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Testimonials: The Community in Support of BIRS

May 17 - May 22, 2020

The online workshop at BIRS during the COVID19 pandemic lead to me gaining three new collaborators and new ideas for future research. This was at a time when travel to work with collaborators was not even possible. Thank you BIRS!

Blake Barker Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Mathematics, Brigham Young University
May 01 - May 03, 2020

I very much appreciate the chance to talk about my research with my fellow number theorists. I don't have a lot of travel money as I come from one of the smaller Alberta universities, thus I really appreciate that we have such a world class institution like BIRS right here in Alberta.

Eric Roettger Associate Professor
Mathematics and Computing, Mount Royal University
Mar 01 - Mar 06, 2020

Most productive workshop in two years (and in a virtual tie for best ever)!

Mark Behrens Mathematics, University of Notre Dame

The workshop was mathematically very inspiring, and it has been really helpful for me as I'm resuming traveling at the end of parental leave. BIRS, the workshop organizers and participants as well, were all very understanding and helpful when it came to our needs regarding traveling and participating with children.

Vesna Stojanoska University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign
Feb 23 - Feb 28, 2020

One of the best conferences I've been to in some time! People actually were working and didn't want to leave!

John Muschelli Assistant Scientist
Biostatistics, Johns Hopkins University
Feb 16 - Feb 21, 2020

The workshop on analyzing complex regulatory networks was fantastic. The best part of it was that I knew very few of the other participants when the workshop started, so I heard about a lot of science that I wasn't previously familiar with. The organizers did a great job of getting together scientists from different disciplines and generations. I learned a lot, and made some new scientific friends!

Marc Roussel Professor
Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Lethbridge
Feb 09 - Feb 14, 2020

I made some significant progress in my reseach during the visit, the facilities were so wonderful and I could dedicate all my time to thinking, it was absolutely liberating.

Shiri Artstein Mathematics, Tel-Aviv University

It was my first time visiting this beautiful place. The organization was perfect, the atmosphere was warm, the program was excellent.

Apostolos Giannopoulos Department of Mathematics, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Excellent conference and very pleasant working atmosphere.

Carsten Schütt Mathematics, Christian-Albrechts-Universitaet
Feb 02 - Feb 07, 2020

The meeting was certainly inspiring, with many good and some exceptionally interesting talks. There were many discussions. In particular there is a vision coming out of a discussion with Benoit Pausader which we both - independently or together - want to explore: It is striking that most asymptotic equations (like NLS and KdV) for wave propagation are integrable. Is this just a curious fact, or does it have consequences for the approximation on large times scale? What is the relation to the fact that the asymptotic equations like NLS and KdV are part of a integrable hierarchy? While discussing this we found a potential link between these questions. I am grateful for the participation.

Herbert Koch Mathematisches Institut, University of Bonn

The Banff Centre is a wonderful place to do mathematics and collaborate. The facilities are beautiful, the organization very well done and surrounding scenery remarkable.

Jeremy Marzuola Mathematics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Jan 19 - Jan 24, 2020

Wonderful survey of current activity in the field. Made an impression on me that the field is live and well, with recent progress and many open problems.

Yuval Filmus Assistant Professor
Computer Science, Technion

The quality of this workshop was well above expectation. Many great results, already published or in progress, were presented. I got great insight even about the ones I'd read already, and several research directions opened up.

Massimo Lauria Statistical Sciences, Università degli studi di Roma - La Sapienza

I found everything perfect: organization, accommodation and the lecture room. I was impressed by the system of recording lectures - it is simple to operate and works perfectly. I enjoyed this workshop very much.

Pavel Pudlak Mathematical Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences

The talks at the workshop gave a panoptic view of current research in my area. I heard about several interesting new research results, and had many useful conversations. I had met most of the researchers at the workshop before, but it was good to renew contact with them. Several collaborators of mine were at the workshop, and I made progress on multiple projects.

Rahul Santhanam Professor
Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford

My participation in the BIRS workshop gave me a chance to learn about the latest results in my area of research. The close contact with the researchers inspired me with new ideas and motivated me to continue working on some open questions.

Jacobo Toran Institute for Theoretical Computer Science, University of Ulm
Jan 12 - Jan 17, 2020

The workshop in mathematical glaciology was just what my research trajectory needed. Having been recently distracted by other topics and tools, it reminded me of the main questions and it re-connected me to my colleagues and what they are are working on.

Ed Bueler Mathematics and Statistics, University of Alaska Fairbanks

We’ve just finished our workshop this week and on the way back to the airport now. I’ll follow up with a report in the coming weeks, but just want to express huge thanks for supporting this workshop! We’ve had uniformly positive reactions from the participants - many senior people saying it’s the best meeting they’ve ever been to. We’ve had a great variety of talks - all with overrunning discussion - but more importantly I think everyone really valued the time to chat copiously over coffee and meals, etc. The venue is obviously fantastic, everyone was super-impressed with the technology, and with the ease of making new connections. Thanks to you all!

Ian Hewitt University of Oxford
Dec 08 - Dec 13, 2019

I was able to give a talk on the subject that I wished to discuss with the experts. I met many experts who helped me with the research on this topic. Also, I met a few others to talk about some related topics that I am working on currently. It was a very useful meeting. The BIRS provided a very concentrated environment for research. I was able to learn about some topics in the lattice theory where I am not really working on. However, I obtained the knowledge on the subject and the reason that they are working on.

Suhyoung Choi Professor
Department of Mathematics, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Nov 24 - Nov 29, 2019

Thank you very much for the wonderful stay at Banff; everything was superb! This workshop on "Theoretical Foundations of Relativistic Hydrodynamics" has allowed me to meet many leading researchers from our community. We had interesting discussions that will certainly lead to fruitful collaborations and advancement of the field. Thank you once again!

Amaresh Jaiswal Assistant Professor
School of Physical Sciences, National Institute of Science Education and Research Bhubaneswar - India
Nov 17 - Nov 22, 2019

The workshop in BIRS on Dimers, Ising model and interactions was absolutely wonderful - one of the best conferences I have attended in recent years. The talks were at a very high level, stimulating and engaging at the same time. The discussions were fruitful and this has suggested many avenues of future research for me. I am very grateful to BIRS for having hosted it.

Nathanael Berestycki University of Vienna

Thank you so much for the wonderful stay at Banff. This program has allowed me to meet many people from the dimer community. We had interesting discussions that will certainly lead to fruitful collaborations. Thank you once again!

Béatrice De Tiliere University Paris Dauphine

The workshop was right in line with my research. I interacted scientifically with almost everyone present! Several new projects emerged from these conversations and talks which I hope will further my own research. I was particularly excited by the talks of Ramassamy, Laslier and Chelkak: it looks like they are headed towards a significant new result in dimers, which hopefully can generalize to other models.

Richard Kenyon Professor
Math, Yale University

I have met with several people I know, and shared my ongoing research ideas with them. This was a very nice opportunity to have prolonged discussions on my own and joint projects. I have also updated my knowledge of the field of dimer models and related areas.

Leonid Petrov Associate Professor
Mathematics, University of Virginia

Thank you for a wonderful program! Everything was superb, and I made many interesting new mathematical connections with people.

Scott Sheffield Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Oct 27 - Nov 01, 2019

Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to attend the recent meeting organized by Vestislav, Anna, Duong and Dan. I have yet to write to them to thank them personally, but I shall be doing so in the near future. This was my first visit to BIRS, and I was delighted with absolutely everything that I found there: Banff is extraordinary, as is the Banff Centre. All the staff there were extremely nice and helpful, and that is especially true of the BIRS staff and administration: the facilities were outstanding, and the atmosphere highly congenial. I really cannot think of a negative thing to say about the entire experience of being there. I did not give a talk at the conference, mainly because the work that I've been doing in recent years has focussed on Koehler geometry. A few years ago I did a lot of work in the area of non-Kaehler geometry, but found myself very stuck on a difficult problem. That problem, still unresolved, was discussed at length by a number of the speakers, and it was extremely useful for me to see the progress that has been made towards solving it. In addition, I learned a great deal about what others have been doing in related areas, and I found my interest in some of those greatly piqued thanks to the excellent presentations of some of the speakers. I am currently in the process of trying to write up some results in Kaehler geometry, but I am very much looking forward to the chance to get back to that problem I mentioned on the other side of the divide, having had a number of new ideas stimulated by talks at the conference. So for me, the bridging of the gap between the Kaehler and non-koehler worlds that occurred as a result of having been at BIRS may, I very much hope, result in significant advances towards solving my problem and hence giving everyone better insight into the structure of non-Kaehler manifolds. So again, I would like to thank you and the organisers of the conference for having afforded me the extraordinary opportunity to attend.

Nicholas Buchdahl University of Adelaide

The content of this conference was interesting and helpful for my research in complex Geometry. I hope that in the future I will be able to attend others on this subject. I thank BIRS for the general organization and quality of the food.

Georges Dloussky professor emeritus
Mathematics, Aix-Marseille University

The conference was at the highest scientific level. Many interesting new results both from the talks and by direct discussions with the participants. In particular, new contacts with possible collaborations emerged. It is also clear to me that the presentation given by my postdoc received very good attention from the experts in the field who have already contacted her and encouraged to apply for positions at their institution.

Massimiliano Pontecorvo Full Prof.
Matematica e Fisica, Università Degli Studi Roma Tre

Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to organise a very fruitful workshop at the BIRS! Complex geometry is a very productive field that has seen major advances in the past 10-15 years in both Kaehler and non-Kaehler geometry. This BIRS workshop brought together prominent mathematicians who presented results that lie at the interface between Kaehler and non-Kaehler geometry. On the one hand, quite a few talks were about geometric flows, which have constituted a very active area of research since the resolution of the Poincaré Conjecture by Perelman. One talk presented applications to the SYZ (Strominger-Yau-Zaslov) approach to Mirror Symmetry, another active area of research that bridges the gap between Kaehler and non-Kaehler geometry. On the other hand, there were talks about more topological and/or cohomological approaches to geometry, such as Riemann-Roch-type theorems, a new method for investigating cohomology via squares and zigzags and a new way to define a Froelicher-type spectral sequence in the almost complex setting. In between, we had quite a few talks about special metrics in complex geometry that share some properties with the Kaehler metrics but are more general, hence found more often. These include balanced, Gauduchon, SKT, locally conformally Kaehler (lck) and strongly Gauduchon metrics and were given both an analytic treatment (there was one talk about geometric flows in the context of special metrics) and a geometric treatment (two talks were explicitly about the geometric properties of lck metrics). Many participants also had very productive private discussions about ongoing collaborations. In my case, I could work with at least three collaborators at different stages of current and future collaborations. On behalf of the organisers of this workshop, I wish to thank you again for the wonderful opportunity you gave us to organise this productive and stimulating workshop.

Dan Popovici Institut de Mathematiques de Toulouse, Universite Paul Sabatier
Oct 20 - Oct 25, 2019

The workshop at Banff was one of the best workshops I have ever attended. Our group consisted of researchers from different mathematical backgrounds, none of which have collaborative work with the other. I actually was not too familiar with the proposed topic which I have been interested in for some time. The group leaders did a fantastic job introducing us all to the subject and explaining the proposed problems. Members of the group worked perfectly well with each other. We spent valuable time immersed in research, focusing on the work and able to get some new results. We are planning on meeting again in the summer as a group in order to move the work forward and maybe finalize a manuscript.

Sabine El Khoury Mathematics, American University of Beirut

During the workshop, I started a new collaboration with six other women. We plan to write a paper on the results we obtained. Moreover, this looks like it will be a longer collaboration and we will continue to work on questions which naturally arise from the results we obtained while at BIRS. The work that we did during the workshop is an interesting synergy of different techniques that I and other participants are expert in. I had the opportunity to learn new techniques and start working in a new topic. Being at BIRS together was instrumental for getting this collaboration started. I also started talking to two younger researchers who do work related to some work of mine with an interesting twist. We has a few discussions during the workshops and came up with a problem of common interest. A new collaboration may start from this. Certainly I have made new scientific contacts.

Elisa Gorla Prof.
Mathematics, University of Neuchatel
Oct 13 - Oct 18, 2019

Easily one of the best workshops I have attended over the course of my career. The small group size facilitated more conversation, which I believe has generated a lot of ideas and future direction for our field. I came away from the workshop with more questions, and ideas, than when I arrived, and I feel that the format helped me get to know colleagues in my field I would not normally have had an opportunity to speak with. Excellent presentations with questions and answers that carried over into our meals and after-dinner discussions. As for the organization, it was seamless, providing us a venue to focus on what we came to do, talk about state-of-the-art science. Finally I would add, the surroundings are beautiful, and the campus seems designed to make sure you can appreciate the beautiful vistas at every moment of your stay.

Aaron Donahue Staff Scientist
Atmosphere Energy Earth Division, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

BIRS was the ideal site for our workshop. Participants were together throughout the week, which encouraged lots of informal discussions and ideas even outside the regular meeting times. Several of the participants told us it was the best workshop/conference they had been to in many years! The flexible format and relatively small size made it possible to run our meeting as a true workshop, not just a series of prepared talks. We feel we made genuine progress on some fundamental questions of the mathematics and physics of climate modelling!

Nicholas Kevlahan Mathematics and Statistics, McMaster University
Oct 13 - Oct 18, 2019

This workshop brought together researchers in algebraic topology and in geometric topology who work on spaces of embeddings and on their relations to configuration spaces. I work on the geometric side, and it was very stimulating for me to meet leading researchers of the algebraic side. I plan to recommend to a Ph. D. student of mine to apply to a postdoctoral position in order to learn and work about the applications of the geometric techniques he knows to the algebraic study of embedding spaces. It was a wonderful meeting, I learned a lot.

Christine Lescop Senior Researcher
Institut Fourier, Université Grenoble Alpes

This workshop was an occasion for me to discover a fascinating area of research, as well as interesting new ideas related to topics I am more familiar with. It is likely that the research projects that I am going to pursue in the next few years will be highly influenced by this meeting.

Arnaud Mortier University of Caen Normandy
Oct 13 - Oct 18, 2019

The meeting went very well. The topic was very interesting to me, the participants were the right people for the subject, and the (work and play) environment could not have been better. I cannot really think of anything of substance I would change. The venue and opportunity was so very nice that colleagues and I are already considering preparing a proposal for a meeting organized through BIRS on another topic in the future.

Philip Rasch Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Oct 13 - Oct 18, 2019

The workshop highly impacted my research. I have found some new problems which I should address.

Keiichi Sakai Shinshu University
Oct 13 - Oct 18, 2019

The workshop was extremely beneficial from several viewpoints. It made me aware of important theoretical developments directly relevant to my research, which I was not previously aware of. It made me aware of potential new applications for my research that I had not necessarily previously envisioned. It provided potential seeds for new collaborations in the future. It allowed me to exchange viewpoints with like-minded colleagues, thus providing new angles to my research that should prove beneficial for my future papers. I'll be involved in a collaborative paper prompted by the workshop.

Remi Tailleux Associate Professor in Physical Oceanography
Meteorology, University of Reading
Oct 13 - Oct 18, 2019

Definitely, I have learned many interesting and new ideas. Cluster surgeries used to obtain non-trivial elements in the homotopy groups of the diffeomorphism group of a 4-disc is perhaps the most inspiring thing I learned. Most of the people I knew before. Only two were new for me. One of the two Apurva Nakade gave a very interesting talk relating the geometry of almost complex structures on manifolds with the Goodwillie manifold calculus. Thanks to the discussions I figured out an interesting problem for my PhD student that I prefer to keep private :)

Victor Turchin Professor
Mathematics, Kansas State University
Oct 06 - Oct 11, 2019

This was a wonderful opportunity to have a focused relatively small workshop to learn the ins and outs of a more specialized but interesting area of application for my own more abstract work. This gave me additional perspective and context for how the application area fit in with my own more basic "pure math" research work. I hope to follow up on this with work concerning some open problems raised at the meeting.

Joseph Ball Department of Mathematics, Virginia Tech

It was an excellent conference, well organized and productive. I had interesting exchanges with the conference participants which can lead to more collaborative work on the conference subject and beyond. BIRS staff did an excellent job maintaining conference room and breaks. When there was an emergency, a cable problem with the projector, it was resolved in less than an hour. The food was excellent. Thank you.

Alexander Figotin Mathematics, University of California at Irvine

I thought the conference, in bringing together an incredibly diverse audience, ranging from engineering all the way to pure mathematics, was a great success. For someone close to the pure side it was amazing to see how Nevanlinna functions emerged in so many, totally different, circumstances. Independently from that: The food at cafeteria was just amazing!

Fritz Gesztesy Mathematics, Baylor University

Its a great place for math and to visit!

Lars Jonsson Professor
School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

The high quality of the presentations was exceptional. I was especially appreciative of the interdisciplinary nature (combining mathematics with electromagnetics) of the workshop and expertise of the attendees. I returned home refreshed and excited about several new ideas and possible future directions to pursue. The beautiful peaceful venue enhanced the many in-depth interactions between the attendees.

Arthur Yaghjian Research Consultant
Electromagnetics Research Consultant
Sep 27 - Sep 29, 2019

It is a wonderful opportunity and I benefited from the very interesting and insightful talks. The facility is superb.

Yaozhong Hu Professor
Math and statistical Science, University of Alberta
Sep 22 - Sep 27, 2019

The place is more than perfect for research. Easy to reach (even when you come from Europe), and with all the facilities, it really helps to focus on research and mathematical discussions. Even when my stay was very short, it allowed me to deep in some professional relationships and to learn from others. I really hope to come back some day for a longer stay. The workshop was very well organized. Nice atmosphere, interesting talks, posters and discussions. Great!

Elisa Alos University Pompeu Fabra

It was one of the best and the most useful experiences I had in my career. As a new researcher in this field, I learnt a lot about different approaches. Thanks a lot for this opportunity.

Maedeh Mehranfar Mathematics and Statistics, Concordia University

BIRS is an excellent, experience set-up which is very fruitful for creative scientific discussions. Next to that, the mountain views in the Fall are beautiful and inspiring.

Cornelis Oosterlee professor
National center for mathematics and computer science, CWI Amsterdam and Delft University of Technology

First of all, thanks a lot to BIRS and its team for hospitality and great work during this workshop. The workshop was a great opportunity for me and my graduate students to get involved in fruitful conversations, in discussing new ideas and new projects. It was also a good opportunity to talk to people from industry and to get known their projects and current work. Also, BIRS is always a great place that generates new ideas while enjoying a beautiful nature around. It inspires me every time when I am there. After each workshop or other events I come back home with a lot of new ideas and inspirations, new projects to be developed. Thank you, BIRS!

Anatoliy Swishchuk Professor
Mathematics and Statistics, University of Calgary
Sep 15 - Sep 20, 2019

The main goal of the meeting was to bring together researchers from different groups (dynamical systems, spectral theory, probability) who are working on closely related subjects (random dynamical systems, spectral theory of operators with random potentials) using different "languages". The meeting was a great success - it looks like several research projects were initiated as the result of the discussions, three problem sessions provided a long list of open problems for younger participants, graduate students had an opportunity to present their results to the experts (some of them also used this opportunity to arrange the recommendation letters for the future job search). Many people who knew about each other's papers were finally able to meet in person. In some cases people realized that the recently obtained results in one area (e.g. properties of non-stationary random matrix products, reported) could potentially lead to the way to attack a problem in another (in this case, localization results in the case of unbounded random potentials).

Anton Gorodetski Professor
Mathematics, University of California Irvine
Sep 13 - Sep 15, 2019

Thank you very much indeed for hosting our meeting last weekend. It came at a crucial time in our collaborative venture to determine how to provide effective infrastructure to support research in Linked Open Data for cultural heritage. It was extremely productive, and there is no doubt in my mind that the excellent facilities and beautiful setting contributed to the very positive mood of our discussions. BIRS is an amazing institution. Many thanks for your support of our meeting!

Susan Brown CRC in Collaborative Digital Scholarship
English and Theatre Studies, University of Guelph

It was wonderful to be able to collaborate with colleagues in such a beautiful place. Because no one had to worry about meals, accommodation, or transportation, we were able to focus on the work at hand. The intellectual collaboration continued over meals in the adjacent dining facilities, in the lounge of our building, and on walks along the river. I'm really grateful for the time and space you gave us.

Janelle Jenstad Director, MoEML; PI, LEMDO
English, University of Victoria
Sep 08 - Sep 13, 2019

The workshop was very timely and helpful. Many of the important leaders in the field (operator algebras and dynamics) were present, including five of my present collaborators! (With three of them---Gong, Lin, and Niu---I am just finishing a definitive classification paper---arbitrary well behaved until simple C*-algebras---Elliott invariant!---that we intend I think to submit to the Annals.)

George Elliott Canada Research Chair
Mathematics, University of Toronto

This is my third workshop at BIRS. Each time, this had been a great occasion to meet my younger colleagues and to discover first hand their work. They are amazing and demonstrate the vitality of the subject. They undoubtedly bring new results and fresh insights. These workshops have indeed initiated new collaborations and reinforced some research projects.

Jean Renault Mathematics, Universite d' Orleans

It was very interesting conference. Especially, it was impressed for me that many researchers talked about my strategy applying von Neumann algebraic methods to C*-algebras in the Toms-Winter conjecture, which might be regarded as one of the main topics in this conference. This experience in the BIRS conference would push my research forward to get a new sight. I would like to thank organizers very much.

Yasuhiko Sato Department of Mathematics, Kyoto University
Sep 01 - Sep 06, 2019

The workshop was great! I have already started working on a cool problem I heard at Banff. I also made plans for two research visits.

Boris Bukh Mathematical Sciences, Carnegie Mellon University

The conference at Banff was very helpful to me: I have learned new outstanding results, understood some ideas that I did not understand before, and collaborated with Mubayi and Verstraete. We have now a new research program started at Banff. Thank you for the hospitality!

Alexandr Kostochka Mathematics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The workshop was excellent, with many great talks. Following one of the talks, we had an idea that we are following right now.

Clara Shikhelman Mathematics, Oxford University
Aug 25 - Aug 30, 2019

It was a really useful important and interesting meeting. A lot of time was of course spent listening to lectures, but the great group of participants allowed me to: 1. Work with Luke Morgan on a new breakthrough related to the lecture I gave (on our very recently submitted paper on Generalised shuffle groups); 2. Catch up with two young colleagues Nick Gill and Jason Semeraro, so that we have decided to get back to finalising our work on Conway groupoids (which has been in abeyance since 2016 because we've been on different sides of the world); 3. Work with Colva Roney-Dougal and Eamonn O'Brien to finalise the editing of our paper analysing the Bray involution centraliser algorithm for strong involutions in unitary groups in odd characteristic; 4. Catch up with Barbara Baumeister on our project on regular subgroups of finite primitive groups - hopefully planning how to complete it.

Cheryl Praeger School of Mathematics and Statistics (M019), University of Western Australia

It was indeed a useful and stimulating workshop. Whilst there, Gunter Malle, Radha Kessar and I began to develop a block theory for Spetses, with which small numerical examples seem, at the present time, to be consistent.

Jason Semeraro Research Fellow
Mathematics, University of Leicester

The workshop was very nicely organized and intellectually stimulating. Aside from the lectures, I also got time to discuss and make considerable progress on a joint research project with Martin Liebeck. I also had helpful discussions with Gunter Malle.

