Watch video | Download video: 201906271416-Debroux.mp4 (89M)
, Drexel University
- 16:20
Reduced order models for spectral domain inversion: Embedding into the continuous problem and generation of internal data
Watch video | Download video: 201906271531-Moskow.mp4 (143M)
, Case Western Reserve University
- 17:03
PCM-TV-TFV: A Novel Two-Stage Framework for Image Reconstruction from Fourier Data
Watch video | Download video: 201906271624-Guo.mp4 (122M)
, Rutgers University
- 09:23
Inverse Scattering Problems for the Time Dependent Wave Equation
Watch video | Download video: 201906280834-Cakoni.mp4 (148M)
, Politecnico di Milano
- 10:07
Detection of conductivity inclusions in a semilinear elliptic problem via a phase field approach
Watch video | Download video: 201906280929-Verani.mp4 (103M)
, University of Vienna
- 11:17
About using dynamical systems as regularisation methods and their optimal convergence rates
Watch video | Download video: 201906281033-Elbau.mp4 (121M)