Thirty Years of Floer Theory for 3-Manifolds (17w5011)

Arriving in Oaxaca, Mexico Sunday, July 30 and departing Friday August 4, 2017


(Georgia Institute of Technology)

(Brandeis University)

(University of Oregon)


The workshop will bring together experts on two sides of three-dimensional topology, Floer homology and combinatorial topology, with a focus on three areas of contact between these fields: surgery problems, the fundamental group, and quantum invariants. The workshop's goal will be to map out open problems and avenues of attack for the next five years.

We will accomplish this goal by, in addition to the research talks, asking one participant to give a survey of Floer theory's applications to one of the three areas of contact each of the first three days, and then including hour-and-a-half long problem sessions each of the last two days. Two participants will be designated for each problem session to take notes on the problems, which will then be compiled and made available online. The goal is a list of thirty motivating problems, for this thirtieth anniversary of the subject.