Pham Huu Tiep Distinguished Professor
Department of Mathematics, Rutgers University

BIRS is a fantastic place for conferences. The technical equipment and the fact that all of us stay on a campus together make it possible to work together very effectively. Moreover, everyone who works there is very friendly and professional, in my experience. I have always enjoyed my stays there, took a lot of fresh input away from the workshops and look forward to the next time!

Rebecca Waldecker Mathematik, MLU Halle-Wittenberg

I would like to personally thank you for the way you run the BIRS. The Banff centre is a magical place, and although it is a really long way for me to travel there, I already look forward to next time. The whole campus setting, the facilities, the creative atmosphere and the smooth running of the workshops are truly inspiring and have benefitted my research a lot over the past years. I am sure that the day will come when I will write my first application for a workshop! Many thanks, I feel that you are doing something very valuable there that benefits many research communities.

Rebecca Waldecker Mathematik, MLU Halle-Wittenberg
Aug 18 - Aug 23, 2019

It was a great workshop in a wonderful place! I learned so much and I had very useful exchange of opinion. Really a special place!

Giuseppe Luca Celardo Full Professor

Attending the workshop on Charge and Energy Transfer Processes: Open Problems in Open Quantum Systems was an excellent experience; the group of people brought together here included many researchers I have not previously met, and allowed me to develop potential new research collaborations. As a result, I've started a number of new conversations about possible future collaborations, and learned about new fields where the methods we have developed might be applied.

Jonathan Keeling Reader in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics
School of Physics and Astronomy, University of St Andrews

BIRS provides a wonderful setting for in depth interaction with colleagues.

Christiane Koch Theoretical Physics, University of Kassel

This was a great week, both scientifically and socially. The organizers did an excellent job in choosing subjects and speakers. I also had several opportunities to interact one on one with some of the participants, and I learned a lot. There is not doubt that my research has been and will be affected positively by this experience. I thank you and BIRS (I already thanked the organizers) for this opportunity.

Abraham Nitzan Professor of Chemistry
Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania

It was my first workshop at BIRS and I really enjoyed the experience. The location is fantastic, but the impact of the research workshop will be lasting. New friendships, collaborations and ideas emerged from the workshop. Lots of good work for the future. Looking forward to the next workshop at BIRS! Thank you so much.

Francesco Petruccione Prof
School of Chemistry and Physics, University of KwaZulu-Natal

I also thank the organizers and the entire BIRS team for such a lovely stay. I liked it a lot and I wouldn't know what to change. Thanks a lot and very much looking forward to come again.

Philipp Strasberg Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
Aug 11 - Aug 16, 2019

Thank you very much for letting us organize the "Convex Integration" meeting at BIRS. I found it very productive: I discussed two possible new projects with colleagues, reconnected with various other participants, learned at least one new cool result that I have not heard of before, gave a talk that was well received, and successfully solicited a letter of recommendation (I will be on the job market this Fall). In addition, in the free time I "discovered" and worked in the BIRS library, completing one chapter of the book that I am writing these days. We (with my coorganizers) will prepare the final report soon, and I will be looking forward to an opportunity to coming back to BIRS.

Marta Lewicka University of Pittsburgh

I must say how important and productive this workshop was. I met several groups of mathematicians with whom we outlined a program of research that will keep us occupied for a year. With A. Larios we produced numerics that answered more definitively some of the open regularity questions I had in models of collective behavior. Thanks for providing an excellent hub for doing research!

Roman Shvydkoy Department of Mathematics Statistics and Computer Science, University of Illinois at Chicago
Aug 09 - Aug 11, 2019

The workshop enabled me to extend my knowledge on mathematical modeling of the structure and dynamics of biological macromolecules. I learned new approaches that combine the use of force fields with low-resolution experimental data, such as electron cryomicroscopy (CryoEM) and small-angle X-ray/neutron scattering (SAXS/SANS). In this regard, of particular interest were the talks by Greg Chirikjian who demonstrated that the use of both CryoEM and SAXS/SANS data can result in satisfactory structure modeling even when a large section of data is lost, while use of only one kind of data does not enable us to achieve this goal, and by Daisuke Kihara who demonstrated new approaches to SAXS-based structure determination. A very interesting lecture of the importance of correlations in biology was delivered by Robert Jernigan. Overall, the workshop enabled to bring together mathematicians and the scientists involved in modeling the structure and function of biological macromolecules with regard to biological function. During the workshop I made new scientific contacts that can develop into collaborations (e.g., with Robert Jerigan, Greg Chirikjian, Nina Pastor, Gabriel del Rio). I also learned about the postdoc position openings in good labs, which are of interest to my former graduate students who have just completed their Ph.D. Overall, the workshop was an excellent experience.

Jozef Adam Liwo Professor
Chemistry, University of Gdansk

Thank you for having me at BIRS. It is a beautiful place, and the workshop was very useful to me. In general, the meeting allowed me to brush up on subjects I don't work on, but find interesting, such as protein and RNA structure prediction. In particular, I am currently looking for coarse-grained potentials to model proteins, and at the meeting I had the chance to learn about three options for these. Now I not only have specific literature to study, but the personal contacts to ask for help if we get stuck. Another useful thing I learned at the meeting had to do with benchmarks of docking programs geared to the study of protein-small molecule interactions, and about strategies to get rid of false positive results. This is another area of research at my lab, so the references and specific people to talk to are very welcome.

Nina Pastor Profesor-Investigador
Centro de Investigación en Dinámica Celular, Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Morelos
Jul 28 - Aug 02, 2019

At this workshop I presented results from a paper (R.S. Cantrell, C. Cosner, M.A. Lewis, and Y.Lou, Evolution of dispersal in spatial population models with multiple timescales, J. Math. Biol. (2018). https://doi.org/10.1007/s00285-018-1302-2) which introduced a new approach to modeling the evolution of dispersal. That paper was directly inspired by discussions I had with other participants during a previous workshop at BIRS. I also had discussions that I expect will result in further research with some of those collaborators based on ideas from that paper. Additionally, I had discussions with another participant in the workshop where we exchanged information which will help me advance my research on another topic related to modeling animal dispersal, and which may result in new collaborative research. The workshop was very useful to me.

Chris Cosner Mathematics, University of Miami

I would like to use this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to you personally for the wonderful hospitality of BIRS and the truly unique role that it plays in promoting and facilitating the research and progress across the mathematical sciences. It has been the third time for me to visit BIRS over the last several years, and all three times were very useful and fruitful both for my own work and, as far as I am able to judge, for the research in this particular field (which is mathematical ecology) more generally. In particular, this last workshop was extremely invigorating: a new collaboration started and an informal working group was created, currently working together on mathematical challenges in ecological management.

Sergei Petrovskii Chair in Applied Mathematics
Department of Mathematics, University of Leicester

The BIRS workshop on New Mathematical Methods for Complex Systems in Ecology was tremendously inspiring. I could meet the leaders of the field and got inspiration for a new research idea to study the statistical mechanics of oscillations in complex food webs.

Axel Rossberg Reader in Theoretical Ecology
School of Biological and Chemical Sciences, Queen Mary University London

The workshop was absolutely wonderful. The talks were very interesting, topical, and several gave me new ideas that I am working on incorporating in my own research. The organisers put a full two hours of informal collaboration time into the schedule during the day, which allowed me to have many worthwhile discussions. Two, in particular, I expect to lead to at least one and possibly two new collaborations. Finally, I am part of a sub-group of workshop attendees which, as part of the workshop, defined a project that we are hoping to continue over the next few months, leading to a review publication.

Rebecca Tyson Professor
Mathematics, University of British Columbia - Okanagan

I met a number of experts in the field of ecology who are very interested to talk to and work with mathematicians. In particular, we had a series of interesting discussions that led to new insights on the problem of species adapting to contemporary climate change, initiated work on a new paper, and will likely lead to new long-term collaborations.

Sebastian Wieczorek Professor
Department of Applied Mathematics, University College Cork
Jul 26 - Jul 28, 2019

This workshop was amazing. It introduced me to some free, well-developed and easy to use resources for teaching. It was wonderful to be able to not only see demos of these tools, but have experts available to ask questions.

Amy Feaver Assistant Professor
Mathematics and Computing Science, The King's University

As an organizer, it was great to not have to worry about accommodations, meals, or conference facilities, and of course, everyone loves the location! The workshop was a great first step towards getting OER champions and practitioners organized and collaborating. The only thing we could have asked for is more time. With luck, this will be the first of many meetings in Alberta and beyond.

Sean Fitzpatrick Instructor III
Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Lethbridge
Jul 21 - Jul 26, 2019

This was a timely workshop that brought together like-minded researchers in quantum resource theories. Many topics discussed therein may have found little chance of discussion elsewhere for their extent of specialization. Thus, this workshop filled an important need. The impact on my own research has been significant, including several valuable discussions and a few new collaborative projects as direct outgrowths. The impact on the resource theory community was probably equally valuable.

Varun Narasimhachar Research Fellow
School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Nanyang Technological University

The "Quantum Resource Theories" Workshop brought together leading international experts from quantum information theory and mathematics to discuss the timely topic of quantum resource theories. Applying this theory to quantum channels is an active topic in the field, and this workshop was very helpful for clarifying how we should consider transformations of quantum channels in various quantum resource theories. Many discussions and collaborations took place during the week, which will likely have an impact on the field for years to come. Also, the friendly environment provided by BIRS staff was conducive to these discussions and collaborations. For all of that, I am very thankful to the BIRS staff for hosting this workshop.

Mark Wilde Associate Professor
Physics and Astronomy, Louisiana State University

As on previous occasions, the participation at the week-long workshop was immensely stimulating scientifically, and very rewarding due to the many connections made. The discussions with other participants have led already to at least one collaborative project.

Andreas Winter ICREA Research Professor
Physics, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
Jul 14 - Jul 19, 2019

This was a very interesting workshop in a wonderful place. It was specially inspiring because of the mixture of different communities: operator algebraists, mathematical physicists working on the theory of quantum information and computer scientists.

Fernando Lledó Professor
Mathematics , Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and Instituto de Ciencias Matemáticas (ICMAT)
Jun 30 - Jul 05, 2019

I had a pleasant stay at BIRS last week and I also enjoyed talks at the workshop. Especially, after my talk, I received a lot of questions and remarks from the audience. Those were very helpful for my research. Thank you for giving me such a nice opportunity at BIRS.

Yoshio Tsutsumi Department of Mathematics, Kyoto University
Jun 23 - Jun 28, 2019

The workshop was great, with very interesting talks spanning a wide variety of research topics. I had the opportunity of discussing new ideas with several people (not among my previous and current collaborators), which will likely lead to new joint projects.

Giovanni S. Alberti Department of Mathematics, University of Genoa

The workshop was excellent. I am very impressed by the infrastructure of BIRS. Everything is so well organized. During the workshop, I was able to get connected closer in terms of research and with colleagues in my field, including two from my own institution. One of them decided to co-organize a mini-symposium at the upcoming SIAM conference on imaging science.

Weihong Guo Associate Professor
Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Case Western Reserve University

My participation in the BIRS workshop, indeed, helped me to come up with a new insight on the problems that I have been working on. Not to mention, this workshop brought together researchers around the world for intensive discussions and sharing ideas and results under such a cosy and relaxing environment. I had not known most of the participants before the workshop, however, I now have them in my contact list. It is always great to meet great scholars for further insight on my research. This workshop was great.

Yunho Kim Assistant Professor
Mathematical Sciences, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology - South Korea

It was a very interesting workshop. I have learned things (for instance, concerning deep learning and innovative medical imaging modalities) that will influence significantly my research.

Peter Kuchment University Distinguished Professor
Mathematics, Texas A&M University
Jun 21 - Jun 23, 2019

I think the biggest impact for me was simply learning more about how teacher training and education in general are done in Canada. The US and Canada can learn a lot from each other, and hopefully we won't have to keep reinventing the wheel. One of my favorite quick conversations came when I asked a few people if Canada has problems with lawnmower parents like we do -- parents who clear the way for their kids, and now these kids are our students and are unable to handle difficult situations. Someone said, "Oh... is that what you call them? We call them snowplow parents." That is classic. It is a simple example of us dealing with similar problems and using different terminology.

Julie Barnes Professor of Mathematics
Mathematics and Computer Science, Western Carolina University

The experience of coming to BIRS is such a life changing experience. Meeting with such fantastic people at such an awe inspiring venue is an opportunity that cannot really be done justice with a verbal description. The experience at BIRS is one of the most internationally rewarding and inspiring opportunities a mathematician can participate in. I managed to meet a myriad of new people from a variety of backgrounds and it really allowed me to think about next stages in our training program. I'm extremely happy and optimistic that I will be able to continue to foster these relationships. I think that the ideas discussed here will help us to continue the development of my program at my institution. I met a lot of great people that do fantastic work and I think it will help our institution continue our innovations in graduate training. Thanks to everyone at BIRS for such a fantastic opportunity!

Carmen Bruni Lecturer
Computer Science, University of Waterloo

The workshop on "Innovations in New Instructor Training" was truly invigorating. I am confident that we have formed a community which will be productive in the years to come. We really are all working on the same problems and it's great to hear what others have achieved and experienced. I have new ideas to put into practice and great contacts to get tips, feedback, and to reflect with. At the end of the conference we all talked about our experience and the word 'inspired' came up over and over again.

Matthew Coles Science Education Specialist (SES)
Mathematics, University of British Columbia

I enjoyed the workshop a great deal, as it brought a team of experts together from across Canada. Heard lots of great idea, and am invigorated about bringing them home to my own institution!

Danny Dyer Mathematics and Statistics, Memorial University of Newfoundland

It has been a long while since I have walked away from a workshop or conference being this inspired to continue with my efforts and to implement new strategies. The organizers of the "Innovations in New Instructor Training" did an exceptional job in bringing together researchers, lecturers and educators that were able to share a varied amount of information and methodologies on the workshop theme. The closing talking stick circle gave strong and repeated testimony how much this workshop accomplished and how it contributed in building a national network of collaborators.

Petra Menz Senior Lecturer
Mathematics, Simon Fraser University
Jun 16 - Jun 21, 2019

I thought the BIRS workshop was outstanding with highly interactive participants who were willing to discuss new creative ideas. My experience in the workshop give me some new directions to focus on in my research. I would highly recommend it to other scientists to take the time over a week to explore new ideas with other scientists which can contribute to the advancement of scientific breakthroughs.

Bruce Boman Senior scientist
Departments of Mathematical & Biological Sciences, University of Delaware

This was one of the most stimulating and fruitful workshops of recent memory. I met several biologists and biophysicists whose work I admired. Together with two of them we have identified potential problems of common interest that we may collaborate on. My PhD student made several connections to leading scientists that may offer him PDF opportunities. On the topical area, I think the workshop put biologists and mathematicians together in a productive environment, and the discussions have suggested new directions in quantitative analysis and modeling of biological problems.

James Feng Department of Mathematics, University of British Columbia

As a relative newcomer to this particular area of research, I found the workshop fascinating and engaging - bringing together people with expertise in theory, modeling, and/or experiment. The workshop organizers did a terrific job, allowing plenty of time for discussion after presentations, as well personal one-on-one time at meals and free time. And the location was breathtaking. Thanks for a very memorable experience!

Randy Heiland Research Associate
Intelligent Systems Engineering, Indiana University

The BIRS workshop helped me make new contacts I wouldn't have otherwise and hopefully will lead to some new collaborations and projects.

Alison McGuigan Institute for Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering, University of Toronto

Excellent meeting - met a lot of old friends and a lot of new faces as well. Splendid selection of talks: the morning/evening split worked very well, giving lots of time in the afternoon for both chats with colleagues and exploring the local scenery. It is quite likely that some new collaborations will arise following the meeting.

Kevin Painter Heriot-Watt University

Bridging Cellular and Tissue Dynamics workshop allowed me to initiate new research contacts and learn about fresh research results. It was extremely well organized mixing well established researchers in the field with newly appointed faculty or postdocs which is actually very valuable for both those groups, and I applaud the organizers for that. I also was able to get in contact with some long not seen colleagues. Especially valuable was an ample time for discussions after each talk and between the sessions, which lets for free exchange of ideas and opinions. This was very much appreciated. Overall, the best scientific meeting this year that I attended.

Katarzyna Rejniak PhD
Integrated Mathematical Oncology, Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Insitute

The discussions and networking at the BIRS workshop have been very fruitful, we have plans to apply for a joint grant as a result of them!

Linus Schumacher Dr
MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine, University of Edinburgh
Jun 09 - Jun 14, 2019

My participation in the BIRS workshop has impacted my current research and given me new insights. It provided new research directions/projects. I definitely made new contacts I wouldn't have otherwise made, as well as potential research projects with others working in my same field. All in all, this BIRS workshop was everything good I hoped it would be. It had substance and at the same time gave us a nurturing atmosphere to be our best.

Samangi Munasinghe Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics, Western Kentucky University

It was an extremely fruitful meeting, both for the quality of the presentations and for the possibility of interaction on specific topics. I met fantastic mathematical women and entered into possible collaborations with both senior and junior colleagues.

Susanna Terracini Dipartimento di Matematica, Università di Torino
Jun 02 - Jun 07, 2019

On behalf of all the participants and the members of the STRATOS Initiative, we would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity for this fantastic week at the BIRS. Our Workshop allowed us to discuss in-depth many complex methodological issues, including challenges that require joint expertise in two or more different areas of statistical research, i.e. are related to two or more topic groups of the STRATOS Initiative. We will present the first results of this work during an Invited Session at the 41st annual meeting of the International Society for Clinical Biostatistics (ISCB) in 2020 (one of the two largest international biostatistical conferences in the world). Many participants told us about the important progress we have achieved and how much they enjoyed this week. Thanks again to you and the excellent team at BIRS. It was a pleasure staying for five days at the Banff Center.

Michal Abrahamowicz James McGill Professor
Department of Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Occupational Health, McGill University

I found the meeting at BIRS to be useful in several respects. It gave me a chance to learn more about approaches to causal inference in epidemiology. It opened new possibilities for scientific collaborations with experts in the fields of measurement error and data quality control. It gave me a better appreciation of the range of research going on in methods for observational epidemiologic studies. It gave me the opportunity to find out what researchers from various parts of the world are doing and to engage in informal scientific discussions with them.

Mitchell Gail Senior Investigator
Biostatistics Branch, DCEG/NCI, National Institutes of Health

BIRS is a treasure. What an incredible place for a scientific meeting.

Frank Harrell Biostatistics, Vanderbilt University
May 26 - May 31, 2019

The workshop on geometry of polynomials in May 2019 was very interesting and friendly. I could interact with several researchers and in particular with M. Putinar (UCSB at Santa Barbara) we have decided to start a joint research on a new approach for a variant of the Nevanlinna probem. In addition I have also initiated a collaboration with Bachir El-Khadir (PhD student at princeton) on the Moment-SOS approach for a certain problem in Robotics.

Jean-Bernard Lasserre Directeur de Recherche au CNRS
LAAS-CNRS and Institute of Mathematics, LAAS-CNRS 7, Toulouse

My time at BIRS was wonderful. Since the workshop consisted of a small group of people, I got a chance to interact with participants to a greater extent than at a large conference. Such an opportunity helps tremendously for people early in their careers (such as myself). The conversations I had laid the groundwork for new projects, with new collaborators. It was also a great time to consult with area specialists regarding some longer-standing ideas I had yet to explore.

Riley Murray PhD student
Computing and Mathematical Sciences, Caltech

The BIRS workshop is wonderful!

Jiawang Nie Mathematics, University of California San Diego

The workshop last week was a great success. Very informative, light and yet deep, with a lot of young gifted participants. Freindly atmosphere, open for unconstrained math exchanges. I was and continue to be part of this group for about twenty years (with seniors such as Bill Helton, M-F Roy, Claus Scheiderer, J-B Lasserre) and it is ressuring to see that the field of real polynomials is gaining momentum. On the math-personal side, I had some interaction with Petter Branden and Rainer Sinn, with whom I may continue digging into the unknown. Thank you for making this encounter possible. As always, BIRS was an excellent site to develop our activities.

Mihai Putinar Mathematics, UCSB

This was a key workshop in the very active research area at the intersection of convex and algebraic geometry. The talks were exceptionally high quality, and I have learned many new ideas from the presentations and discussions with colleagues. As the result of the workshop, I believe I have significantly deepened my understanding of the geometry of key objects involved in my ongoing research project, and I also learned new tools and references that may help me make further progress. This is due to the possibility to ask key research questions to the leading experts in the field, and also thanks to the well-structured program: a significant amount of free time between talks allowed for additional discussions, reading and thinking.

Vera Roshchina Senior Lecturer
School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of New South Wales
May 19 - May 24, 2019

This was an absolutely terrific and exciting scientific meeting; one of the best I've been to. I connected with scientists whose work I was -- somehow -- not familiar and it will create meaningful longterm scientific connections.

Noah Cowan Professor
Mechanical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University

This was my first meeting at BIRS, and I think it is the perfect venue for such small interactive meetings. Everything was perfectly organized, and the whole meeting operation was flawless. Even though (or maybe because) my scientific focus is at the fringe of the meeting's main focus, I got a lot out of the meeting, got some new ideas for future research directions, and got to know better some of my colleagues.

Jan Drugowitsch Harvard University

This was a fantastic workshop, and the organizers and attendees thank everyone at BIRS for facilitating and supporting this highly interactive meeting! We look forward to writing up a detailed report on this workshop in the coming weeks.

Manoj Srinivasan Associate Professor
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Ohio State University

BIRS is a fantastic place to hold a mathematical and scientific workshop. The facilities and the infrastructure for holding such workshops are so outstanding and seamless that it allows the attendees to just focus on the math/science and on making lasting connections, both scientific and professional. From an organizer's perspective (I was a co-organizer), BIRS allows for and promotes unique workshops that sit at the intersection of multiple sub-fields, and bringing together people that may not usually talk to each other at more traditional conferences. I loved every moment of our workshop, and the BIRS staff made its organization a pleasure.

Manoj Srinivasan Associate Professor
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Ohio State University
May 12 - May 17, 2019

BIRS offered me the opportunity to meet with top researchers in my field, start new collaborations, and learn from exciting, engaging talks on cutting-edge researchers. The environment was perfect for getting to know the other participants, and the nature was amazing.

Christina Frederick Mathematical Sciences, New Jersey Institute of Technology
May 10 - May 12, 2019

It was great to meet people in the same field around Alberta. Attending the workshop was a great opportunity as a student to learn more about number theory, and was a great chance to share my research interests. And BIRS has such a nice scenery too.

Sumin Leem Mathematics, University of Calgary

Alberta Number Theory Days has run for many years now at BIRS and I enjoy it every time. It is always great to see my fellow Alberta number theorists and hear about the research they are doing. The workshop was beneficial for one of my PhD students in particular as she received some highly useful insights from another conference participant on certain applications of her thesis research that we were previously unaware of.

Renate Scheidler Professor
Mathematics & Statistics, Computer Science, University of Calgary
May 05 - May 10, 2019

Everything was perfect. I really thank you for having accepted our proposal, BIRS institute gives a strong support to math community. Thanks on behalf of all the organizers.

Pierpaolo Esposito Dipartimento di Matematica e Fisica, Università di Roma Tre

I would like to thank you and all the memebers of BIRS for the hospitality and all the facilities given to the invited researchers. This was a very productive workshop in which new approaches to my research topic were suggested. I also thank the organizers, Pierpaolo, Angela and Monica for the kind invitation. This was a great opportunity and a wonderful experience in a beatiful place.

