Participant Testimonials

Feb 28 - Mar 04, 2016

Wonderful location, great services, extremely well balanced scientific program. It was great to meet so many active researchers in the field in a very inspiring environment.

Matthias Kaminski Physics & Astronomy, University of Alabama

The workshop was indeed excellent and I found BIRS to be a perfect place for this activity! (I was especially impressed by how flaw-less the audio-visual installation worked and how simple it is to handle, I wish we had the same one in our Institute!)

Karl Landsteiner IFT-UAM/CSIC Madrid

The BIRS workshop was a great experience. It provided an intimate setting and a great atmosphere for people to get to know one another and discuss their research in depth. I was able to get to know new people from fields I am not familiar with and learned a great deal from them. I also had opportunities to meet a few people who have been working on similar topics as myself. The exchanges with them were also very beneficial and generated quite a few new ideas.

Hong Liu Professor
Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The excellent facilities at BIRS, the inspiring surroundings and the capable organization of this workshop have yet again made my visit to Banff a scientifically productive time filled with enriching presentations by and discussion with other participants.

Julian Sonner Professor
DPT, University of Geneva