Juan Carlos Fernandez Department of Mathematics, UNAM

I really enjoyed the meeting: the scientific level was very high, and I had the chance to hear some impressive young people. I took the opportunity to continuing/finalizing two on-going projects with Esposito and Martinazzi, and hearing the talks some new discussion generated with Premoselli and Vetois.

Andrea Malchiodi Classe di Scienze, Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa

It has been a wonderful workshop, with many extremely interesting talks. It gave me the opportunity of illuminating discussions on my own as well as other participant's work. I was very happy to be there.

Susanna Terracini Dipartimento di Matematica, Università di Torino
Apr 28 - May 03, 2019

Thank you very much to you and all the BIRS team for allowing us to have this meeting. It was fantastic and very very useful to me. I learned some things that I’m sure will influence my research direction over the next few years. I was in particular grateful to learn so much more about the maximum dissipation methods and gradient dynamics approaches to thin film equations. To put this another way: at most conferences I normally attend only 75% of the talks and have plenty of time to deal with emails. In contrast, at BIRS I attended all except 1 talk and came home with a massive email backlog, because I was so engaged by the meeting and discussions with those attending. The organisers did a splendid job and the facility is fantastic. Thank you all!

Andrew Archer Professor of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics
Mathematical Sciences, Loughborough University UK

It was a great gathering. I came into the workshop with some general ideas about a mathematical model for hydrogels. The lectures and discussions with other attendants have helped me a great deal to clarify some nebulous ideas and to initiate collaborations. It has been a very rewarding workshop for me - kudos to the organizers!

James J Feng University of British Columbia

I would like to add that the workshop was one of the better workshops/conferences I have attended in recent years and that the quality of the workshop, the quality of the people in the workshop, and the quality of the centre itself really exceeded my expectations.

Ofer Manor Chemical Engineering, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology Haifa

Great workshop with high scientific quality, focused and interdisciplinary! Great center and environment!

Olivier Pierre-Louis Research Director in CNRS
Institut Lumière Matière, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

My participation in the BIRS workshop has impacted my current research and also the field of thin film and gradient flow. Many talks are given by esteemed colleagues that are established experts in this field and when they presented their work over the years up to now, it is really amazing how much one can learn within such a short time. I did start to talk to a few participants during the workshop and hopefully these interactions might lead to further collaboration. This workshop made me see how young researchers have developed their careers.

Yuan-Nan Young Professor of Mathematical Sciences
Mathematical Sciences, NJIT
Apr 26 - Apr 28, 2019

The opportunity to meet and share with a diverse group of professionals furthered my understanding of efforts to popularize mathematics in Alberta and beyond. I made good connections that I hope will create opportunities for collaborative work for myself or my students in the future.

Steven Khan Mathematics Education and Computational Thinking
Elementary Education, University of Alberta
Apr 14 - Apr 19, 2019

The time at BIRS was a great opportunity to meet different people dealing with problems related to my topics or some related topics. All the more people that I met for the first time or people that I have not seen for a long time. It was also a great opportunity to have different fruitful discussions about several scientific issues that give me some idea of future prospects. I would like also to thank the organizers for their great effort and for the organization of this excellent workshop in such a nice place. Thank you also for your email and for giving me the opportunity to thanks again the organizers and the BIRS center for this excellent week.

Yavar Kian Centre de Physique Théorique, Université d'Aix-Marseille
Apr 12 - Apr 14, 2019

A well informative workshop which engaged interaction and stimulating discussions on current and new areas of research. Looking forward to future workshops at BIRS.

Kevin Adanty Student
Mechanical Engineering, University of Alberta

I came home from the workshop with a lot of new ideas. The atmosphere and presentations were very inspiring.


The facility and surrounding landscape were truly inspiring!

Dilaver Singh University of Waterloo
Apr 07 - Apr 12, 2019

I really enjoyed the workshop both scientifically and socially. The talks were of high quality and concluded with lively discussions. The BIRS staff and facility were equally superb. Thank you for your leadership!

Ejaz Ahmed Mathematics & statistics, Brock University
Apr 05 - Apr 07, 2019

It was a wonderful activity both from the interaction and intellectual discussion point of view. It has opened the new directions of thinking for me which I hope will impact my future teaching and research.

Muhammad Jamil Aslam Visiting Professor
University of Alberta
Mar 31 - Apr 05, 2019

This was a wonderful meeting, bringing together researchers from the theory of operator algebras, representation theory, commutative algebra, and algebraic geometry. Thanks to the many wonderful talks and the one-on-one conversations, I got to learn about developments that, at first glance, seemed far from my area of speciality, but in fact turned out to be quite related. I am looking forward to continuing collaborating with at least some of the researchers I met at the workshop.

Srikanth Iyengar Mathematics, University of Utah

The most important feature of this meeting was the strong interdisciplinary profile. The organizers managed to bring together experts from different areas, and foster a true exchange. This is real progress and hope in an area threatened by sclerosis. From my narrow perspective, this may be the basis of new, future collaborations.

Mihai Putinar Mathematics, University of California at Santa Barbara

The workshop was very interesting and useful, I learned a lot on nearby fields, their results and approaches to attack the problems. It was nice as well to meet old friends and to get acquainted with new ones.

Nikolai Vasilevski Full Professor
Departamento de Matematicas, CINVESTAV del IPN

The meeting last week was a rare and wonderful gathering of people from several mathematical disciplines. Different aspects of multivariable spectral theory and representation theory were presented, and that enables us to gain an overview of the subject matter. Some new connections of the theory were also proposed at some of the talks, such as connections with complex geometry, complex dynamics, cluster algebra, commutative algebras. We will study these connections in more details in the years to come. In addition, there were also very interesting talks on more classical topics such as moments problem, positivity preserver, operator model theory, analytic function spaces, etc. We all very much appreciate the support of Banff International Research Station to our endeavor in this research. Thank you!

Rongwei Yang Professor
Mathematics and Statistics, SUNY Albany
Mar 24 - Mar 29, 2019

The workshop at BIRS provided an excellent experience for me and the other participants. The format of the workshop and the support provided by BIRS and the Banff Center enabled me to learn and interact with other researchers and my collaborators. I was able to have long and productive discussions with my collaborators about our joint research and exchange our ideas. I was able to connect with another researcher and found some common research interest. I will be soon visiting her again and new collaboration may start. It is clear that a grant proposal and one or two papers will be the beneficiaries of this workshop!

Yuanan Diao Mathematics and Statistics, University of North Carolina

I enjoyed my recent visit to Banff and the conference on 'The Topology of Nucleic Acids'. The confluence of expertise at the interface of math, physics and biology was both timely and appropriate. I have been interested in the topological analysis of DNA recombination mechanisms for a fairly long time now. In this approach, we have to often determine the chirality of DNA knots and links tied by recombinase enzymes. A particularly interesting revelation to me at the meeting was the improvement in the resolution of atomic force microscopy in following DNA structure and dynamics. I believe that the technique will help us determine the chirality of DNA crossings more easily than current methods utilizing electron microscopy. I am indeed glad that I attended the conference.

Makkuni Jayaram Professor
University of Texas at Austin

The workshop was really great and the people that were chosen to participate and give talks presented a beautiful balance between experimental and theoretical approach to studying nucleic acid topologies. The organizers did a really great job in putting things together. There were a lot of very productive discussions that would definitely impact the way I approach some topics in my research. What is most valuable is the venue that BIRS provides for such a productive research atmosphere. Thank you very much for that.

Natasha Jonoska Mathematics and Statistics, University of South Florida

A splendid workshop with an opportunity to consult with distinguished experts in contiguous fields as well as meeting younger researchers that I had not yet encountered. The program provided opportunity for extensive discussion during the breaks and in the evenings. Came away with some new knowledge and ideas enriching the objectives of ongoing projects.

Kenneth Millett Distinguished Emeritus Professor
Mathematics, University of California Santa Barbara
Mar 10 - Mar 15, 2019

The Workshop "Asymptotic, Algebraic Combinatorics" was extremely inspiring. It had a very interesting mix of people - from algebraic combinatorics, enumerative combinatorics, analytic combinatorics, to probability and asymptotic representation theory. I learned many things and fruitful discussions with other participants which likely will result in future publications.

Christian Krattenthaler Univ.Prof.
Fakultaet fuer Mathematik, University of Vienna

Having the chance to hear a talk by an expert in the probabilistic approach to Macdonald theory finally allowed me to grasp (the beginnings of) a way to probabilize my work connecting quivers and RSK. I am very excited about the possibility of extending this much further.

Hugh Thomas UQAM
Mar 03 - Mar 08, 2019

During the workshop, I could find many interesting talks and sessions about mathematical and engineering problems relevant to fractures. I've been working on partial differential equations relevant to damage mechanics from (more general) mathematical points of views, but not been interacting with the fracture society. So my participation was a nice opportunity to collect information about recent developments in phase-field models of fracture. Moreover, it is very nice not only for myself but also for my students and postdocs for looking for potential research theme in the future.

Goro Akagi Prof. Dr.
Mathematical Institute, Tohoku University
Feb 24 - Mar 01, 2019

I was very glad that I could present new results on "B-Spline-Based Monotone Multigrain Methods for the Valuation of American Options" during this workshop which were very well received. There is great potential to applying these results to the numerical solution of obstacle problems in Isogeometric Analysis in which a lot of the engineering participants were interested. Certainly several of the participants I would not have met at other occasions.

Angela Kunoth Mathematical Institute, University of Cologne
Feb 24 - Mar 01, 2019

The single-cell data analysis workshop provided unique venue for bringing in researchers in the areas of bioinformatics, genomics, and experimentalists. The topics discussed covered important areas and challenges that face single-cell data analysis. Excellent reviews on the current progress in the algorithm design and experimental implementation have been discussed. In addition, I appreciate the small size of the conference that allows all the participates have plenty of time interacting with each other, which is incredibly important for collaboration. Overall, the conference has very positive impact on my research! Thanks to the organizers and BIRS staff for the job well done!

Yunlong Liu Director
Center for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, Indiana University School of Medicine
Feb 24 - Mar 01, 2019

An excellent and stimulating environment for communicating research and networking.

Angelos Mantzaflaris Inria Sophia Antipolis Méditerranée

Participating in the Isogeometric Splines: Theory and Applications BIRS workshop was a great and unique experience. The exceptional atmosphere stimulated fruitful and in-depth discussion with colleagues and friends. The diversity of topics ranging from adaptive spline technologies for geometry modeling to isogeometric analysis based simulations showed that this field of research is very active and interdisciplinary. Thank you BIRS for this great opportunity.

Matthias Möller Department of Applied Mathematics, Delft University of Technology

BIRS is a unique venue and most effective in the small seminar series where one gets to know everyone. I am pursuing joint research now with a faculty from Germany whose work I was not aware before although it fits perfectly with what I was working on. Thanks BIRS!

Jorg Peters University of Florida

The BIRS workshop was an important occasion to talk about the topic of IgA. Being not too many people it was easier to get in contact with all the participants, discuss with them also during lunch and dinner time. All the talks had 45 minutes so everybody had the chance to present their results in more detail, giving more insight and explaining also the difficulties they have encountered during the work (usually in a 20 min talk this is not done...). It was also a good opportunity to learn about the hottest topic within IgA.

Maria Lucia Sampoli Prof.
Information Engineering and Mathematics, Università degli Studi di Siena
Feb 24 - Mar 01, 2019

I was very grateful that I could get the chance to attend BIRS workshop few weeks ago. I am working in the bioinformatics & biostatistics field, working on large scale genomics data. Single Cell sequencing is a new technology examines the sequence information from individual cells. It provides in higher resolution of cellular differences and better understanding of function of an individual cell in the context of its microenvironment. At the same time, it also brings in a lot questions which need mathematics and statistics solution. I found this meeting very helpful for my current research. The direct impact of this meeting is that it inspires me new ideas of analyzing bulk sequencing data. Another wonderful part of this meeting is that, not only mathematician & statisticians present their work, there are also some application cases, which give me much better understanding of the statistical problems and biological benefit of single cell sequencing. Thank BIRS very much for supporting such high quality meeting in Canada!

Qingrun Zhang University of Calgary
Feb 10 - Feb 15, 2019

The meeting was terrific! I learned a lot and found the speakers to be stimulating. The week long format also enabled me to meet new colleagues and to become more engaged. I left with many new ideas for my research.

Joyce Poon Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Toronto
Feb 08 - Feb 10, 2019

The workshop in BIRS allowed me to reflect on what is currently happening at my own institution for math education and see what was happening at other institutions across Canada. The workshop gave me opportunity to create a network of colleagues with similar goals. It was inspiring to be around people who have dedicated their careers to improving math and stat education and learn what they are doing at their school. I believe that having the depository has helped open dialogues and collaboration between schools. We all want the best for our students which was clearly evident from this workshop.

Nancy Chibry Associate Dean - Undergraduate Programs and Student Affairs
University of Calgary

One of the most inspiring math education focused workshops that I have ever attended. It was a true privilege to spend three days in Banff, AB, with an extraordinary group of the university mathematics teaching practitioners from across Canada that unselfishly shared their experiences, views, and approaches to teaching mathematics with each other. Thank you to all of your from BIRS for making possible to continue with the ongoing national dialogue on the present and future of teaching first year mathematics at Canadian universities.

Veselin Jungic Department of Mathematics, Simon Fraser University

This workshop addressed a number of important issues related to the "service" math and stats courses offered at our universities. This teaching-practice oriented workshop brought together faculty and instructors from across Canada, for a very useful and much-needed (and much appreciated) exchange of opinions, ideas, and innovations in teaching and learning. It was another step in building a national community of practice, whose aim is to critically evaluate, re-think, and improve teaching and learning of mathematics at a university level.

Miroslav Lovric Professor
Mathematics and Statistics, McMaster University
Feb 03 - Feb 08, 2019

The two BIRS workshops I've attended have been exceptionally useful. These are some of the best meetings in science. Feedback I received on the work I presented at the last workshop directly led to improvements in a manuscript I posted to bioRxiv a week later. I've presented this work several times but it's only at the BIRS workshop that I got this level of engagement with my research.

Michael Hoffman Scientist/Assistant Professor
Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, University of Toronto

This was the best small-scale statistical genetics meeting that I have ever attended. The atmosphere was extremely conducive to discussion and the scientific presentations were first rate. The set up of the Center from the presentation rooms, to the lounge areas, the food and the amenities all induced interactions between participants and enjoyment of the meeting. I would definitely come back!

Laura Scott Research Professor
Department of Biostatistics, University of Michigan

It was an amazing workshop and very helpful pushing my research forward! Thank you for the opportunity.

Lisa Strug Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto
Jan 20 - Jan 25, 2019

BIRS is a very inspiring place to be to do mathematics. This time I managed to push forward three projects that look very promising. Being away from your usual routine, in an inspiring environment, with the best minds in your field can only produce such magic.

Nantel Bergeron Distinguished research professor
Mathematics and Statistics, York University

This meeting was a great occasion for me to present for the first time exciting new perspectives in the domain, giving natural ties between what previously seemed to be disconnected central questions. The top level feedback from the other participants lead immediately to interesting new research projects in directions that I was not expecting. The manifold areas of expertise represented by them helped shape up these projects, and I expect that important new results will soon arise from these new collaborations.

François Bergeron Professeur
Mathematiques, Université du Québec à Montréal

This workshop introduced me to several new avenues I can use to approach some problems that I have been thinking about for a while. I also began a new collaboration and made progress on a prior collaboration. I like that the workshop allowed ample time for discussion and research but also included many really great talks!

Sarah Mason Associate Professor
Mathematics, Wake Forest University

Banff Research Station provides a perfect setup for a successful workshop or a meeting: onsite lodging and food, plenty of spaces for work in small groups, great lecture hall with all necessary technology and a nice blackboard. Even a gym to burn off all the calories from the wonderful food. The workshop "Representation Theory Connections to (q,t)-Combinatorics" allowed me to reconnect with colleagues working on related projects, meet with potential collaborators and do some work towards two current projects.

Mikhail Mazin Assistant Professor
Mathematics, Kansas State University

The workshop was an excellent opportunity for us to exchange new ideas. The progress made just in the first few days we were there would probably have taken years to realize otherwise. What we discovered while we were there was that the representation theoretic model for a special case of the "(q,t)-Combinatorics" in the title could easily be extended by adding an extra set of variables. This was a natural extension of some of the previous work in this area, but no one had tried it yet. Having people who knew how to carry out different sorts of calculations in the same place allowed us to make some steps forward that can only be done with seven-league boots.

Mike Zabrocki Mathematics and Statistics, York University
Dec 09 - Dec 14, 2018

My stay at BIRS was a wonderful experience. The hospitality of staff, the facilities, the workshop venue were all absolutely superb. The scenery was majestic and inspiring, and the workshop schedule and talks, and the atmosphere in BIRS were all conducive to fostering research interactions and creativity. Thank you!

Tryphon Georgiou Professor
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of California, Irvine

The workshop at BIRS was wonderful. A great mixture of pure and applied talks, interesting discussions, as well as excellent facilities. Personally, I have learned a lot, and this workshop initiated new collaborations and projects I'm excited to pursue.

Cy Maor University of Toronto

We were excited to organize the event and received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our attendees. I personally learned a considerable amount and advanced my research in applied spectral geometry during my time there, and I am hoping the interactions we had at BIRS will lead to successful collaborations moving forward.

Justin Solomon EECS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dec 02 - Dec 07, 2018

This was an extremely valuable workshop for me. It brought together people from a number of related areas that usually tend not to have close enough contact. I found several potential new collaborations at the meeting, which I am following up on now.

David Ketcheson Professor
CEMSE, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Nov 18 - Nov 23, 2018

This workshop on Unifying Themes in Ramsey Theory was one of my all-time favorites. I gained many new insights, solidified some new research goals, and gained a better broad perspective of the area. The interactions were spectacular, and some new collaborations stemming from discussions at this workshop are already underway. Thanks for a great workshop and an ideal setting.

Natasha Dobrinen Mathematics, University of Denver

Excellent workshop. I met people I probably would not have met otherwise and learned about their work which could be very relevant to my own work.

Michael Hrusak researcher in mathematics
Centro de Ciencias Matemáticas, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

The BIRS workshop programs are a vital component of advancing research in pure mathematics. This workshop brought together leading scholars and students from across the world who shared the most recent developments and traced the unifying links in the varied ways that Ramsey Theory is having a major impact in several areas of mathematics from topological group actions to foundational questions in logic. This was a week well spent with many participants leaving with new questions and new techniques to carry home to further their research agenda.

Robert Woodrow Mathematics and Statistics, University of Calgary
Nov 16 - Nov 18, 2018

Excellent facilities and competent, helpful staff helped to make our meeting a success.

Jörg-Rüdiger Sack Carleton University

I found that the workshop had a great impact for the Computer Science discipline. There were lengthy discussion on how to unify the disciplines across Canada and align it better with modern developments and industry demand. There were also action items outlined and I think this initiative can have very productive outcomes.

Eirene Seiradaki Director-Research Partnerships
Borealis AI

The BIRS Retreat of the CS-Can |Info-Can was one of my highlights of the year. The atmosphere at BIRS is "supercharged" with creative vibe. Our meeting was very productive and we are looking forward to hold another one next year. Thanks for the wonderful hospitality and support during our weekend meeting!

Julita Vassileva Computer Science, University of Saskatchewan
Nov 11 - Nov 16, 2018

I am a fairly new PhD student, who has only undertaken a few research projects in the past. The BIRS workshop gave me a fantastic opportunity to present and discuss my work and ideas with a large number of new connections that I made. I believe it aided me enormously in terms of future prospects, as well as future research ideas.

Alexander Browning Mr
Mathematical Sciences, Queensland University of Technology

It was one of the most productive and gratifying workshops that I have ever been on. The scientific programme was superb, and the organisation by everyone at BIRS was top-notch. It was also a stunning location and I thoroughly enjoyed my trip. In short, it was well worth the long journey, and I hope that I will get a chance to visit again in the future.

Simon Cotter Senior Lecturer in Applied Mathematics
School of Mathematics, University of Manchester

The BIRS workshop was especially helpful in providing insights on which computational frameworks and tools to use in order to move my research forward. I made a lot of great contacts and met potential collaborators with whom I expect to keep in contact. One of the important takeaways from the meeting was a plan for this to be a first step in building a broader community.

John Fricks Associate Professor
School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, Arizona State University

This was an outstanding workshop for me in terms of making important new contacts: Adelle Coster from Sydney, whom I was able to help with a problem she presented in her talk, also had time to get acquainted and plan to meet again. In addition, after my talk, we found many points of common interest with Ramon Grima from Edinburgh, and discussed for several hours. We have already exchanged several of our papers and also other references. This contact may well lead to joint work. Will keep you posted. The workshop, in general, was excellent. It brought together people who had several different approaches (a number centered around approximate Bayesian computation, a rather new version of MCMC which reduces computing time in complex models with much or little data) to inference for ODE, SDE and SPDE-type models arising in all sorts of math-bio settings, cell biology (very important current topic) and epidemiology, various medical applications, and so on. Most of the participants, mostly from UK, North America and Australia-New Zealand, had not met. So the group tended to assemble as a whole, rather than breaking into small circles of old buddies as sometimes happens. I felt that I left with lots of new friends! An outstanding contributor was one of the organizers, our own Dan Coombs, who set a number of discussion topics which drew lively, inclusive, sometimes heated discussion, one of these sessions each day. I was lucky and very much pleased to be part of this workshop!

Priscilla Greenwood Mathematics, University of British Colombia
Nov 04 - Nov 09, 2018

The workshop allowed me to have the confidence to ask questions and make the most of a conference unlike any other conference. Being a women only conference it gave me the opportunity to communicate mathematics without having to prove myself. It gave me also a new foresight on job prospects, and actually made me rethink my capabilities as a researcher. I can be a successful researcher! I now have new collaborators with whom I feel comfortable working with.

Sarah Browne Postdoctoral Scholar
Mathematics, Pennsylvania State University

This workshop was absolutely remarkable. It provided me with an opportunity to meet and talk maths with outstanding researchers from around the world. During the week, I joined a new collaboration with researchers that I would have never normally had an opportunity to work with. The composition of our group and the structure of the workshop enabled us to prove several preliminary results, which we will develop into a paper in the coming months. Most importantly, this workshop brought together many women in a field with strikingly poor representation of women. The connections formed here, both mathematical and personal, will positively impact the diversity and, consequently, the mathematical developments in our field.

Kristin Courtney Dr.
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, WWU Münster

The meeting was a unique opportunity to meet colleagues that I would not meet at regular workshops and offered me the chance to start a new research collaboration.

Nadia Larsen Mathematics, University of Oslo

Participating in this BIRS workshop has broadened my knowledge in the research field which I study, as well as new fresh insight of some research questions which I am interested. It was quite an unique experience that in the workshop not only I could have new contacts, but also we started a new collaboration on a research project. It is really good that we could just focus on our research problems during the whole week and achieved some results. On the top of all scientific aspects, I feel very much supported in our discipline through the workshop and the colleagues whom I got to know, which is very valuable for me.

Ying-Fen Lin Dr
Mathematical Science Research Centre, Queen’s University Belfast
Oct 21 - Oct 26, 2018

BIRS workshop has helped me to fix an agenda for my research in the next months to follow and has reinforced my opportunities for future collaborations. The openness from the participants as well as the great accommodation given by the organizers raised the bar too high on how successful and enjoyable can a workshop be.

Alan Arroyo Postdoc
IST Austria

My participation helped me connect with a few researchers that I haven't worked with before. We started work on two topics that I hope will lead to publications.

Therese Biedl Computer Science, University of Waterloo
Oct 21 - Oct 26, 2018

This workshop was just brimming with excitement, with new results being announced, recent results being made accessible to more people, many researchers finally meeting in person for the first time, and several new connections being made. This kind of meeting is essential to keep the growing research community around Hessenberg varieties as active as it has been in recent years.

Mathieu Guay-Paquet Université du Québec à Montréal
Oct 21 - Oct 26, 2018

During the week, we have completely solved a difficult problem that I would not believe we can make any significant progress in it. Great!

Petr Hlineny Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University

This was an excellent venue to report on one's work and to keep informed about the state of the art on crossing numbers. In addition, in smaller groups, the participants addressed some key problems in the field, and made significant progress on them.

Janos Pach Professor
Chair of Combinatorial Geometry, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
Oct 14 - Oct 19, 2018

I got fresh insight from lectures and discussions with other participants.

Masaki Izumi professor
Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University

The BIRS workshop is very helpful for my current research.

Zhengwei Liu Harvard University
Oct 12 - Oct 14, 2018

The stochastics retreat was a great opportunity to catch up with colleagues in my research area and obtain updates on their recent work.

Eric Foxall Max Wyman visiting assistant professor
Mathematics, U. Alberta

The meeting featured talks on a range of topics in Stochastics, both pure and applied. This workshop provided an opportunity for some very interesting discussions with other participants and learn new results. The stay at BIRS was enjoyable as always and I thank their staff for maintaining the high standards.

Mathav Murugan Department of Mathematics, University of British Columbia

I consider myself lucky for having been able to attend the absolutely wonderful and vibrant retreat for young researchers in stochastics... despite the term "young" in the name, it was an absolute delight to meet the senior mathematicians, especially Prof. Perkins and Prof. Barlow. The talks were great, and I am very happy that people appreciated my work and my talk, and interacting with my fellow participants and speakers was a very refreshing and rejuvenating experience. The surroundings, of course, beggar description. This is the first time I have gotten that close to wild deer :-D My only regret was that it was too short a stay. I wish I could have stayed longer...and I sincerely hope I can be in BIRS again in the near future :-) Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity

Moumanti Podder Acting Assistant Professor
Mathematics, University of Washington

It was a great opportunity to share your ideas and knowledge with young researchers, to propose new research problems, to get know other researchers' scientific problems and results. And BIRS is a wonderful place to facilitate all these activities. Thanks a lot to BIRS and its staff for making our stay there pleasant and enjoyable.

Anatoliy Swishchuk Dr., Prof.
Mathematics and Statistics, University of Calgary
Oct 07 - Oct 12, 2018

I met a few workshop participants for the first time and had interesting math conversations with them, some of which might turn into useful things in my research and potential collaborations. My former postdoc was at this workshop, and the talks expanded his research horizon. It helped me realize some significance of the Gromov-Witten theory.

Dawei Chen Associate Professor
Mathematics, Boston College

It was great to be able to see what was happening in the related fields around Hodge cycles and cohomological field theories. It was also a good group of individuals to help with technical issues I am facing at the moment. These have all contributed to helping me finish a key paper which had stalled.

Antony Maciocia Dean of Students
School of Mathematics, University of Edinburgh
Sep 30 - Oct 05, 2018

I found this workshop very interesting. I had the possibility to speak about my research with other researchers and learn more about several topics that I was not accostumed about

Francesco Concetti Mr.
Physics, Sapienza University of Rome
Sep 23 - Sep 28, 2018

The Banff workshop on TSP is the best workshop that I have attended so far. As a young researcher, I always seek to learn from and connect to more researchers in the field. And this workshop has brought an invaluable opportunity to achieve that. Beside from learning so many new techniques discussed during the workshop, I have exchanged several research problems an ideas with other young researchers. Yet, I haven't really produced any paper out of the workshop, but definitely would have more papers out of these initial contacts in the future. I hope that more workshops like this will be organized in the future and I'm definitely interested in becoming a future participant. Just saying thank you to the organizers is probably not enough. Their immense dedication made this workshop possible for all of us. I also would like to express my gratitude to BIRS for financially supporting us and all Banff staffs who are very friendly during my visit. Thank you!

Hung Le EECS, Oregon State University

The BIRS workshop gave an accurate snapshot of the state of current research into various theoretical and computational approaches to solving the traveling salesman problem. This was a valuable assortment of results for all researchers in the field to digest carefully, which the format of the talks and the schedule permitted. I left the workshop with ideas for new problems and new approaches to try on old problems.

R Ravi Professor
Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University
Sep 16 - Sep 21, 2018

BIRS is the great place to talk to people and discuss mathematics. During last workshop I talked a lot with Philippe Gille (Lyon, France) on the connection of central simple algebras of degree 5 and groups of type E_8. At the end we decided to start a new joint project about this topic and we hope very much that our collaboration will be productive.

Vladimir Chernousov Canada Research Chair in algebra
Math. Sciences, University of Alberta

Lectures and discussions with colleagues were very helpful and will eventually influence on my current research projects.

Boris Kunyavskii Mathematics, Bar-Ilan University

My participation in the BIRS workshop was very fruitful for my research.

Vladimir Popov Principal Research Fellow
Algebra, Steklov Mathematical Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences
Sep 02 - Sep 07, 2018

This was a superb workshop, both at the scientific and organizational levels. I had been chair of the department of mathematics at UCLouvain for the last three years, and a bit out of research as a consequence. During the meeting I met with "old friends" but I also learned about new topics I was particularly interested in, specially the new conections between tau functions and conformal blocks. So I came back home with some new mathematical projects to work on.

Luc Haine Professor
Mathematics, UC Louvain

This workshop presented an excellent opportunity both to present the results of my most recent research to a group of top specialists in the subject (of integrable systems), as well as many new, younger researchers, and to learn more of the latest developments in the subject. The environment was, as usual, very agreeable, and conducive to intensive interactions and discussions between the participants. It led to fruitful ideas that will be pursued in ongoing work.

John Harnad Professor, and Lab Director
Mathematics and Statistics, Concordia University and CRM, Univ. de Montreal

As ever, the meeting at BIRS was both enjoyable and stimulating. I left with two new scientific collaborations, which is what the whole thing is about.

Jacques Hurtubise Chair
Department of Mathematics and Statistics, McGill University

I was surprised to know that the problem intimately related to my research was studied from a different view point and motivation by one of the participants. I obtained some hints on how to extend my present research from the discussion with him. I was stimulated by many of the talks of the workshop. Some of them will affect my research plan in a near future. I also enjoyed the conversations, discussions with young researchers. I learned much from them. It was my pleasure to meet the people whom I knew only by name but who are very related with my research until now. To summarize the workshop has inspired me very much and was very successful. Thank you very much for providing a good research environment.

Atsushi Nakayashiki Professor
Mathematics, Tsuda University

I had a very nice experience at BIRS. The workshop I attended was very helpful for me to meet the leaders in this field, to learn the most advanced methods and stimulate my future research to pursue also in this direction.

Erik Tonni Dr.
Aug 26 - Aug 31, 2018

I find these workshops very stimulating research-wise. Mini-courses presented at the workshop were well designed and well delivered. These courses gave me a broader view of the adjacent areas. I like the fact that this workshop is relatively small and focused. I had several discussions with participants. Some of them can lead to new research projects, collaboration, possibly a paper. Connections established during the workshop can potentially influence other aspects (such as jobs, hiring, etc.) in the long run.

Elena Kosygina Mathematics, Baruch College and the CUNY Graduate Center

I'm happy to provide a few details how the workshop has helped my research. On the one hand, it was the opportunity to exchange with fellow researchers I haven't seen a while, learning about interesting open problems and working together. On the other hand, I met a few people I did not know before. For example, it turned out that Sepideh Mirrahimi, another participant and lecturer of a minicourse, had done some work related to the thesis of a current PhD student of mine and we had a very valuable discussion about this. I'm very much looking forward to coming back to Banff!

Pascal Maillard Centre de recherches mathématiques, Université Paris-Sud and CRM, Montreal

This has been an exceptional opportunity to meet friends and collaborators from all over the world and to have passionating discussions with some potential new ones!

Luca Rossi CAMS, EHESS (Paris)
Aug 19 - Aug 24, 2018

The workshop was wonderful. Many new interesting problems were posed, and lots of very interesting research was presented. The hiking in the scenic setting was icing on the cake.

Gautam Iyer Mathematical Sciences, Carnegie Mellon University

The Navier Stokes workshop at BIRS was extremely well organized, with a lot of interesting talks. It definitely helped my research program significantly. I was able to talk to a number of researchers about refining regularity criteria for the Navier Stokes equations. I was also able to talk to someone who had been tackling a problem I had been thinking about analytically from the numerical angle, which provided some fresh insights. I can say that I also made a number of contacts that will be useful as I apply for postdocs this fall, so BIRS is a very valuable asset for young researchers trying to establish connections with more people in their field. Thank you for all the work that you do for BIRS.

Evan Miller Mathematics, University of Toronto

First of all, I would like to thank you and BIRS for offering such a wonderful facility for the workshop that my colleagues and I organized. Organizing and participating in the workshop in such a beautiful environment is really an enjoyment. Our workshop was really stimulating and all of our participants expressed satisfaction and appreciation. The staff members were really helpful and the food was great. We would like to do a workshop again in the future at BIRS.

Jiahong Wu Department of Mathematics, Oklahoma State University

My participation in the BIRS workshop absolutely had great impact on my current research. I was able to meet and discuss with mathematicians from all over the world, whose work I have read so much, and we could not have gathered so many great mathematicians from countries so far away if it weren't for the environment and accommodations provided by BIRS. As far as I know, every participant in our workshop was fully satisfied with the events that took place.

Kazuo Yamazaki Visiting Assistant Professor
Mathematics, University of Rochester
Aug 17 - Aug 19, 2018

BIRS workshop gave me more insights into the most cutting-edge academic achievements in the current research field. I have met many authoritative experts in BIRS workshop, which has greatly helped my future research work.

Changyu Zhou North China Electric Power University
Aug 12 - Aug 17, 2018

This workshop was terrific in every way. The level of lectures and discussions were fantastic, and it was a truly interdisciplinary event, with biologists, physicists, and cell biologists all sharing their passion for science. A lot of new ideas were generated and at least some new collaborations.

Leah Edelstein-Keshet Prof.
Mathematics, University of British Columbia

This was one of the best conferences I ever been to - I was not bored for a moment. I loved the mixture of math and biology; I learned a lot on the new approaches to model multicellular problems. Especially appreciated the opportunity to listen to young people. The diversity of attendants was exemplary.

Alex Mogilner Courant Institute and Department of Biology, New York University

A superb meeting. The presenters did a great job making their work accessible to an audience that was diverse in both topic (cytoskeleton, cell size, cell memory) and approach (biology, mathematics). Cutting edge research on a large number of scientific fronts. One of the most consistently active discussions during the talks of any meeting that I've attended. This meeting really contributes to a healthy and interactive field and helps lower the barriers between disciplines.

Orion Weiner Cardiovascular Research Institute, University of California San Francisco
Aug 05 - Aug 10, 2018

It was a very nice meeting with provocative and interesting presentations, as well as informative conversations over meals and beers in the evenings! I certainly came away with some new ideas for my own work, as well as some insights into what others are doing that may prove useful in the future. I also liked how people were open to talk about failed attempts as well as their successes, since we often learn more from failures than from successes.

Ellen Wijsman Professor
Div. Medical Genetics; and Dept. Biostatistics, University of Washington
Jul 29 - Aug 03, 2018

I participated in this satellite conference of ICMP 2018. It was well organized and covered many aspects of quantum field theory, some of which were quite new for me. Since I am retired, the workshop did not affect my job prospects. But I think it will affect hiring decisions on two of my former phd students. The primary impact of this workshop consisted of establishing fruitful contacts between different branches of my discipline and this worked really well.

Detlev Buchholz Professor (retired)
Institut für Theoretische Physik, Goettingen University
Jul 22 - Jul 27, 2018

The workshop was absolutely fantastic, and I very much enjoyed spending time in Banff.

Aditya Khair Associate Professor
Chemical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University

The workshop was a great success. I would like to extend my special thanks to you and the organizers (Gwynn and Saverio) for making this workshop happen. The research talks were very insightful, which have sparked new ideas and collaborations. I am also very impressed by the entire registration process, logistics, and hospitality. Everything was so smooth. Again, thank you very much for hosting this fantastic workshop.

On Shun Pak Assistant Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Santa Clara University
Jul 08 - Jul 13, 2018

I was able to meet a lot of the people whose work I read in order to develop my own projects. Thus I was able to get feedback on my own work from the leaders in my field, and this was very exciting.

Bhargav Karamched Postdoctoral Fellow
Mathematics, University of Houston

I had a great time attending BIRS workshop. I learned a lot of new progresses of the field and also received constructive feedback from other participants. The workshop had great scientific sessions and also left enough free time for me to interact with other participants and discuss potential collaborative research. My most favorite thing is that the workshop brings researchers from different fields of study and promotes cross-disciplinary study.

Shixuan Liu PhD Student
Molecular Genetics, University of Toronto

The BIRS workshop gave me lots of new insights and ideas for new ways to approach my research. It also helped me connect with a new community of researchers that I hope to collaborate with in the near future. This program is really excellent and I am so grateful I had the opportunity to attend a workshop.

Alison McGuigan Associate Professor
Institute for Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering, University of Toronto

I learned a great deal about developments in several fields I am not working in directly at the moment (electrophysiology of bacterial biofilms, excitability and wave propagation in Dictyostelium colonies) and I learned several specific findings that are already impacting my research (an example of an intensity-modulated Markovian signaling pathway with simultaneous positive and negative transition rate modulation, examples of hidden Markov models of intensity-modulated signaling systems in genetic regulation that are mathematically equivalent to systems I've already studies in ligand-binding signaling systems, and new (to me) literature in diffusion-mediated cell-cell communication, among other topics).

Peter Thomas Professor
Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Case Western Reserve University
Jul 01 - Jul 06, 2018

The workshop was excellent from scientific and logistic points of view.

Fioralba Cakoni Professor of Mathematics
Mathematics, Rutgers University

I talked for the first time with several people in CS and medical imaging who are using Laplace eigenfunctions in their research, and started several discussions with them. I hope this will lead to some new publications

Dmitry Jakobson Professor
Mathematics and Statistics, McGill University

The workshop was very enjoyable and informative, and has introduced me to interesting problems and potential collaborators that would have been far less likely if there was not such a nice mix of participants from the more theoretical side of things, together with those who focus more on applications, and people like myself who focus primarily on the design and analysis of algorithms. I am confident that my interactions the meeting will lead to at least one paper on a topic that I had not considered pursuing before.

Jeff Ovall Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Portland State University
Jun 24 - Jun 29, 2018

My participation in the BIRS workshop created a motive to write a new paper as well as a new research project. In fact, (a) During the coffee break just after my talk, Marc Chardin kindly made a frank comment about the argument in my talk. His suggestion, in fact, can make our proof much elegant and, as a result, yields a motive to write a new paper. (b) Talking to Adam Van Tuyl over lunch about a conjecture on edge ideals, he agreed with me about making a new joint research project on regularity of edge ideals. Even though each of us have written a lot of papers on edge ideals, I have never had an opportunity to have a conversation with him. This is one of the most productive benefits gotten from participating in the workshop.

Takayuki Hibi Professor
Pure and Applied Mathematics, Osaka University
Jun 17 - Jun 22, 2018

I really enjoyed the workshop. We had many opportunities for informal discussions. I got some very good ideas on things to try.

Juan J. Manfredi Professor
Department of Mathematics, University of Pittsburgh
Jun 15 - Jun 17, 2018

The set up is just as perfect as two other places: Dagsthul in Germany and Shaoen in Japan. I enjoyed every minute there meeting with colleagues. The place is beautiful.

Jian Chen Computer Science and Engineering, The Ohio State University
Jun 10 - Jun 15, 2018

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the BIRS workshop. Thanks to that meeting I have already initiated two new collaborations and I have learned an enormous amount about both the models currently used for bacterial diseases and also about the potential similarities with models for cancer treatment and drug resistance in cancer. I also had the opportunity to work with one of my collaborators and we realized some new properties of our mathematical model which will contribute to a paper in the next few months. I particularly enjoyed the format of the meeting with long talks that allowed for a lot of interactions between the speaker and the audience as well as enough free time to work with specific colleagues and to enjoy the magnificent surroundings. I think that the fact that we were a relatively small group also helped a lot with making the meeting very interactive: I had productive discussions with almost all the participants although some of them work in fields that are very different than mine. Last but not least, I was very impressed that the gender balance in the meeting was very good, which in my experience is rarely the case. The facilities were excellent and the provision of small rooms with boards for discussion was particularly useful. I also enjoyed the swimming pool! In summary, this was the best meeting I have attended in a number of years.

Meriem El Karoui Director of the Center for Synthetic and Systems biology
Centre for Synthetic and Systems biology, University of Edinburgh

The workshop introduced me to a set of new ideas that I have not been exposed to before. I have made 3-4 new contacts that I plan to use in the future and initiate collaborations with at least some of them. It was a very useful conference and a great venue for doing mathematics.

Tomas Gedeon Professor
Department of Mathematical Sciences, Montana State University

The BIRS conference was a wonderful experience. I found it extremely useful to hear about work slightly peripheral to my own area of research, especially from senior and esteemed mathematicians. I work in cancer biology, but a number of mathematical techniques and models being used in bacterials systems are directly applicable to my project-- this was wonderful to discover. This has opened up a number of potential directions I plan to pursue, and I have also found some wonderful collaborators. The group was extremely accomplished and I benefitted not just from listening to formal talks, but from the questions I received about my own work. Meals and breaks provided wonderful opportunities for discussion, and the small group size really encouraged this. Big thanks to the organizers and to BIRS for providing such a wonderful scientific program!

Kamila Larripa Humboldt State University

The workshop was useful to me in that I may start a collaboration with one of the participants, and in addition met a number of people whose work I knew of but didn't know personally. In addition there were a number of very good talks.

Hans Othmer Mathematics, University of Minnesota
Jun 03 - Jun 08, 2018

A week ago, I attended a 5-day workshop on the latest developments in hydraulic fracturing research. This has been a fantastic event! Most of the participants represented academia from several countries, while others, like myself, came from the industry. Some of the recent results presented during the workshop have direct relevance to my current project and I plan to explore them further and share with other colleagues in my company. Also, for me a lot of value came from the discussions in between the presentations and at the end of the day. There have been more time allocated for such discussions than at a typical conference or professional workshop. So, I would like to thank the organizers and, especially, Dr. Anthony Peirce, who have done an excellent job preparing this workshop over the last two years.

Alexei Savitski Senior Geomechanicist
Innovative Research and Development, Shell International Exploration and Production
May 27 - Jun 01, 2018

The workshop was well organized. I met many well-known scholars in this research area and learned many new methods from their excellent presentations. I also asked several scholars for advice in numerical computations. Thanks to organizers for their hard work and hope I can attend such workshop again.

Shaohua Chen Dept. of Math., Cape Breton University
May 20 - May 25, 2018

The Conference at Banff was very well organized, with interesting talks, often delivered by strong young people. Everything was perfect and there was a very good atmosphere, with lots of interactions among people. I hope there will be another conference of this kind in two or three years from now.

Nicola Fusco Dipartimento di Matematica e Applicazioni, Universita di Napoli

The workshop in BIRS was one of the best I've been to in recent years, with a lot of interesting talks. It is really a unique opportunity for the calculus of variations community to get together, interact and collaborate. I hope that there'll be similar opportunities (hopefully in BIRS with its wonderful hospitality) in the next few years.

Cy Maor University of Toronto
May 13 - May 18, 2018

The BIRS Workshop was very interesting as it was at the cross section of two fields and the many long lunch breaks allowed a lot of interaction between the fields. It was also a great opportunity to scout for new postdocs and to introduce my postdoc to influential players in our field. One collaboration made significant progress, one was re-vitalized, and a new one was begun. Thank you!

Carla Cederbaum Assistant Professor
Mathematics, Universitat Tubingen

The workshop is extremely well organized and successful. One particular strong point is the large number of talks and participants from different discipline in mathematics and mathematical physicists. There is also the atmosphere of free change of information during and after the talks, which make the workshop a great learning experience.

Alice Chang Professor
Department of Mathematics, Princeton University

The workshop "Asymptotically Hyperbolic Manifolds" was very interesting, specially by providing new insights in topics that I was already familiar with. I particularly appreciate the effort of the organisers of creating bridges with the physics community and the opportunity to interact with top researchers in the field.

Mariel Saez Mathematics, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
May 11 - May 13, 2018

BIRS is a prime location to exchange with colleagues and think about (new) problems.

Habiba Kadiri Associate Professor
Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Lethbridge
May 06 - May 11, 2018

The workshop was a unique opportunity to work on new ideas in multilinear maps for cryptography. The scientific quality was exceptionally high, and together we made great progress in understanding recent progress and the remaining challenges.

Steven Galbraith Professor
Mathematics, University of Auckland

The collaborative opportunity the workshop provided was extremely fruitful. During the workshop time, I and several colleagues were able to flesh out a cryptographic protocol and draft a preprint, which will be posted online as well as submitted in the next several months. I also formulated several new research questions which I will be pursuing in the very near future.

Shahed Sharif Associate Professor
Mathematics, CSU San Marcos
Apr 29 - May 04, 2018

The workshop provided a great opportunity to collaborate and get up to speed on the latest research. The facility is simply amazing, both in terms of the beautiful location and the flawless organization.

Adam Smith Professor
Computer Science, Boston University
Apr 15 - Apr 20, 2018

It was a very successful meeting with a range of participants with similar, but not always closely-related, interests. I was able to talk extensively with several people who I do not often encounter. Indeed the result was almost too stimulating for me - since I came away with even more to do than before!

Richard Melrose Professor of mathematics
Department of Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

My stay at BIRS was wonderful. The center is a unique place to organize conferences and I found the atmosphere very stimulating. In particular I could also finish a project with some other participant in the conference.

Eva Miranda Mathematics, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya

The conference was very instructive. The 3 organizers had the same goal of research, but are more familiar with different methods: analysis, topology, geometry. I enjoyed ALL the talks, the ones where I am an expert, as well as the ones where I did not quite know about the technics, in particular the talks using C^* algebras. I have the impression that many young people learned a lot. Myself, I had very interesting discussions with several participants. And, of course, the site itself is grandiose.

Michèle Vergne University Paris Diderot
Apr 08 - Apr 13, 2018

The workshop was very interesting. The talks were excellent, I had very fruitful discussions with collaborators, and it was great to meet some people for the first time.

Jan Maas IST Austria
Apr 01 - Apr 06, 2018

Let me express my warmest thanks to you (and all the BIRS staff) for your warm reception and hospitality. The workshop was really great and we are all back with many new collaborations. This is really what one hopes in attending workshops and it is so good to see that this was the case for the "BIRS Physical, Geometrical and Analytical Aspects of Mean Field Systems of Liouville Type". Hope to be back at BIRS as soon as possible.

Daniele Bartolucci Roma Tor Vergata

The BIRS workshop on "Physical, Geometrical and Analytical Aspects of Mean Field Systems of Liouville Type" had certainly impact on my research. I recently started a new collaboration on Mean Field Systems with Professor Changfeng Gui and this workshop provided many backgrounds, geometrical and mathematical motivations and new knowledge about this topic. This workshop was certainly the right intensive research event that my current research project with Professor Gui pushed forward. The most important insights for my research were provided by the talks on the sphere covering inequality. Two wonderful talks, one by Dr Amir Moradifam and another talk by another young early career research. I presented new results on the log-concavity of Laplace-eigenfunctions and had very interesting discussions on this topic with other experts in this field as for instance, Professor Andrea Malchiodi and Yanyan Li. The occasion to take part in this workshop was unique! I got the great opportunity to meet many renominated experts in nonlinear Analysis and PDE such as Gabriella Tarantello, Yanyan Li or Nassif Ghoussoub and had the chance to speak with them. Here is one important advantage of such an intensive research event; at BIRS the experts take their time to discuss with other peers while on conferences one is often more in hurry. Thanks to this workshop I started new collaborations with international experts.

Daniel Hauer Dr
School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Sydney

The Workshop was wonderful for me. It was very stimulating scientifically, with excellent talks and letting me know recent development in a week, and also giving me opportunities to discuss math and collaborate with other participants. The organizers have done a terrific job for the community. Also thank you for overseeing the scientific programs and helping the math community with all these wonderful workshops at Banff!

Yanyan Li Department of Mathematics, Rutgers University

My participation in the BIRS workshop was really very useful to know and to study in depth the most recent and important results on the Mean field systems of Lioville type. Moreover, the workshop was helpful to have a deep insight of new perspectives on the field. I hope that from that may originate new collaborations and papers in such an interesting field.

Margherita Nolasco Prof
DISIM, University of L'Aquila, ITALY
Mar 18 - Mar 23, 2018

This was my third visit to Banff (in a by now over 20 year research career in mathematics), and as ever the welcome and organisation at the Banff center was impeccable. Everything went very smoothly. For me, Banff workshops are predominantly an occasion to meet with the North-American research community at large in my area, and in this sense they are much more useful than e.g. AMS meetings, which are simply too massive and to hurried to have the same impact.

Henk Bruin Prof.
Faculty of Mathematics, University of Vienna

BIRS is not just a wonderful place for conferences and workshops but the place that stimulates exchange of ideas and foster collaboration. During the workshop at BIRS that I attended I met with some of my collaborators and we were able to essentially complete an argument in the proof of one of our joint work. I also discussed some of my work with some participants and got very useful comments and suggestions.

Yakov Pesin Mathematics, Penn State

This was a great meeting, with an interesting range of people and talks, and a great working environment.

Mike Todd School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of St Andrews
Mar 16 - Mar 18, 2018

This workshop was a special and unique treat. Focusing on the impact of women mathematicians, it was extremely insightful, informative, and fascinating to learn about the contributions of so many great scientists. The presentations were impressive in that the presenters seem to have gone to a great extent to research their topics, including the use of references such as historical books and even movies. The small size of the workshop, in terms of the number of participants, and the mix of events including presentations, social time, working discussion groups, and panel discussion, made it very useful for team building, idea-generating, and networking. At the end of the workshop, I felt that the group came together with a common goal to make a difference in recognizing and supporting the contributions of women mathematicians. The organization was excellent. The beautiful BIRS setting was very suitable for this special workshop. The schedule was packed, yet varied enough to be constantly interesting, engaging, and enjoyable. The content was coordinated in a big picture sense, making it overall an inspiring experience! For me the workshop had the most impact on fresh insights and making new contacts. The workshop affected my job prospects given the new contacts, insights, and participation experience. I believe that because of this workshop, many participants will be inspired to make an impact in the field of mathematics research and education, and in the area of recognizing and supporting the contributions of women mathematicians in the past, present, and future.


I did really enjoy this workshop. It taught me about other female mathematicians' challenges and how they overcame obstacles in front of them. It provided me with some insights about mentorship and effective networking. I have got some fresh perspectives about collaboration in research projects that I would like to apply in my path as well.

Samira Sadeghi INVIDI Technologies Corporation
Mar 11 - Mar 16, 2018

This was a wonderful workshop which brought together number theorists and knot theorists studying various forms of q-series. It was very helpful to get the other perspective on research and talk to many experts in both fields. These conversations gave me a good idea of what people in both areas are interested in and which directions I should extend my research.

Abhijit Champanerkar Mathematics, College of Staten Island & The Graduate Center, CUNY

It was a wonderful time for me to participate in the workshop. This workshop aimed to reveal the connection between the quantum invariants of knots and q-serieses in number theory, and it is achieved very well. I had a good chance to hear about q-serieses, and I actually understand that the theory of q-serieses is just next to my speciality, which is the quantum invariants of knots. This inspires several new research projects I would like to study by myself with my students. The number of participants and the variety of the specialities of the participants are quite adequate and we discussed very well with almost all participants.

Jun Murakami Prof.
Department of Mathematics, Waseda University
Mar 04 - Mar 09, 2018

Thank you for inviting me to attend the great workshop and letting me have a wonderful week. As a junior faculty I learnt a lot from the senior professors and made many new friends there. I really enjoyed the workshop. I hope there are more workshops like this to come up in the near future.

JianQiang Cheng Assistant Professor
Systems and Industrial Engineering, University of Arizona

I was very impressed with the facilities and the food provided at BIRS. The overall workshop environment was very conducive for a highly interactive workshop. The success of the workshop hinges on the quality of the speakers and their research work. I was very impressed with this aspect of the workshop particularly.

Karthik Natarajan Engineering Systems and Design, Singapore University of Technology and Design

I learned a lot and some ideas I got there will definitely enter my own research.

Georg Pflug Professor
Statistics and Operations Research, University of Vienna

This is arguably the best workshop I have ever attended!

Melvyn Sim Analytics & Operations, NUS Business School

This is an excellent workshop which gathered a number of leading international researchers in distributionally robust optimization and associated areas. The whole programme was run in a very efficient and interactive manner and I have learned a lot of new and interesting developments in DRO which will have significant impact on my future research. I have also taken the opportunity to meet colleagues and exchange ideas with them directly. This is one of the best and most efficient workshops that I have ever attended and I thank the organizers and BIRS director for the initiative and successful running of the event.

Huifu Xu Professor of Operational Research
Mathematical Sciences, University of Southampton
Feb 25 - Mar 02, 2018

I just wanted to thank you guys for a wonderful workshop, and amazing support throughout. The participants were all extremely happy with it, and it turned out to be very productive.

Aaron Vincent Queen's University

The BIRS workshop was helpful. It brought together experts in the particle physics of the search for characterizing Dark Matter; the astrophysics of the DM search; and a few statisticians with interests in one or both of those areas (I'm one of those). I learned much more about the experiments that are either running or planned, and made connections with leading investigators in those areas. I learned what statistical issues that scientific community sees as challenging, and was able to help point out to them where there are known solutions, and to discover what statistical research areas might be fruitful in the DM search. I expect some of that will lead to arms of my research agenda down the road. Thanks for your role in bringing about an outstanding workshop. I hope you'll be open to a possible follow-up in two years or so, as both experiments and theoretical developments progress.

Robert Wolpert Professor
Dept of Statistical Science, Duke University
Feb 18 - Feb 23, 2018

The workshop was an extremely stimulating and refreshing experience, which has brought to my attention results from groups or topics that I was not aware of. It has been fantastic, in the midst of a hectic semester with much teaching and administrative duties, to benefit from one week of excellent presentations, with much time for fruitful discussions and interactions, in this beautiful and serene location. It has been an opportunity to meet new people, open up to other approaches and problems, and catch up on more familiar topics. It has allowed me to take a step back and reflect on fundamental issues, which easily slip out of sight otherwise. I am thankful in several ways for this workshop, which has fueled my research for months to come.

Riwal Plougonven Associate Professor
Mechanics Department, Ecole Polytechnique

The workshop brought together a number of researchers working in fields closely related to my research. Listening to the talks and interacting with colleagues helped me to redefine some of the main points of a project that I am currently working on. The workshop also gave me occasion to interact with various people who I knew in name, but not in person.

David Straub Associate Prof
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, McGill University
Feb 04 - Feb 09, 2018

This was a very successful workshop connecting research communities working in Discrete Geometry and in Extremal Combinatorics. We had many postdocs and graduate students actively participating in the discussions. I know of at least three research programs initiated during the meeting and continued by emails after that (I'm involved in one of them). I received a lot of positive feedback from the participants. BIRS is world-wide recognized as the true Canadian research centre. I can say that its impact is comparable or even more significant than Fields or other research centres.

Jozsef Solymosi Professor
Mathematics, University of British Columbia
Jan 21 - Jan 26, 2018

This workshop brought two different kind of people, mathematicians and physicists, together. I think the intention of the organizers are very successful. At least for me, it helped widening the prospects of my research.

Masato Kuwata Professor
Faculty of Economics, Chuo University
Jan 14 - Jan 19, 2018

BIRS provides in one workshop more research stimulation and professional development than a decade worth of conference going. I can happily say that there was not a single talk in which I did no learn something useful. The workshop lead to both new connections for myself, new ideas for my research group and new opportunities for my students. I have several collaborations planned from it, and have developed new research interests in causal inference. It will take some years to work through all the ideas I have discovered here. For a workshop organizer, the BIRS infrastructure was fantastic! Having a staff who know what they're doing and take care of local arrangements allows you to focus on producing an excellent program. The application and organizing procedures are easy and a major benefit of organizing is you get exactly the workshop that you want to attend.

Giles Hooker Biological Statistics and Computational Biology, Cornell University

I had a wonderful experience at BIRS; it was a fantastic opportunity for a young researcher like myself to learn from and interact with real leaders in my field. The facilities were very nice and especially accommodating for my family (I brought along my wife and 7 month old son). Besides the beauty of Banff itself, the Banff center facilities were very cozy and well maintained. I went on a tour during my first day which was very informative and interesting. Nothing but positives. I was a co-organizer but the lead organizer - Giles Hooker - did a fantastic job as well in putting everything together. Finally, I will note that the video recording capabilities were fantastic and an excellent idea for easily disseminating the work and ideas that took place. Wonderful experience top to bottom - I very much hope to attend again in the near future!

Lucas Mentch Statistics, University of Pittsburgh

Participation in the Birs conference had a wonderful impact on my research, suggesting new directions to look at as well helping move along the things I am currently working on. In particular I found the papers on how to use machine learning for semiparametric estimation and on dynamic models to be insightful, providing ideas I can build on. It was wonderful also to hear about different ways of thinking about problems that I had seen before. In addition, I was busy talking with people about their work nearly the whole time not in seminars. It was the most intellectually stimulating conference I have attended for some time. The organizers did a great job selecting participants and papers.

Whitney Newey Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dec 10 - Dec 15, 2017

I can say without exaggeration that this was the best conference/workshop I've ever participated in. The field was narrow enough to feel at home with most of the talk, and wide enough to learn many new things. The participants were of high caliber. But of course the setting was also exceptional: it was my first time at Banff, and it is hard to describe the beauty of the site. The organization was extremely smooth, and flexible, the food was excellent. In brief, I only have good things to say. Thanks for making this possible in your center. Long live BIRS!

Christophe Gole Mathematics & Statistics, Smith College

What a great format - 40 people together for a week. Excellent chance to meet and talk with everyone at the meeting. A chance to both see what's going on in our very focused field and to hold open discussions defining the major problems, techniques, and terminology of our field. I think this has an impact on how we approach developmental modelling, which can impact the field. Besides great general discussions broadening insight into what we do, I had a number of talks which directly affect my research projects. These ranged from specifics of software, to tips on dynamics in a current modelling project, to ideas for molecular species to incorporate into another model and test for experimentally. More generally, I felt I got to know a number of people whose papers I had only read before, which could promote future collaborations.

David Holloway Mathematics, British Columbia Institute of Technology
Dec 03 - Dec 08, 2017

We had a wonderfully productive meeting. The BIRS facilities were amazing.

Peter Craigmile Department of Statistics, The Ohio State University

The past workshop was closely related to my research, and my two graduate students' research. It was very helpful.

Joan Hu Simon Fraser University

This BIRS workshop allowed me to - Establish new contacts which I wouldn't have had otherwise - Create opportunities for future joint research and get fresh insights - Increase the network of job opportunities for research students of my own research group

Raquel Menezes Minho University / Center of Statistics and Applications (CEAUL)
Nov 26 - Dec 01, 2017

It was such a wonderful experience! The centre is well equipped with meeting rooms and facilities, the atmosphere was very stimulating. In fact, the talks were scheduled in such a way that everyone could have the possibility to interact with speakers, during coffee breaks and late afternoon/evening. The organizers were successful in inviting people coming from different areas and background. I started some useful discussions and kept some new ideas. It would be mentioned in some future papers. I'm looking forward to coming back in 2019, since I did apply for a meeting.

Bianca Stroffolini Mathematics, Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II

I found the workshop very focused and stimulating. The schedule is very well made, allowing plenty of time for discussion and talk with other participants. I actually generated some new ideas of research from the talks and discussions.

Dehua Wang Mathematics, University of Pittsburgh
Nov 19 - Nov 24, 2017

The BIRS workshop "Nonlinear and Stochastic Problems in Atmospheric and Oceanic Prediction" brought together leading scientists in this area from around the World. For me, the workshop was an exceptional opportunity to gain new insight into the most advanced achievements in the field of my research interests. The information I learned there and the contacts I made will impact my research and help me to formulate advanced research project for my students and postdoc.

Entcho Demirov Faculty
Physics and Physical Oceanography, Memorial University

This is my first time attending BIRS workshops, and I very much enjoy both the quality of the workshop, as well as the layout of workshop. Specifically, I was able to see the problems in atmospheric and oceanic sciences from various aspects due to the right balance and diversity of speakers and topics, ranging from applied math to more numerical analyses for atmospheric and oceanic sciences. The design of 30-minute presentations along with a sufficient break time allow for much more interaction among attendees than any other workshop that I have attended. Also, the setting of having the same breakfast, lunch, and dinner location gave us plenty of time to meet with other speakers in a cozy and relaxing environment, instead of rushing out for meals as in other conferences. I highly value this BIRS workshop and would strongly recommend future BIRS workshops to my colleagues.

Chanh Kieu Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Indiana University
Nov 12 - Nov 17, 2017

This was my first time at BIRS and I really enjoyed it. Besides the very interesting talks, I found the landscape, facilities (I used the swimming pool), and food really great. Hope to visit you in the future.

Fabrizio Grandoni IDSIA, University of Lugano

On behalf of all the organizers, I would like to thank you personally and all the other staff at BIRS for the flawless support we received before and during our workshop on Approximation Algorithms and Hardness of Approximation (17w5133). Simply every organizational aspect during our week was excellent: the technical support team made recording lectures, and using technical equipment in the lecture rooms easy and efficient. The guest rooms were clean, spacious and comfortable. The main cafeteria is superb and showcases Banff's natural beauty in a spectacular way. The gym and pool are of the highest standards and provide ample opportunity to regenerate during the workshop. We are grateful to you and to BIRS and all the staff for providing us with this opportunity for having this workshop. We had a very productive week at Banff. Among our participants were many of the field's top researchers. Not surprisingly, many of the talks introduced breakthrough results for the first time, and created much buzz. We left plenty of time around talks (as is suggested by BIRS), and this gave colleagues ample time to collaborate. Overall, the environment provided was truly stimulating, and we thank you for providing leadership in such an important endeavour.

Mohammad R. Salavatipour Computing Science, University of Alberta
Nov 05 - Nov 10, 2017

It was a great workshop. I am a bit outside the community of the topic of forest fire as I work on general Machine Leraning. But David Martell was good enough to invite me. It was a fantastic networking opportunity for me and I have made some new and solidified existing relationships which will indeed be useful for research going forward. The facilities and support were excellent and I'd look forward to attending another session at BIRS or trying to organize something there if the opportunity arises in the future.

Mark Crowley Assistant Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Waterloo
Oct 29 - Nov 03, 2017

I had a wonderfully productive stay at BIRS and at the Banff Centre. The last time I came to Banff for scientific reasons was 1999, and things have changed enormously since then. The Center is an incredibly pleasant place to be, the Vista dining room is fantastic, and the MacLab cafe a very welcome place to relax and mingle with other groups after a day's work. You are doing an amazing job. Congratulations! I would come to another conference or workshop at BIRS any time.

Eric D'Hoker Physics and Astronomy, UCLA

My recent visit to BIRS was a great help in my research. I learned things from the talks of course and met several people whose work I knew but whom I had never met personally including Stephen Kudla and Marie-France Vigneras. Most importantly, I had conversations with Martin Westorholt-Raum and with Thomas Creutzig that had a direct bearing on a problem I was struggling with in a current research project. My conversations with them led me to a new approach and made me familiar with parts of the literature that I would have had difficulty finding on my own. This is exactly the sort of thing one hopes might happen at an interdisciplinary meeting like this. Thank you so much for providing such a pleasant atmosphere for these productive interactions.

Jeff Harvey Physics, University of Chicago

This was a really nice workshop with lots of interesting talks by researchers across a broad range of topics. I learned a lot, and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay. The spectacular setting makes any visit to the BIRS a special treat.

Katrin Wendland Professor Dr.
Mathematics, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
Oct 20 - Oct 22, 2017

I found the workshop useful and stimulating. I would like to thank the organizers, Martin Barlow, Chris Hoffman and Michael Kouritzin, for well-organized workshop. I would also like to thank the BIRS itself for creating a great and friendly atmosphere during the workshop. The workshop was very useful not only for young researchers but also for experienced ones, like me, who got acquainted with many new young researches, their research topics and got fresh insight into their results. I really hope that the workshop will become a permanent annual event for young researchers.

Anatoliy Swishchuk Professor
Mathematics and Statistics, University of Calgary

I met some young researchers and professors from different fields in stochastics. I did learn some fields, results and methods that I didn't know before. Those expanded my horizon of reseach.

Wenning Wei Dr.
Department of Mathematics and statistics, U. Calgary
Oct 15 - Oct 20, 2017

I was impressed by the high quality of the talks and enjoyed them very much. Benjamin Sambale’s talk for instance was very closely related to my own research and gave me some new perspectives.

Robert Boltje Mathematics, University of California, Santa Cruz

The workshop was extremely useful for my current research. The feedback and comments I received after my talk led to substantial improvements and extensions of my study of restriction of irreducible characters to Sylow p-subgroups. For example, Gerhard Hiss suggestions were extremely helpful to choose an interesting new direction for my future research. Moreover, during the workshop I made significant advances on the joint article with Stacey Law "Permutation characters and Sylow p-subgroups". This will be submitted for publication soon.

Eugenio Giannelli Mathematics, Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge

It is all the time a great pleasure to stay and research Mathematics in BIRS. I have had a wonderful experience this time as well. I was able to discuss the joint work with Caroline Lassueur quite a lot, and therefore our research has had a big improvement. I have learned quite a lot from the many interesting and nice talks held during the week. I really would like to thank the BIRS for giving me such a wonderful opportunity for our research, and also for the four organizers. Hopefully I would like to come back again here in near future.

Shigeo Koshitani Center for Frontier Science, Chiba University

My participation in BIRS has definitely an impact in my current research since right now I have new collaboration projects with Malle, Spath and Tiep. But also with A. Marotti and C. Vallejo. BIRS was an opportunity for my student Noelia Rizo to give her first important international talk about her current research, and she already has input from many participants, which might turn also into joint projects with them. Several talks were simply outstanding, and the announce of Rouquier about his joint work with Dudas will have an impact in our field.

Gabriel Navarro Algebra, Universidad de Valencia

The BIRS workshop was extremely helpful to my current research. The talks were closely related to my own research and provided me with important updates and new insights to the area. During the workshop, I made significant progress on a project with J. Taylor, which resulted in finishing and submitting a paper. We also began discussing our next projects. I also had very fruitful conversations with the organizers and other participants of the workshop. For example, G. Malle suggested a new direction for my research, which led to one of the new projects with Taylor. I spoke with A. Turull about an ongoing project and agreed to keep in touch regarding the problem. I also discussed a potential project with J. Brough, which we have since began work on.

Amanda Schaeffer Fry Mathematics, Metropolitan State University of Denver

This present meeting at Banff was one of the most useful meetings I have attended in my career thus far. After my talk on root data I had a lengthy and interesting discussion with Frank Lübeck about how one could implement these theoretical ideas computationally. I hope this will result in something useful. My collaborator, Mandi Schaeffer Fry, and I managed to complete our recent project on Principal 2-Blocks, which appeared on the arXiv shortly after the meeting. In discussions with Gunter Malle and Pham Tiep we came up with some new ideas on our current joint project, which will hopefully be successful. Alex Turull shared with me his work on the Glaubermann correspondence and pointed me towards an open problem on Green Functions for finite reductive groups, which I am still thinking about. Finally, I was really encouraged by the number of younger participants at the meeting. I think this is a great testament to the depth and fortitude of finite groups as an area of study.

Jay Taylor Dr.
Department of Mathematics, University of Arizona

I have had fruitful discussions with G. Malle and J. Taylor on our ongoing joint project. We have also started new joint projects with G. Navarro and with H. N. Nguyen. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the BIRS and its staff for supporting our conference and providing us with this wonderful facility and stimulating environment.

Pham Tiep Mathematics, University of Arizona
Oct 01 - Oct 06, 2017

Birs workshop $p$-adic Cohomology and Arithmetic Applications was amazing for me. It gave me the opportunity to work with my collaborator: M. Strauch, and to hear about recent results from many people working in the same area as me and that will be useful for my research. Thank you very much for organizing this workshop,

Christine Huyghe Mathematics, IRMA Universite de Strasbourg

Speaking for myself, the workshop was extremely productive. I made concrete progress on several projects, particularly computing L-functions of hypergeometric motives, and exhausting over spaces of Weil polynomials. The synergy between the two different themes of the workshop (lattices and zeta functions) was quite constructive. I expect some new collaborations to emerge as a result.

Kiran Kedlaya Mathematics, University of California, San Diego
Sep 29 - Oct 01, 2017

This was my first SAGE Days workshop, and I am only just now slowly getting into SAGE and Python coding. I've wanted to do this for a while, but it is difficult to find the time and motivation on one's own without some impetus. The workshop organizers provided good suggestions for pre-workshop preparation to newcomers which motivated me to prepare accordingly. While still a relative rookie, I learned a LOT at the workshop. Moreover, work on the programming project begun at the workshop by our group continues and is ongoing. The workshop also helped get me integrated in the SAGE development community.

Renate Scheidler Mathematics & Statistics, University of Calgary
Sep 17 - Sep 22, 2017

This was one of the greatest workshops I have attended. It is really the most beautiful institute I have visited and the talks are all great and I have attended all of them. During my visit, I met many world-leading mathematicians in my topic. I would like to thank BIRS for the great hospitality and the program organizers: Mireille Bousquet-Mélou, Stephen Melczer, Marni Mishna and Michael Singer for inviting so many great speakers! I am looking forward to visiting BIRS again in the future!

Shaoshi Chen KLMM, Institute of Systems Science, Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences

The workshop was very helpful in keeping up with interesting new developments in the field of lattice walk enumeration. I was also able to meet a number of researchers whose work I had seen, but whom I had not met before. On the whole, I found the workshop a valuable experience.

Ira Gessel Professor Emeritus
Mathematics, Brandeis University

The workshop helped on many levels: - it influenced my decision on writing a book on topics covered by the workshop - it allowed me to publicise open problems - it helped me to get to know new colleagues and revive contacts to old ones Overall, it was just the right size, and the schedule was light enough to enable good discussions

Thomas Prellberg Professor of Mathematics
School of Mathematical Sciences, Queen Mary University of London

The environment was perfect for rekindling my enthusiasm in the area of the workshop. The talks were of a very high standard and the video setup is very helpful. I hope and expect to be more productive in this area in future.

Mark Wilson University of Auckland
Sep 10 - Sep 15, 2017

My coworkers and I had a great time at BIRS. The venue is a wonderful place for collaborative research, with a discussion-friendly environment and a magnificent location to enjoy in free time. Our workshop was focused on one of my favorite research subjects, and it gathered most of the world specialists in the field from both Europe, Asia and America. As a result, it gave me the opportunity to meet again old friends and colleagues, but also finally meet some other researchers that I had only known from their articles. I will always remember that the selfie picture that 7 of us have taken late at night in some meeting room at the end of a long meeting on an on-going manuscript for Rev. Mod. Phys.!

Iacopo Carusotto INO-CNR BEC Center

The research on electronic, photonic and acoustic topological insulators has reached a certain complexity which makes it difficult to fully comprehend just from published literature. This workshop enable me to meet some of the extraordinary people I only knew from their papers and, by listening to their presentations, to better understand their work and the direction the field is going.

Emil Prodan Physcis, Yeshiva University

The workshop allowed me to meet researchers and hear talks in a field I would like to move towards, and where my contact list was short. It is an exciting research field, and I believe that the workshop will have a significant impact on my future research. I have also started a new research project with Prof. Lindner from the Technion.

Gil Refael Physics Department, California Institute of Technology
Sep 03 - Sep 08, 2017

The talks were in general excellent,and together they gave a panorama on how the classification program on separable,simple,nuclear C*-algebras (satisfying UCT) is right now. That means it is almost complete in a certain sense. However,just as important was it that the talks also pointed to the future,asking the poignant question:what's next? In that respect there were several intriguing things that were suggested. I myself am involved in one of these aspects(working closely together with two Canadian mathematicians,both of them attending the workshop in question),and we have made some significant progress. All in all, this was a most beneficial workshop for me.

Christian Skau Professoe Emeritus
Mathematical Sciences, NTNU - Trondheim - Norway

With cutting-edge technology, breathtaking scenery and mouthwatering food, BIRS is one of the best research institutes in the world.

Jianchao Wu Penn State University
Sep 01 - Sep 03, 2017

Modelling and simulation is a critical tool used to analyze important and varied phenomena such as fluid flow and transport, chemical processing, air pollution, water contamination, nano material design, information, computational chemistry, and phase interfaces. In September 2011, I organized a workshop on Modelling and Simulation was held at the Banff International Research Station (BIRS) in Banff, Alberta. The major focus was the presentation of theoretical modelling and simulation work by researchers and software developers from around the world. It also highlighted activities in the high performance computing area. After six years, the rapid development of computer power and sophisticated computational techniques has resulted in the application of high performance computing to modelling and simulation with unprecedented accuracy. Their scope has also impacted a wide range of important science and engineering challenges. These challenges are comprehensive emerging issues requiring a thorough understanding of the underlining principles of physics, chemistry, mathematical modelling, numerical solution techniques and computing infrastructure. That is why I organized it in 2017 again. This workshop was really interdisciplinary. I have learnt a lot from the various topics presented, and it will lead to more collaborations for me.

Zhangxing John Chen Department of Chemical & Petroleum Engineering, University of Calgary
Aug 27 - Sep 01, 2017

The BIRS meeting that I attended had a tremendous impact on my research. I gained a good overview of research going on in other parts of the world, which I would not otherwise have got. I started one new collaboration, and made good progress with a collaborator on an existing project. During the talks I picked up several ideas for future projects and research directions.

Derek Harland Dr
School of Mathematics, University of Leeds

The choice of speakers was very good. Talks covered many topics on moduli spaces from various points of view, some of which I was not familiar with. Also there were plenty of open spots where I enjoyed private discussion.

Hiraku Nakajima Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto University

This was one of the best workshops I have ever attended. I particular I liked that the days weren't overloaded wirh talks such that plenty of time remained for interaction with the other participants. I got very much out of it!

Hartmut Weiss University of Kiel

Great workshop! The selection of topics and number of talks was exactly right for me, I learned a lot and had many interesting discussions. The mix of participants was very interesting, too, including a number of scientists that I had not met before. Last not least, the location is superb. I look forward to my next visit!

Katrin Wendland Mathematics, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
Aug 20 - Aug 25, 2017

Great to meet people with similar interests, both those I already know (and collaborate with) and those I have not met before. Main impact in finding new ideas and directions of my research.

Petr Hlineny Prof
Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University
Aug 13 - Aug 18, 2017

My participation in the BIRS workshop gave me the opportunity to explore mathematical areas that I was less familiar with, and gave me the space and time to learn new subjects with the help of the other participants in the workshop. I hope that this would lead to new research projects, other than the one that started at the workshop. It was a great environment to make new contacts, some of which I wouldn't have made otherwise, and to enjoy both mathematically and the socially.

Efrat Bank Mathematics, University of Michigan

The project that we worked on during WIN4 is closely related to the other research project that I have been working on. The mathematics that I learned from other group members is helpful for my own research. The WIN project itself is also going well and we get some new results during the workshop and are still working the project to get more results and all these will eventually be contained in a paper to be published. I also got the change to talk to a previous collaborator and we are trying to do a new project together. I also got a lot of useful career advice from senior participants of the workshop.

Yunqing Tang Instructor
Mathematics, Princeton University
Aug 06 - Aug 11, 2017

It was an extraordinary experience to attend the workshop in Banff. Very nice environment for communicating with distinguished scholars from different countries in the fields related to Design of Experiments and exchanging ideas. The workshop did help to generate some new collaborations to start to work on new projects. It is really nice to have such a place for holding international workshops consistently, in the long run, it definitely will have great impacts generating important and influential research results.

Mong-Na Lo Huang Professor
Applied Mathematics, National Sun Yat-sen University

This is one of the best workshops I have attended. Hearing 45 minutes talks from people on the edge of the topic is really enriching. I learnt a lot! Thanks.

Jesus Lopez-Fidalgo Prof.
Institute for Culture and Society, University of Navarre
Jul 30 - Aug 04, 2017

I enjoyed the event organised by Anthea and Ulrich very much and on many levels. The meeting was very stimulating mathematically, I have many new ideas thanks to that, and a number of new contacts that I intend to follow up on, starting in just over two weeks. The invited participants worked together extremely well, and created a very positive, productive and supportive atmosphere. The facilities offered by BIRS are excellent for serious mathematical work, and the programme was first class. Also, the setting of BIRS in the context of the Banff centre and Banff itself is probably impossible to better or even equal. All in all this was a fantastic event which I was very privileged to attend. I hope that BIRS continues to thrive, as it provides a peerless service to the mathematical community.

Jacek Brodzki Mathematics, University of Southampton

The workshop helped me discuss with my collaborators about ongoing and future research projects. We managed to discuss some potentially interesting ideas and directions. It also helped me to talk and listen to some researchers for the first time and was quite useful in that regard as well. The ambience and the facilities were excellent and very conducive for research discussions.

Yogeshwaran Dhandapani Statistics and Mathematics Unit, Indian Statistical Institute

I enjoyed the workshop tremendously. I enjoyed a great variety of talks and the discussion sessions were productive and stimulating. I got inspired and came up with some new ideas that I would like to implement. All participants contributed to a very creative and pleasant atmosphere.

Rami Kraft Mathematical Sciences, University of Loughborough

The intimate setting and focused topic was great for me to meet the top researchers in the field. I'm still a graduate student and fairly new to the subject of topological data analysis, but the community was very welcoming and knowledgeable, which made my stay at BIRS all the more enjoyable.

Janis Lazovskis Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science, University of Illinois at Chicago
Jul 23 - Jul 28, 2017

My participation in this workshop certainly impacted my new contacts I wouldn't have had otherwise.

Shinichiroh Matsuo Associate professor
Graduate school of mathematics, Nagoya University
Jul 16 - Jul 21, 2017

I had a great time in the BIRS workshop "Women in Control: New Trends in Infinite Dimensions" in all aspects. It was very well organized regarding the logistic aspects, accommodation and the marvelous place. The support you give us was really incredible. Concerning the scientific aspects, as it was a plenary workshop, we had the chance to discuss about open problems and to have new ideas for possible new papers. It was also a great opportunity to meet a new generation of mathematicians all over the world. All we have to do is to thank the organizers: Luz de Tereza, Irena Lasiecka and Kirsten Morris for their efforts in organizing this meeting and BIRS for the support.

Valéria Neves Domingos Cavalcanti PhD
Mathematics Department, University of Maringá - Brazil

I've established a lot of new contacts both with researchers who work on problems very similar to mine and with researchers who work in less connected areas.

Iryna Ryzhkova-Gerasymova Dr.
School of mathematics and computer sciences, Kharkiv National University
Jul 09 - Jul 14, 2017

To me, the key success of this workshop was the ability to gather under one roof many like-minded researchers from around the world who have worked / been working closely with Prof. Peter Guttorp to share research ideas / insights / visions. Thanks to the excellent efforts by the workshop organizing committee and the generous funding from BIRS, there was excellent attendance from graduate students to established researchers. Without the funding from BIRS, this type of gathering from such like-minded people from around the world likely would have had a reduced attendance, and hence, reduced impact. The large attendance facilitated synergy of diverse research perspectives and individual-specific experience that successfully created new insights and research aspirations for many attendees. The 5 days in a world-class national park also facilitated rekindling and generation of professional and personal relationships.

Grace Chiu Research School of Finance, Actuarial Studies and Statistics, Australian National University

I found this workshop both useful and fun, and Banff is a great and inspiring place. Your workshops (I've been at three) have been particularly good for me because during them I've met people from rather different areas, and which I typically don't meet otherwise. In fact I've found your workshops so useful that I (together with Anthony Davison) is thinking about submitting a proposal for a workshop.

Holger Rootzen Mathematical Sciences, Chalmers Institute of Technology
Jul 07 - Jul 09, 2017

The Special Western Canada Linear Algebra meeting (July 7-9, 2017) was my first experience at BIRS. It is a fantastic facility conducive to research. Lunch and supper were particularly useful blocks of time which I spent talking about open problems or possible generalizations of results with collaborators and other researchers. I left feeling optimistic about potential collaborative research projects in the near future.

Sarah Plosker Associate Professor
Mathematics and Computer Science, Brandon University

I had a chance to meet some people who were interested in my work or we had common interests.

Behruz Tayfeh-Rezaie Professor
Mathematics, Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences (IPM)
Jul 02 - Jul 07, 2017

BIRS is an absolutely fantastic asset for the mathematical community. It is, in my opinion, the preeminent venue for mathematical cooperation in the world.

Michael Bennett Mathematics, University of British Columbia

I enjoyed very much this workshop, where I met for the first time several young and very talented doctoral and post-doctoral students.

Yann Bugeaud Mathematiques, Université de Strasbourg

The workshop has been very fruitful and stimulating for me. Beside listening to nice talks, I had interesting discussions with many participants, on several topics.

Lajos Hajdu Algebra and Number Theory, University of Debrecen

BIRS is a fantastic place to do mathematics, and I'm always delighted -- and always accept! -- when I get an invitation to work there. At the Diophantine Approximation and Algebraic Curves workshop, I had several useful mathematical conversations, including one that is pointing the way to a very significant advance in my research. I'm extremely grateful that there is a place like BIRS where mathematicians can advance their field so well.

David McKinnon Professor
Pure Mathematics, University of Waterloo

My participation in the BIRS workshop opens new perspectives to my current research. I had the opportunity to have a fresh insight in my field of research. I made acquaintances from which I expect to have new joint-results. I would like to thank heartily the organizers Michael Bennett, Aaron Levin and Jeff Thunder for all their successful proposal and hard work in order to make possible this workshop.

Nikos Tzanakis Professor
Mathematics & Applied Mathematics, University of Crete

BIRS is a professionally run and spectacularly located research venue. There is nothing else like it in Canada, and those who have experienced this know how special it is. For myself, my time this past week has proven to be enormously beneficial for my current research, possibilities for future research with colleagues I have only just met while at BIRS, and also for the possibility of hiring one or more of several extremely bright younger researchers.

Gary Walsh Professor
Mathematics, University of Ottawa
Jun 25 - Jun 30, 2017

I have had in-depth discussions with a few fellow attendants and we are to explore collaborations on research that grows out of the results we presented at Banff.

James J Feng Professor
Mathematics, University of British Columbia

A new research project has been identified.

Tiezheng Qian Department of Mathematics, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

I have benefited a lot from the workshop. I am working on mathematical analysis of PDEs that arise from complex fluids. This workshop brings me to realistic models, which is crucial for my future research.

Hao Wu Professor
School of Mathematical Sciences, Fudan University
Jun 18 - Jun 23, 2017

The workshop was very interesting. I talked to mathematicians I already knew about current and future projects, and I also met new people, in particular young women mathematicians! The organizers scheduled several survey talks - I think that this was very useful.

Eva Bayer-Fluckiger Mathematics, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne

We found the organization, the help of your great BIRS staff, and the conditions for lectures, videos, discussions, the meal plan, and naturally the location -- absolutely superb. This workshop was successful and I believe that it will influence subsequent research in fundamental groups and a number of related areas for quite a few years to come. Definitely new ideas, new teams, and new collaborations have developed because of this workshop, in addition to a strengthening of the already existing very promising research. I cannot overestimate the influence of this BIRS workshop on a number of the participants and on my current and future research, as well as on the research of my graduate students and close collaborators. I cannot imagine any other similar conditions anywhere where this extraordinary effect could be reproduced. BIRS is a unique and truly fantastic place for advancing mathematical research under ideal conditions! Thank you, Professor Nassif Ghoussoub, and thank you also to all of the mathematicians and great BIRS staff people who participate in creating such an amazing environment for carrying out and enjoying mathematical research. We are so grateful to you for this exceptional opportunity!

Ján Mináč Mathematics, Western University
Jun 11 - Jun 16, 2017

It was a nice experience to meet people from the group working on Structure-Preserving Discretization of PDEs. We could exchange our knowledge on problems that touch both topics. There were many interesting talks, and I intend to look at the related publication in the near future. Although I have no concrete plans for the moment, I would not exclude to start a collaboration.

Ernst Hairer Mathematics, University of Geneva

I had been working on some problems for several years and had made good progress, but some parts of my research had significant problems. During the workshop several of the ideas presented gave me a new perspective and now my work is progressing rapidly. And the workshop was fun to be part of.

Stanly Steinberg Professor Emeritus
Mathematics and Statisti, University of New Mexico
Jun 04 - Jun 09, 2017

This was a very useful workshop! The mathematicians attending had expertise complementary to mine (as a computer scientist) and had ways of approaching algorithm analysis that I am not familiar with. The other attendees were very helpful in sharing their expertise.

Anne Condon Computer Science, University of British Columbia

*My participation in the BIRS workshop impacted my future research direction. Based on the discussion with participants and based on the talks during the workshop, I got new ideas for the future direction of my research. *Participation of this workshop also strenghtened (refreshed) my old contacts so that I can consider possible future collaboration or visit. *The workshop helped me to build new contacts (at least two people) which may be connected to new collaborations in a couple of months.

Hye-Won Kang Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Attending the BIRS Workshop "Mathematical Analysis of Biological Interaction Networks" was a particularly fruitful experience. The organizers invited researchers at the forefront of this area. The presentations were very informative and I learned a lot about the state of the art in the field. The small group and the frequent opportunities for discussion allowed me to talk to a large number of colleagues. These discussions provided fresh insight into our work. I also met with a number of colleagues whose work I have been following for a long time, but had never met before.

Yiannis Kaznessis Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, University of Minnesota

This was an excellent conference with quality talks and excellent logistical support. Started a number of new collaborations and completed some work with colleagues with whom I usually have no opportunity to interact. Congratulation BIRS for good program and equally good logistical support.

Grzegorz Rempala The Ohio State University

Great workshop! Some of us began a new project, and made progress each day.

Anne Shiu Math, Texas A&M University

The Banff meeting was exceptionally stimulating for me, and served to initiate a new phase in a collaboration. The results of our discussions led quickly to fresh insights and new results that we are still digesting.

Erik Winfree Professor
Computer Science, California Institute of Technology
May 28 - Jun 02, 2017

This workshop was an extremely productive one from my perspective. The participants included many leading experts in the field, and I was able to make forward progress on two existing projects with collaborators who were also in attendance, as well as obtaining an entirely new result. I can pinpoint the exact moment when the new insight occurred: it was on the trail up Tunnel Mountain while taking a quick hike I took during the lunch break before the afternoon session. The combination of the theoretical beauty of the mathematical content of the talks and the natural beauty of the environment around BIRS was wonderfully exhilirating.

Andrew Sutherland Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

I really enjoyed the workshop and learned a lot. I started a new collaboration with David Zureick-Brown. So far I computed low-degree plane models for two of the curves mentioned in his talk (time 40:34 in the online video, the curves of genus 6 and genus 12) and I hope to make further contributions to this project.

Mark van Hoeij Mathematics, Florida State University
May 21 - May 26, 2017

From our recent mathematical preprint, available at https://arxiv.org/pdf/1706.01132.pdf: "... A major part of the work was done when both authors were visiting the Banff International Research Station during May 21–26, 2017. We would like to thank BIRS for hospitality ..."

Boaz Klartag Mathematics, Tel Aviv University

During the workshop I had a very productive cooperation which will most likely result in a new paper. The workshop brought together experts in discrete and analytic aspects of convexity. I learned a lot from the talks in discrete geometry.

Alexander Koldobsky Mathematics, University of Missouri

This workshop was very interesting! The talks were great!

Galyna Livshyts Mathematics, Georgia institute of technology

The BIRS workshop made it possible to start a new collaboration with Peter Pivovarov whom I invited to visit my home university in July. Apart from that I did gain deeper insight into some of the problems that my colleagues and I have been trying to solve over the last decade and I hope that new ideas will arise from this.

Franz Schuster Professor
Institute of Discrete Mathematics and Geometry, Vienna University of Technology

As always, my stay at BIRS was very useful and productive. The lectures and interactions with colleagues provided me with new ideas and potential new research collaborations.

Elisabeth Werner Case Western Reserve University
May 14 - May 19, 2017

This was a fascinating opportunity for me, to meet with other women in the field, some I had seen before, but never collaborated with, and others who were brand new acquaintances. I also got to catch up with some previous acquaintances. All in all I learned a lot, I met many cool people, and I did some neat math. The location was terrific, we were all very well-fed and had the amazing Canadian Rockies to enjoy as we wished. What more could one want? Oh, yes, maybe there will also be some new math that comes out of the whole experience... If this were a restaurant review, I'd be looking for an extra star to add to the five stars available.

Gizem Karaali Mathematics, Pomona College

My research group (all of whom are new collaborators for me) made very nice progress during our week at Banff, and I expect that we'll have a paper coming out of this work!

Bridget Tenner Department of Mathematical Sciences, DePaul University

A truly fantastic week! All the team projects made progress - and there will definitely be at least one paper produced from this meeting. I also made a plethora of new contacts and learned so much cutting edge research. My postdoc also made many contacts, truly invaluable for her going on the market next year. Astounding how BIRS always succeeds in accelerating all aspects of a research program in a week, what may take years! My most sincere gratitude for such an amazing institute.

Stephanie van Willigenburg Mathematics, University of British Columbia
May 07 - May 12, 2017

Due to a combination of Isabel and Natasha’s excellent recommendations for participants, and the absolutely fantastic environment and support provided by BIRS, I am very pleased to say that the workshop was a great success. The mathematicians learned some neuroscience and the neuroscientists engaged, fearlessly, in the world of persistent homology. I have already had several enthusiastic followup emails from our participants. I could not have asked for better support from BIRS. While the location and facilities are, of course, lovely, it was the administrative support from your personnel that made everything go so smoothly. Great research is fundamentally enabled by excellent administrative support and your team provided exactly that.

Mark Daley Computer Science, University of Western Ontario

It was a very successful workshop, and thanks to the superb facilities that BIRS provided the participants were quite engaged in exchanging ideas. I know that there are at least two new collaborations that have been initiated during the workshop.

Natasa Jonoska Mathematics and Statistics, University of South Florida
May 07 - May 12, 2017

This was a great step forward in my research and permitted me to get in touch with exponents in my field that I hadn't had the opportunity to meet yet. Moreover, the small number of participants encouraged interactions and the creation of new connections. I can't think of a better environment for ideas to sprout!

Elena Queirolo MSc
Mathematics, VU University Amsterdam
Apr 30 - May 05, 2017

It was a great time indeed. I met with many colleagues and we had stimulating discussions. As a consequence of these discussions, I am working on two new problems, one of them is in collaboration with Nicolas Raymond, who has attended the workshop. Also I was able to communicate my work on liquid crystals with the specialists in the domain, as I am new to this research area. BIRS is a great place for work, both in the available facilities and for its location in the calm and wonderful area of Banff.

Ayman Kachmar Lebanese University

We gained new insights, and at least on new collaboration was started. The participants were exceptionally talented, and most cordial. BIRS seems to be operating flawlessly - at least from the participants' point of view. Banff, of course is lovely, one could not wish for more. I hope to visit again, perhaps even try to organize a workshop.

Peter Palffy-Muhoray Liquid Crystal Institute, Kent State University

We gained new insights, and at least on new collaboration was started. The participants were exceptionally talented, and most cordial. BIRS seems to be operating flawlessly - at least from the participants' point of view. Banff, of course is lovely, one could not wish for more. I hope to visit again, perhaps even try to organize a workshop.

Peter Palffy-Muhoray Liquid Crystal Institute, Kent State University

We gained new insights, and at least on new collaboration was started. The participants were exceptionally talented, and most cordial. BIRS seems to be operating flawlessly - at least from the participants' point of view. Banff, of course is lovely, one could not wish for more. I hope to visit again, perhaps even try to organize a workshop.

Peter Palffy-Muhoray Liquid Crystal Institute, Kent State University

This BIRS workshop introduced me very efficiently to the current mathematical research on liquid crystals models and its leaders. Moreover it gave me the occasion to pursue a research project started some time ago with collaborators present during the week. A very productive and enjoyable stay!

Etienne Sandier Professeur
Département de Mathématiques, Universite Paris Est Créteil
Apr 28 - Apr 30, 2017

It was a very good workshop, and the BIRS facilities, as always, were exemplary. The operations research community is trying to understand better what its role is likely to be in the machine learning/data sciences environment that we are entering. There was lots of discussion around this theme, and I found the workshop to be very helpful in helping crystallize some thinking around this issue.

Peter Glynn Management Science and Engineering, Stanford University

This workshop helped me position my current work within a larger field of research, and inspired new research directions for me. These small workshops are much more productive for me than large conferences.

Shane Henderson School of Operations Research and Information Engineering, Cornell University

The BIRS setting is ideal for long and probing discussions surrounded by natural beauty but not interruptions or distractions. The workshop challenged some long-held notions in the field of dynamic, stochastic simulation, and provided thought-provoking directions for the future. Several workshop participants attended a PhD defense for one of my students at the workshop, enhancing the scholarly value for her of defense.

Barry L Nelson Walter P Murphy Professor
Industrial Engineering & Management Sciences, Northwestern University

The workshop was a great opportunity to exchange insights on the future of simulation research. I'm also very glad that BIRS is offering a video record system so that the participants may review the discussions later.

Eunhye Song IEMS, Northwestern University
Apr 23 - Apr 28, 2017

This workshop was a great experience. It gave me the opportunity to interact informally with several experts in fields related to mine, but whose work is sufficiently different from my own as to give me a fresh perspective. I think that at least one collaboration will result from my participation on this workshop. I attended with one of my PhD students, and this was a great opportunity for him to establish important connections early in his career. The setting was fantastic, and it provided the opportunity for the discussions to happen not only during the sessions, but also during meals and hikes.

Miguel Alonso Professor
The Institute of Optics, University of Rochester

The meeting in Banff was the best I have ever attended. The venue, the format, and the attendants made it a unique and highly satisfactory experience. I met a few scientists for the first time with which I seem to share many common interests. In one particular case (Michael Mazilu), we discovered that we had reached very similar results coming from two very different starting points, which has had an immediate strengthening of both our work. We are currently seeking concrete ways of collaboration. I would also like to mention that the recording and online availability of my presentation is an excellent asset in my current search of a permanent academic position.

Ivan Fernandez-Corbaton Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Apr 21 - Apr 23, 2017

The workshop was very refreshing, motivating and engaging. I had fun learning how to incorporate and differentiate a vast amount of puzzles and logic games in my classroom. In addition, it shifted my way of thinking for developing mathematics skills and perseverance with my students. Overall, I could not have asked for a better weekend of learning and professional development.

Simon Batynski French Immersion Teacher - Ecole Greenview School, Edmonton Public Schools

The SNAP workshop is a great way to collaborate with colleagues who have similar teaching styles and philosophies. I had the opportunity to share my expertise and hear from several others who have put on Math Fairs at their schools. I always have come away from this conference with new problem solving and game ideas to share with my students and staff.

Janice Hoffman Teacher
Belmont School, Edmonton Public Schools

I was really impressed with all the presentations that the great speakers presented. I have some background of those activities and this SNAP MATH workshop put me into the next level. My knowledge of Physical Literacy activities will be integrated with SNAP Math activities in order to encourage children and youth to be active in the community and in the school as well. I am grateful to the BIRS for this wonderful workshop and wonderful host.

Carlito Somera Mr.
Education, North Peace Tribal Council
Apr 16 - Apr 21, 2017

My participation at the BIRS workshop had an important impact in my current research, as I was able to interact with leading experts in my areas of interest and develop new ideas and insights. The setting that BIRS offers was also very important for this interaction to be at its best.

Alejandro Cabrera Matematica Aplicada, U F Rio de Janeiro

The workshop at BIRS gave me an overview of the state of the art and a new insight of the theory. I've been inspired by new ideas in my own research. And met many interesting people.

Janusz Grabowski Dr.
Institute of Mathematics, Polish Academy of Sciences

In this conference, I met mostly mathematicians that I had not met before and listened to mathematics studying the same objects (Lie groupoids) but with quite different questions. From this point of view, it was a real opening for me. I exchanged particularly with a few mathematicians and discussed of possible future collaborations.

Georges Skandalis Mathematics, Universite Paris 7
Apr 09 - Apr 14, 2017

The workshop gave me an opportunity to see developments in the area I had been working in. It was extremely interesting to see some of the stuff that I did not pay too much attention before, now became a very hot topic, that has applications to variety of areas that cover from geometric optics to economics. I also was able to find a new collaborator in a new research direction, and started another new project with one of my old collaborators. I am very much thankful for BIRS to let me participate in the wonderful meeting!

Young-Heon Kim Mathematics, University of British Columbia

The workshop in the BIRS helped me broaden my horizon and build connections with other mathematicians in this field. It provided the environment that people could fully focus on problems and communicate thoughts freely.

Shuangjian Zhang Department of Mathematics, University of Toronto
Apr 02 - Apr 07, 2017

Effectively stimulating enviorment, fruitful connections and discussions, overall excellent organization.

Daniele Cassani Prof. Dr.
Science and High Technology, Università degli Studi dell'Insubria

It was a great workshop. I was able to see many leading experts, meet new people working in the area, learn what they are doing and get insight about new directions. Great opportunity to have conversations about mathematics and stimulate further research.

Andrzej Swiech School of Mathematics, Georgia Institute of Technology
Mar 26 - Mar 31, 2017

Great meeting driven by a talented group of young investigators. Plenty of new ideas and opportunities for collaboration!

Yves Moreau Professor
Electrical Engineering, KU Leuven

This workshop was one of the best that I have attended in many years. It has reinvigorated my interest in many directions. Furthermore, I have connected with many people who are interested in my work and plan to try out the methods that I presented. I also may have ongoing collaboration with someone who I met at the workshop.

Elizabeth Purdom Statistics, UC Berkeley
Mar 19 - Mar 24, 2017

It was an absolutely fantastic workshop in my opinion, and personally, it promoted several potential research projects and intriguing discussions. BIRS workshops are by far, in my opinion, the best venue I have the honor to attend.

Omri Weinstein computer science, Columbia University
Mar 12 - Mar 17, 2017

The workshop was well structured with quite a few participants I had not met prior to the meeting. It was definitely an interesting mixture with quite a number of interesting talks. The workshop managed to attract a few real stars, like McMullen which contributed to the success.

Daniel Huybrechts Mathematisches Institut, Universität Bonn

The workshop did impact my current research very much. The topics were fresh and very attractive.

Toshiyuki Katsura Classification of Enriques surfaces with finite automorphism groups in characteristic 2
Department of Industrial &Systems Engineering, Hosei University Japan

Great stay, interesting discussions, I started some new collaboration, very inspiring atmosphere for my current and future research plans. I hope I'll be back soon again in Banff.

Alessandra Sarti University of Poitiers, Laboratoire de Mathématiques et Applications
Mar 05 - Mar 10, 2017

I enjoyed the workshop a lot and it was an opportunity to develop in more details a collaboration with the team of M. Chertkov at LANL. In particular we are trying to use an idea that I have presented at the workshop, about how to handle efficiently chance-constraints for the OPF problem. Thus in principle we should start a formal research collaboration between LAAS-CNRS in Toulouse and LANL in New Mexico (USA).

Jean-Bernard Lasserre LAAS-CNRS and Institute of Mathematics, LAAS-CNRS 7, Toulouse
Feb 26 - Mar 03, 2017

On one side, the facilities provided by BIRS and the Banff Center are excellent; living there is so easy and confortable that you can keep your mind occupied with the scientific problems and, at the same time, you forget you are working. This is an extremely rewarding experience that you bring to all of us and will not be forgotten at all. The information provided along the whole process is very clear and all is prepared to arrive at Banff and work efficiently. The lodging quality is excellent, as well as the food in the restaurant, and the leisure activities. I have been recently serving as deputy director of the CRM in Barcelona (www.crm.cat), so I can imagine the quantity of time and material resources you have to put to reach this level of efficiency. I must confess that, even though I am proud of the services of CRM to the community, I feel a "healthy envy" of the way BIRS runs. So, let me give my congratulations in this sense. On the other hand, I appreciate very much the job made by Susanne Ditlevsen, Priscilla Greenwood and Andre Longtin in organizing this workshop. They were able to put together a group of excellent persons, with common interests but non-coincident backgrounds, and with a sincere desire to understand each other's work. More personally speaking, I come from dynamical systems theory and I've been working mainly on deterministic treatment of brain dynamics with an increasing interest in statistics and stochastic processes. In this conference, I have felt how my research caught the attention of other participants as they kept asking me about many aspects related also to their research. At the end, I came back home with a long list of stimulating suggestions as well as a group of colleagues which whom I can eventually interact in the future. I wish I could say the same of every meeting I'm attending! Summing up, I think it has been one of the best meetings I have ever attended and I am very grateful to BIRS for this opportunity.

Antoni Guillamon Mathematics, Universitat Politèchnica de Calatunya

The outstanding combination of focused research talks, long breaks, and meals with colleagues is an ideal combination for facilitating discussion and generating new research ideas. I can count about five different projects I conceived of while at the BIRS workshop last week. A very important aspect of these meetings is that they are small and focused, so my mind remains in the same ballpark of topics throughout the week. Everyone's research is well connected. The impact of stochasticity on synchronization and network dynamics is a central focus of my own research, so it was great to find colleagues to talk to about this from around the globe.

Zachary Kilpatrick Assistant Professor
Applied Mathematics, University of Colorado
Feb 19 - Feb 24, 2017

This has been a great worshop. The limited participation has allowed the exchange of ideas among all participants, the program was very interesting and, although intense, it allowed time for discussion and collaborations. I thank both the organisers and the BIRS and the Banff Centre for allowing this conference in such a wonderful place.

Clara Grazian Nuffield Department of Medicine, University of Oxford

I appreciated a lot my stay at BIRS. The workshop was so intense that it will for sure have a significant impact on my research activities. Thank you for providing us such a nice place to work.

Jean-Michel Marin Universite de Montpellier
Feb 12 - Feb 17, 2017

This workshop enriched a lot my view of the field, from the more computational aspects (reconstruction of species trees and phylogenetic networks) to the more theoretical ones (BHV tree space, combinatorics of tree-child networks). But it especially allowed me to get in closer contact with colleagues interested in similar mathematical problems as I, triggering possibly new collaborations (with Charles Semple and Steve Evans on the one hand, with James Degnan and Noah Rosenberg, on the other hand).

Amaury Lambert Prof.
LPMA - Box 188, UPMC Univ Paris 06
Feb 05 - Feb 10, 2017

The workshop "Newton-Okounkov Bodies, Test Configurations, and Diophantine Geometry" was extremely useful for me, as I met a number of people for the first time face-to-face with whom I was in contact for quite a time, and the discussions during the week could very well be the start of some specific research projects - that is still too early to confirm. Together with the lectures these discussion provided me with astonishing new insights which will certainly find their way in new papers pretty soon. But the workshop and in particular its choice of lecturers did even better than that: it provided me with the bigger picture on how Newton-Okounkov bodies are used in a variety of disciplines in Pure Mathematics that I was not aware of before. In particular I got in contact with a group of symplectic topologists and representation theorists in Cologne that could profit from my algebraic-geometric expertise.

Thomas Eckl Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Liverpool

This was an excellent workshop. Although broadly familiar with Newton-Okounkov bodies before attending, I am no expert; the workshop was a superb opportunity to learn about the fascinating work being done. In particular, several talks indicated very strong links exist with my own areas of research, and many useful conversations with the other participants leaves me optimistic that links between my research and the work on Newton-Okounkov bodies exist and can be developed. I left the workshop excited to continue studying Newton-Okounkov bodies.

Alexander Kaspryzk Associate Professor in Geometry
School of Mathematical Sciences, University of Nottingham

As always, my stay in BIRS center has been very productive. It was a pleasure to be at the centre as it is an excellent place. From a mathematical point of view, it provided me an opportunity to learn new techniques and to improve slightly some of my results. The talks were great and enlightened the possibility of new developments for my field. I want to thank the organizers Alex Küronya, Michael Roth, Tomasz Szemberg for their work, they did a great job.

Julien Keller I2M, Aix-Marseille-University

I just returned from a five-day workshop at BIRS, and it was fantastic. There is nowhere in the world that is better suited to encouraging mathematical research than BIRS. Last week, I met people I had never met before, but whose mathematics impressed me tremendously, both in the talks and in conversation during mealtimes and in the evenings. I was infused with an energy and excitement about mathematics, new projects to think about, and new mathematical contacts to work with. I also renewed old contacts and connections, and moved at least one old project further along. A complete success!

David McKinnon Professor
Pure Mathematics, University of Waterloo
Jan 29 - Feb 03, 2017

The workshop was absolutely interesting to me. It gave an update of the works in the field and some ideas for future work. I really enjoy the nice environment and the chance to talk to lots of people.

Alessandro Alla Scientific Computing, Florida State University

This was one of the best workshops that I have ever attended. And I do not say this lightly. The technical content was good, the atmosphere was great, the BANFF facilities were impeccable, and I have discovered the joy of loosing your phone for two days. Not only I enjoyed the talks and the evening discussions, but I also found time to get some work done at night. In summary, it was a memorable stay. I hope there will be more conferences and workshops organized at BIRS.

Charbel Farhat Aeronautics and stronautics, Stanford University
Jan 22 - Jan 27, 2017

This workshop brought together mathematicians and theoretical physicists in a very stimulating setting. In particular, I was able to discuss my proposed research on ``Double Field Theory Cosmology" and obtain excellent encouragement and feedback from participants.

Robert Brandenberger Physics Department, McGill
Jan 22 - Jan 27, 2017

Combinatorial Reconfiguration (17w5066) was an ideal workshop for a nascent field, allowing interested researchers to take stock of what has been achieved and investigate prospects for future work.

Matthew Johnson School of Engineering and Computing Sciences, Durham University
Jan 22 - Jan 27, 2017

It was a nice chance to get some new ideas and perspectives from discussions. Of course new collaborations were planned during this workshop. Also it was a nice opportunity to get information about a job vacancies or status.

Kanghoon Lee Institute for Basic Science

The workshop in the stunning setting of the BIRS was a great success! The tradition of roughly annual meetings of the members of the community of our field was upheld by many interesting talks and discussions. Important open questions and future directions of research were identified and collaborations solidified. I presented some of my recent results and had the chance to discuss them with the leading experts in our field. I was also able to continue long standing collaborations and used the workshop to network with other members of our community. It is nice to get to know collaborators and fellow researchers better not only on a professional but also personal level. The intimate nature of the workshop in an amazing environment was the perfect setting to achieve this.

Felix Rudolph Dr.
Arnold Sommerfeld Center for Theoretical Physic, LMU Munich

This was an excellent workshop, with a well-chosen group of participants, and well thought-out schedule of talks. The topics were quite wide-ranging from cosmology at one end to more formal differential geometry at the other. While there were many very useful discussions, for my own research two areas stood out: first was the general discussion of the nature of doubled geometries, something which was a central theme of the workshop, and where very useful insights came from many different participants. The other was much more specific: how to understand the moduli space of integrable generalised structures, and here it was very helpful to interact with mathematicians at the workshop. In particular, I had some very useful conversations on the general picture of L-infinity algebras in deformation theory. This will have important implications for up-coming papers.

Daniel Waldram Professor
Department of Physics, Imperial College London
Jan 15 - Jan 20, 2017

Theoretical aspects of my research have been greatly enhanced by this workshop. It was very very stimulating, and opened a whole new area of networks that I would otherwise not have. In particular, I am now able to understand and contribute to an area of oceanography related to Lagrangian coherent structures. This area has much overlap with areas in maths and physics, such as dynamical systems, statistical physics, and geometry. There will certainly be new papers to arise from this work, and hopefully many years of fruitful collaborations and interactions that would not be available sans BIRS. I am stoked!

Stephen Griffies research scientist
Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

The BIRS workshop has had a strong impact on my current research. I was able to present my scientific results to colleagues I would like not have reached otherwise. Conversely, they have stimulated new thoughts and gave my fresh insights. I have started a new collaboration, and I am optimistic that some upcoming results will have originated during this workshop.

Daniel Karrasch Zentrum Mathematik - M3, Technische Universität München
Dec 04 - Dec 09, 2016

During workshop "Analytic Versus Combinatorial in Free Probability", I had really many discussions with other participants, and got new ideas from other participants. Some interesting comments of other participants were helpful for my research. I think I also contributed to other participants' research. Some new collaborations were started, which would not have been without the workshop.

Takahiro Hasebe Hokkaido University

The workshop I attended allowed me to move forward in existing collaborations and projects but also gave me the opportunity to meet the best specialists in the field (as a newcomer, I had met only the European ones before), make new contacts and start discussing with them new collaborations. I had heard in France of BIRS as one of the world best conference venues in mathematics, I can confirm now this is indeed the case!

Frederic Patras Mathematics, Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis
Nov 27 - Dec 02, 2016

The workshop was a fantastic experience. The setting is enough to enthuse all participants. I met my collaborators from all around the world, and generated some new prospects for collaboration as well. The facilities at BIRS are one of the best! I also need to mention the amazing views and opportunities to explore the outdoors after and in-between the workshop. Overall, it was a very enriching experience. Thank you, BIRS!

Debasmita Samaddar Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, UK

This is one of the best uses of funding for research! It is a unique proposition to gather so many experts (and budding researchers) in the same place, without distraction, for an extended period of time.

Ray Spiteri Professor
Computer Science, University of Saskatchewan
Nov 20 - Nov 25, 2016

My participation in the BIRS workshop has been a wonderful professional development opportunity. I had the opportunity to meet new contacts working in complementary fields and have begun plans for a multi-country collaborative research proposal submission related to antimicrobial resistance and stewardship. Several of my students and postdocs attended and their participation has expanded their networks and allowed them to interact with scientists in a manner which is not typical when graduate students encounter more senior scientists in their field at a regular meeting. The fresh insight I gained will have a significant impact on my research in the coming year.

Amy Greer Department of Population Medicine, University of Guelph
Nov 13 - Nov 18, 2016

I was able to make substantial progress on some long standing problems because I was able to spend time with my collaborators in a setting that is conducive to mathematical research.

Kay Magaard Mathematics, University Birmingham

This was a very inspiring workshop with well-prepared talks. I liked in particular the wide range of topics discussed. This allowed me to learn about new developments in subjects outside my immediate field of research.

Gunter Malle Fachbereich Mathematik, Technische Universität Kaiserslautern

BIRS provides a wonderful mix of beauty and scientific stimulation.

Andre Nies Computer Science, The University of Auckland

The workshop was excellent. I really enjoyed the diversity in the research areas of the conference. The workshop was especially important for me as I had extended time to discuss a large joint project with my coauthor Donna Testerman.

Gary Seitz Emiritus Professor
mathematics, University of Oregon

I very much enjoyed the workshop and the lectures. I also got to work intensely with Prof. Aschbacher on a new project, as well as to continue my collaboration with Prof. Magaard on a joint project. Both of these projects are related to some of the main themes of the workshop.

Pham Tiep Mathematics, University of Arizona

The BIRS workshop Permutation Groups was a productive and enjoyable meeting, which brought together researchers from model theory, permutation group theory, and locally compact group theory. My research primarily considers locally compact groups, and this meeting introduced me model-theoretic and number-theoretic sources of locally compact groups. The meeting also afforded ample time to discuss ongoing projects with collaborators. Overall, it was a great experience, and I look forward to my next opportunity to attend a BIRS meeting!

Phillip Wesolek Riley Visiting Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematical Sciences, Binghamton University
Nov 06 - Nov 11, 2016

It was a very enjoyable meeting, with a number of interesting presentations and potential for collaborations. With Abbas and Yuval, we have already solved one problem: Given an arbitrary graph, the push/pull rumour spreading model has a discrete time and continuous time versions. We can show that on a graph of sie n, the continuous time version is at most n^{1/3} faster than the discrete time version, which is best possible. This should be written soon. I have also been discussing other questions with Ewa (on avoidance coupling) Yuval and Elisabetta (diameter of SPA models), and have hope for some new results there.

Omer Angel Mathematics, University of British Columbia

The workshop was definitely a highlight of the year - stimulating talks, interactions and open problems, keeping me at the forefront of the field, new contacts and one new collaboration.

Carl Dettmann School of Mathematics, The University of Bristol

The workshop was really great. I have learnt some new results and also spent a lot of time collaborating with other researchers.

Andrzej Dudek Western Michigan University

This was a fantastic workshop, and I got to know more closely a few major figures in my community. Especially the informal gatherings during meals were very beneficial in communicating with other participants, and I made a few very good contacts.

Abbas Mehrabian Computer Science, University of British Columbia

I am very happy about my visit at BIRS last week, because I feel very inspired by it. I got to know new people to collaborate with and many new questions/problems for my research. I am also very grateful to the organizers. It was very well and smoothly organized. I hope that there will be further opportunities for me to come to Banff in the future!

Markus Schepers Mathematical Institute, Utrecht University
Oct 30 - Nov 04, 2016

The workshop "Theoretical and computational aspects of nonlinear surface waves" was of very high quality and the discussions were fruitful. These discussions led to a new derivation and possibly the discovery of an exact solution. The afternoon walks on Wednesday and Friday were useful in getting to know people better and for understanding more mathematics. BIRS is ideally located to induce free thinking. Finally, it was a pleasure to be a sideline participant, as a mathematician, in the Adventure Filmmaker's workshop.

Onno Bokhove School of Mathematics, University of Leeds

The website is inviting, nice, efficient and useful for the communitation of the information and material for the Workshop.

John Grue Professor
Mathematics/Mechanics Section, University of Oslo

Very well organized workshop. Interesting talks. I developed new ideas and worked with several of my collaborators.

Jean-Marc Van-den-Broeck Mathematics, University College London
Oct 23 - Oct 28, 2016

It was generally useful for me to meet people in the analytic combinatorics area, and see their technique and results. More directly, from the conference I am led to work of Pemantle and Wilson which I'm optimistic will provide tools to finish a proof of an old open problem I've been stalled on for years.

Mike Boyle Mathematics, University of Maryland

The workshop brought me new problems, new collaborations, and new techniques. I also had the opportunity to advertise the job positions open in my team.

Élie de Panafieu math team, Bell Labs France, Nokia

The workshop helped me to meet with some colleagues and it turned out that we are working on closely related questions. A research collaboration has been initiated and within the frame of this collaboration I have an invitation to Taiwan in the following weeks. I wish your organization a long and prospering future.

Istvan Mezo School of Mathematics and Statistics, Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology

This was a stunning event in the most beautiful area imaginable. I don't travel much, so it was a chance to see several people again after a long interruption.

Helmut Prodinger Prof
Mathematics, Stellenbosch University
Oct 16 - Oct 21, 2016

It has been great to meet with many of the active researchers in the area, and the workshop helped me (and hopefully also other participants) to see which interesting topics and methods are currently being explored. We collected a number of intriguing open problems and made a good progress on resolving some of them.

Zdenek Dvorak Computer Science Institute, Charles University

The trip was very fruitful for me. I learned new ideas and new topics and started a couple of new collaborations. The organizers are great.

Alexander Kostochka Mathematics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Based on work completed at BIRS I have started a new paper with a new collaborator. I hope to continue working together.

David Wood School of Mathematical Sciences, Monash University
Oct 09 - Oct 14, 2016

The BIRS workshop was an outstanding opportunity to make new connections and renew old friendships with colleagues who are leaders in my field. The time spent together in meals, in the workshop itself, and relaxing in the lounge helped forge our community of scholars. As a mid-career academic, these connections will be critical for my career and for creating new research opportunities for my students.

Alisa Clyne Drexel University

Excellent workshop, great science, and wonderful discussions. A lot of new connections that will be very helpful to our continued research, as well as new collaborations started at BIRS.

Leah Edelstein-Keshet Mathematics, University of British Columbia

The beautiful setting and excellent facilities created an appealing environment and contributed to a highly successful meeting.

Yu-Li Wang Carnegie Mellon University
Sep 25 - Sep 30, 2016

The experience of participating in such an international conference will be important for young researchers in the job market. It is not only a great honor but also allows young people to get to know senior people. I learned a lot of new rapidly developing subjects. I will combine them with my current research.

Atsushi Kanazawa Assistant Professor
Mathematics, Kyoto University

The BIRS complex is a wonderful place for professional mathematics meetings. Of course the surroundings are breathtaking with the backdrop of the beautiful mountains. More importantly, the facilities are top notch, and the conference staff attended to all our or requests. I look forward to returning to BIRS again in the future. It is a special place.

Ken Ono Department of Mathematics, Emory University
Sep 23 - Sep 25, 2016

This meeting, while short, was very good. In particular, it provided an extremely timely occasion to meet with Noah Forman of Oxford and exchange ideas concerning some long standing problems.

Omer Angel Mathematics, University of British Columbia

The Retreat for Young Researchers in Stochastics at BIRS was well organized. It provided a valuable opportunity to present my research and an occasion to learn recent and exciting results on a variety of topics.

Mathav Murugan PIMS postdoctoral fellow in Stochastics
Department of Mathematics, University of British Columbia

The BIRS Retreat for Young Researchers in Stochastics was a very enjoyable and valuable weekend. I had the opportunity to present my research and had interesting discussions about it. I also had the chance to meet new researchers and reconnect with people I have met before. I hope this retreat becomes a tradition for years to come, as it is clearly very valuable for the community.

Miklos Racz Postdoctoral Researcher
Theory Group, Microsoft Research

The BIRS Retreat for Young Researchers in Stochastics provided a wonderful opportunity for postdocs and graduate students in probability, from universities in Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, and Washington, to meet, to share ideas, to present their research, and to get to know one another. This is a valuable exercise in community building, as well as a chance for participants to learn the latest results from a wide spectrum of topics related to stochastics.

Gordon Slade Professor
Department of Mathematics, University of British Columbia

BIRS is a great place to meet great researchers, including the young ones, to create new projects and new contacts. The last retreat for Young Researchers in Stochastics supported this idea one more time.

Anatoliy Swishchuk Mathematics and Statistics, University of Calgary
Sep 18 - Sep 23, 2016

A few years from now, the workshop will likely be considered a milestone in the theory of integrodifference equations. Analysts, modellers and ecologists all exchanging ideas, problems, questions. A great deal of mutual understanding and appreciation emerged and many new ideas were born.

Frithjof Lutscher Mathematics and Statistics, University of Ottawa
Sep 02 - Sep 04, 2016

All is wonderful!

Xiaojian Xu Mathematics and Statistics, Brock University
Aug 28 - Sep 02, 2016

The workshop was very well organized, covering a broad range of fundamental and applied topics dealing with nano-scale phenomena. The stimulating discussion and interactions between researches were facilitated by means of well-structured study groups. The program was quite intense, and allowed one to gain valuable insight into many inter-related methodologies across a number of disciplines, from classical statistical physics to quantum solid matter physics. I would like to thank the organizers, and particularly Prof. Roderick Melnik for the efforts in bringing together a very diverse collective of researchers from different fields of study.

Peter Yatsyshin Dr
Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London
Aug 19 - Aug 21, 2016

We would like to thank you and BIRS for the superb venue and for the organization that made our workshop so successful. It provided an opportunity to have a wide range of research scientists discuss a vision for developing open source simulation and inversion software that can accelerate research progress and increase communication and collaboration among computational geoscientists. It is clear that many researchers are attempting to change their views about protectionism of software and intellectual property but the mechanisms by which this is achieved in practice are not established. This workshop provided an opportunity to discuss a potential framework that would break down these barriers and allow scientists from different disciplines in geoscience, such as seismology, potential fields, electromagnetics and hydrogeology, and working with different computer languages, to communicate on computational matters and to work on problems of mutual interest. There was great enthusiasm for the development of the framework and the seeds have thus been planted.

Douglas Oldenburg Professor
Earth Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, University of British Columbia
Aug 07 - Aug 12, 2016

The workshop was an excellent, and unique, opportunity to meet colleagues from academia, industry, the commercial sector, etc. and to work with them closely on the exciting possibility of 'internationalising' our efforts in the area of multiphase flows. The venue for the workshop in BIRS was absolutely ideal in providing the perfect vehicle to make significant progress towards this goal: it fostered close, and frequent interactions between the delegates, and a perfect environment for fruitful discussions; also, everything at BIRS works like clockwork, which helps a great deal! This is now the third workshop at BIRS that I have been involved with, and it has become my go-to place for holding workshops when I want to be assured of a positive outcome. I can recommend it to colleagues enthusiastically, and without any hesitation.

Omar Matar Professor
Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London

Absolutely, a workshop to remember! I made many new contacts I wouldn't have had otherwise and new collaborations have been initiated thanks to BIRS workshop. Not to mention the sharing of the latest research findings in my discipline from many different groups of researchers from Canada and abroad in a very relaxing and beautiful environment. Overall, this BIRS workshop was one of my top-two best workshop/conference experience ever. Thanks to all BIRS staff members who made this experience so enjoyable.

David Vidal Research Associate
Chemical Engineering, PolyTec

A very well organized workshop in a unique place that offers all that workshop participants expect to have to foster the highest possible level of interaction. At a more personal level, this workshop offered me the opportunity to meet and discuss with people at length that I had not had a chance to meet before. This will certainly lead to new collaborations both with other academic groups and potentially with industry. The scientific quality of the talks was very high, with top-of-the-field results presented and fruitful discussions that will undoubtedly influence my current research. An idea that emerged over the workshop is the interest in several research groups to team up together (instead of being competitors) and with an industrial partner to address a major scientific issue related to an operational problem of the industrial partner. This is very promising. In conclusion, a high quality workshop that created many new research opportunities.

Anthony Wachs Mathematics, University of British Columbia
Jul 31 - Aug 05, 2016

In this workshop the best researchers on this area well gathered, and I get a very good idea of the edge research in this area.

Abbas Mehrabian Postdoctoral Fellow
Computer Science, University of British Columbia
Jul 24 - Jul 29, 2016

The workshop was very fruitful for my research

YoungJu Choie Professor
Mathematics, POSTECH

One week at BIRS gave me a year's worth of new ideas and projects to tackle. BIRS workshops are some of some of the most fruitful conferences I've ever attended, thanks to their camaraderie, beautiful atmosphere, and intense mathematical focus.

Ian Whitehead Mathematics, University of Minnesota
Jul 17 - Jul 22, 2016

I really liked the structure of the workshop and how the organizers grouped together talks having a common theme. The talks were very inspiring and a thorough overview of the field was provided. The workshop helped me to establish new research contacts as well as to renew the old ones. I also had very stimulating discussions with other participants. Overall my experience could not have been better and I am very grateful to the organizers and BIRS for this opportunity.

Anna Sakovich Associate Senior Lecturer
Mathematics, Uppsala University

The immediate availability of lectures was very helpful. I frequently replayed parts of lectures in the evening and when I missed a lecture, I was able to watch it over lunch break. At this BIRS program, I completed one collaborative project and started two new ones.

Christina Sormani Mathematics Department, City University of New York
Jul 10 - Jul 15, 2016

The workshop was very interesting and the accommodation by BIRS and by the Banff Centre was excellent; everything went smoothly and friendly.

Giuseppe Buttazzo Professor
Department of Mathematics, Universita` di Pisa

The BIRS setting helped me to switch immediately into research mode.

Bernd Kawohl Full Professor
Mathematics, University of Koeln

The participation at BIRS had a very positive impact on my current research. It enabled me to discuss problems of common scientific interest with several top scientists in the field including Andrea Cianchi, Tobias Weth and more. The workshop had similar (and equally, maybe even more important) affect on my PhD student Lenka Slavikova. The workshop also started some new collaborations. The overall affect on my scientific work of the workshop is very positive. I am very grateful for the possibility to participate. Results of the discussions will appear in some of my next scientific papers.

Lubos Pick Department of Mathematical Analysis, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University in Prague

BIRS is a perfect location for workshops, discussions and research. Thanks for giving us this opportunity and for your perfect organization.

Paolo Salani Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica , Università di Firenze

The workshop was a great source of inspiration, and it allowed me to continue - with new ideas - a joint work on a challenging research project in which we got stuck in recent years. Needless to say to anyone who already spent time at BIRS, the facility provided everything imaginable to establish perfect conditions for a successful research stay. I would like to thank the BIRS management and staff for creating and maintaining this unique research environment and for giving me the chance to benefit from it again.

Tobias Weth Prof. Dr.
Department of Computer Science and Mathematics, University of Frankfurt
Jul 03 - Jul 08, 2016

STRATOS is a new initiative with members from all over the world (15 countries, 4 continents). The center, environment, people and the atmosphere at BIRS was just perfect for the first general meeting of STRATOS. We had a very enjoyable and productive week with severe progress of all topic groups and many panels. Participants expressed the strong wish having a similar meeting soon. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Willi Sauerbrei Center for Medical Biometry and Medical Informatics, Medical Center - University of Freiburg

It was a great time and a good opportunity to continue discussion with old colleagues and to start new discussion with new colleagues. At least three new papers are now planned together with other participants.

Werner Vach Professor
Center for Medical Biometry and Medical Informatics, Medical Center - University of Freiburg
Jun 26 - Jul 01, 2016

This outstanding workshop was very much timely. I got to hear about the cutting edge results and discuss maths with the leading experts in the field. The insights I gained during this activity will certainly guide me through many of my ongoing projects and will be the inspiration for many others.

Kazım Büyükboduk Assoc. Prof.
Mathematics, Koc University of Istanbul

I thank BIRS and the organizers of the workshop for setting up an exciting program of talks and for providing a stimulating atmosphere for discussions. The location is spectacular and the practical side of the workshop was run in a very effective and smooth way. I enjoyed the week very much and went home with new thoughts to be pursued.

Peter Schneider Mathematisches Institut Muenster

Very stimulating, good talks, much space for discussions.

Otmar Venjakob Mathematisches Institut, Heidelberg University
Jun 19 - Jun 24, 2016

It's a bit early to tell what results will come out of this conference, but a number of the talks have raised questions I'd like to think about carefully. At the moment I'm concentrating on the ones from Fernando Muro's talk, I believe I may know the techniques to address one of his questions. The workshop certainly inspired me.

Amnon Neeman Centre for Mathematics and its Applications, Australian National University
Jun 12 - Jun 17, 2016

This was a valuable meeting and I thank BIRS for hosting it. The treatment of extreme events is of huge interest in the climate science community, driven by the idea that the most significant impacts of global warming will be found in the increased frequency or intensity of extremes. However, there has been relatively little engagement of the statistics research community in this enterprise. Meetings like this one help a great deal to further those interactions. From a personal research perspective, it was very useful to me to hear both from meteorologists about how they formulate and address the questions of weather extremes (e.g. the talks by Erich Fischer and Hayley Fowler on extreme precipitation) and from methodological statisticians, such as Raphael Huser and Brian Reich, about new approaches to spatial extremes. I had several opportunities for conversations with my research collaborator Michael Wehner and it is likely that within the next few months we will submit the following paper: R.L. Smith and M. Wehner, Influence of Climate Change on Extreme Weather Events. This paper has been in preparation for some time but was advanced by our discussions during the workshop. You have a wonderful system for taking videos automatically and broadcasting them almost immediately. I wish we could get something like that set up at SAMSI! I know the NSF team were impressed when they visited last year.

Richard Smith University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

This was a valuable meeting and I thank BIRS for hosting it. The treatment of extreme events is of huge interest in the climate science community, driven by the idea that the most significant impacts of global warming will be found in the increased frequency or intensity of extremes. However, there has been relatively little engagement of the statistics research community in this enterprise. Meetings like this one help a great deal to further those interactions. From a personal research perspective, it was very useful to me to hear both from meteorologists about how they formulate and address the questions of weather extremes (e.g. the talks by Erich Fischer and Hayley Fowler on extreme precipitation) and from methodological statisticians, such as Raphael Huser and Brian Reich, about new approaches to spatial extremes. I had several opportunities for conversations with my research collaborator Michael Wehner and it is likely that within the next few months we will submit the following paper: R.L. Smith and M. Wehner, Influence of Climate Change on Extreme Weather Events. This paper has been in preparation for some time but was advanced by our discussions during the workshop. I would like to make two broader comments about BIRS. First, you have a wonderful system for taking videos automatically and broadcasting them almost immediately. I wish we could get something like that set up at SAMSI! I know the NSF team were impressed when they visited last year.

Richard Smith University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Jun 05 - Jun 10, 2016

BIRS is an excellent forum for discussion. My time there was well-spent; I made some great connections and heard some very interesting presentations.

Malcolm Roberts Institut de Recherche Mathematique Avancee

The BIRS workshops are an excellent tool to make progress in research, to get access to new results and to exchange ideas and results with colleagues. It is also a perfect opportunity to establish new collaborations and to meet potential candidates for PhD or postdoc. Meeting former students or postdocs is also a great opportunity. The beautiful surrounding and the facilities are very positive to stimulate research.

Kai Schneider Professor
Mechanics/Applied Mathematics, Aix Marseille Université
May 29 - Jun 03, 2016

This workshop has introduced me to a new field of research that is very much related to my current research interests. It is refreshing to see how the tools I am using can also be applied in other areas of science. In addition, I have met new colleagues with whom I will likely collaborate.

Peter Berg Department of Science, University of Alberta

I met many outstanding scholars at this BIRS workshop, and learned a lot from them. I also will have collaborations with some of them in the near future. Besides, the beautiful environment and excellent service helped our discussions very much as well. I sincerely thank BIRS for that.

Tzyy-Leng Horng Applied Mathematics, Feng Chia University

BIRS and BIRS-like worshops with their limited number of participants and given focused topics are more efficient than any mass scientific meeting. Moreover, administration staff is very thoughtful. Last, but not least, environment is more than adequate.

Marc Thiriet Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI -- Sorbonne Universités), team INRIA-UPMC-CNRS REO

Participation in the BIRS workshop impacts my current research, and this inspired me new research ideas.

Yu-Hau Tseng Dr.
Applied Mathematics, National University of Kaohsiung

Mathematical molecular biophysics is emerging field. Molecular biology is the foundation for life science, which is becoming more and more quantitative than ever before. Mathematics has a great potential to advance the current understanding of molecular biophysics. This workshop is a timing effort in addressing important issues in mathematical molecular biophysics. Advanced mathematics, such differential geometry, variational PDEs, discrete mathematics, numerical analysis, stochastic analysis, was involved in the modeling and computation of biomolecular systems. The organizers did a wonderful job in putting everything together. The BIRS staff were extremely helpful as well. Participants are mostly world top experts in the field. I am quite sure that this workshop will have a long lasting impact in mathematical biophysics.

Guowei Wei Mathematics, Michigan State University
May 22 - May 27, 2016

My time at BIRS was helpful to me in a number of ways: I was able to make great progress on a joint paper I'm working on with a colleague who attended the same conference; I was able to personally meet and talk with several mathematicians whose work I've been influenced by; I was given an idea for a future research project by a senior researcher who was interested in the results I described at BIRS; a discussion with a colleague made me aware of some simplifications that could be made to a paper I recently submitted (which I then revised and resubmitted); and lastly, not having any obligations besides attending lectures and eating meals, I was able to get a good bit of writing done.

Jonathan Beardsley Mathematics, Johns Hopkins University/University of Washington

BIRS provides an excellent setting for focused work. I came away with new ideas and better understanding of old ideas.

Niles Johnson Mathematics, Ohio State University Newark
May 15 - May 20, 2016

The workshop last week was amazingly productive and inspiring! I just posted text on my blog about it: http://eladhari.blogspot.se/2016/05/computational-modelling-in-games-at.html I cannot thank you enough for making this possible! I have at least three papers in the pipe that will come out of this :)

Mirjam Eladhari Otter Play

The working group sessions during the workshop were wonderful. The atmosphere of The Banff Center contributed to a sense of escape and getting away, which creating a strong environment for collaborative exploration of new research ideas and directions. I left the workshop with multiple new project ideas, and deepened connections with other researchers in the field.

Jim Whitehead Professor
Computational Media, Univ. of California Santa Cruz
May 08 - May 13, 2016

My recent participation in a BIRS workshop has had a critical impact on my research. The topic of the workshop was relatively new to me, and the workshop provided a unique forum to disseminate my work, receive feedback from the best researchers in the field, meet these researchers, and obtain a unique perspective on the field.

Marino Arroyo Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya

It was a great occasion to exchange knowledge and learn what other people do. I met new people that I am thinking to collaborate with.

Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile ed Ambientale, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
May 01 - May 06, 2016

I do consider the logistic and hospitality of BIRS perfect. I do not think that you need to make any changes. I am grateful for a very good conference which gave me certainly new insights. It was important to me to renew contacts , say, with Jorg Winkelmann and I met for the first time Franc Forstneric whose work on Oka manifolds and h-principle is rather important for my research. I think that my contact with Rafael Andrist was quite helpful for his coming paper and for my own understanding of the subject. It is too early to speak about new results or projects but they are much more plausible now and not only with the three people I mentioned before (whose scientific interest is close to mine). I was rather impressed with some other talks. Say, I suspect that the talk of Alex Tumanov may be helpful for my study of exotic structures on Euclidean spaces. These personal contacts with top experts are crucial for serious research and I applaud to all four organizers for bringing so many good people together.

Shulim Kaliman Professor
Mathematics, University of Miami

I became more familiar with the state of the art in several complex variables and I've got new ideas for my research. I'm thinking on a new research project and possible collaborations.

Alexander Rashkovskii professor
Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Stavanger University

I spend a very nice stay in Banff. The workshop was very interesting and the schedule quite reasonable. The accommodation as well as the food was perfect. This is a really nice place for exchanging ideas, learning what is going on on the filed of complex analysis and complex geometry. My stay was very pleasant and I learned so much about the state of the art on these fields. I would like to thank the organizers as well as the host institution BIRS for providing excellent conditions for research and exchanges. Moreover this is a great place from all point of views. Please keep going and good luck.

Ahmed Zeriahi Professor
Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse, Universite Paul Sabatier (Toulouse)
Apr 24 - Apr 29, 2016

An extremely productive week in a very friendly and special environment. Thank you Maria, Kristine, Kathryn and Brenda for making this workshop possible. It certainly had a very positive impact on my research and motivation level.

Joana Cirici Mathematics, Freie Universität Berlin

I truly enjoyed my week in Banff. As this was the Women in Topology II program, we have been working on projects in groups, and this week was very productive for my team. The workshop provided a great opportunity to meet people in the community, work and discuss in a relaxed environment, and form new collaborations. Thanks to the organizers for making this happen!

Claudia Scheimbauer Dr.

The week at BIRS for WIT2 was the most productive week I've had in a long time!

Vesna Stojanoska University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

I had an excellent week. In a group of new collaborators we were able to completely outline the proof of a rather nice theorem, one I had been hoping to prove for a while.

Ulrike Tillmann Mathematics, Oxford University

I very much enjoyed this workshop. Our team had a productive week, making good progress on various aspects of our project. The workshop also provided an excellent opportunity to meet women in topology.

Sarah Whitehouse Professor
School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Sheffield
Apr 15 - Apr 17, 2016

This workshop gave me a really good opportunity to connect with other number theorists in Alberta! There is nobody at my university in the same research area as I am, so I find workshops like this extremely valuable.

Amy Feaver Assistant Professor
King's University
Apr 03 - Apr 08, 2016

The workshop I attended did a great job at bringing together people from different fields, united in their desire to understand certain asymptotic algebraic structures arising from problems in algebraic geometry, topology, and even statistics. It helped me tremendously to hear how people from other areas think and speak about these structures. Their language and point of view is in several aspects more efficient than what my co-authors and I were doing so far, while on the other hand, I believe that our problems provide good testing ground for theory to be developed further in the near future.

Jan Draisma Mathematics and Computer Science, TU Eindhoven

The opinion of many participants about the meeting was excellent. From my point of view there are three main reasons for this: 1. The facilities provided by the Banff Station and BIRS are of very high quality, 2. the organizers put together several communities of algebraists/geometers around an interesting subject. 3. the specialists in such subject make the effort to explain us, no specialists, the meaning, origin and main results of the problem. I hope that as a by product of the conference will start several new scientific collaborations. Thank you very much for the job that you are doing at BIRS

Juan Elias Algebra i Geometria, University of Barcelona Spain

This was one of the best workshops I have participated in. The goal (so I imagine) was to introduce researchers interested in algebraic geometry/commutative algebra to recent spectacular developments in homological stability and twisted commutative algebras. In this the workshop has been were very successful, and I except with profit to both communities.

Srikanth Iyengar Mathematics, University of Utah
Apr 01 - Apr 03, 2016

I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work with many different mathematicians from any different organizations. There were many insights and ideas shared. I really appreciated ideas that showed math in many contexts such as building, making, creating, exploring. Seeing number as an amount and in a three dimensionality as magnitude was a new understanding. As well, the website shared by the Alberta Regional Consortium: http://learning.arpdc.ab.ca/course/view.php?id=351 will be extremely helpful to teachers to understand the curriculum, to understand common vocabulary with definitions and to have resources to help teach it. As well, having a section for parents is very helpful to give them ideas for what to do at home with their children. Tying all the activities, vocabulary, and resources to the Alberta Math Curriculum is also very helpful. Thank you for this opportunity and it would be wonderful to get together again to further our discussions and further our knowledge.

Kathy Hall teacher
James Short Memorial School, Calgary Board of Education

Participation in this workshop helped me to identify strong connections between the mathematics curriculum and approaches such as Maker Space and Design Thinking. These connections are usually not explicit in the curriculum and, with the help of participating teachers, we found some emphasis on the very notion of number that should be addressed explicitly in the early years to develop a more complete notion of number. Numbers are used for many purposes and with diverse meanings. The current curriculum stresses the meaning of number as quantity (e.g. number of objects in a set). However, other meanings for number related to magnitudes are scarcely addressed in the early years (K to 4). Examples of these meaning are length, height, volume, and time. While for experts (adults) these differences are barely noticed, it might be very confusing to switch from one meaning to other for learners. These meanings of number related to magnitudes are actually useful for making or creating real artifacts, representing a strong connection to Computational Thinking, Design Thinking, and Maker Spaces. The discussion with teachers during the workshop served to identify explicitly learning outcomes where the notion of number as magnitude could be stressed. For instance, when learning to count, students can engage in actions such as walking to count the number of steps in a path. This action is very different than pointing with the finger to count objects in a set -- number is length in the former case and quantity in the later.

Paulino Preciado Babb Dr.
Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary
Mar 27 - Apr 01, 2016

This workshop was the initial gathering for this particular community of researchers, and the impact of it will extend far beyond the wonderful week at BIRS. As you can see from the report, the groups are continuing to work on projects begun at BIRS, and publications likely will result. Over half of the participants were early-career mathematicians. Everyone participated in group discussions, everyone contributed to the group efforts, everyone learned a lot. Many young women can feel intimidated attending conferences; many are not even invited, as they are not on the radar screen yet. Workshops like WINART are invaluable to careers and to connecting junior researchers to senior mathematicians in the field. I applaud BIRS for being so open to hosting them.

Georgia Benkart Mathematics, University of Wisconsin-Madison

I spent a wonderful week at BIRS, the ambiance was perfect for work, and the work done there as well as the talks will contribute a lot to my research. I have started a project with my team, which I wish will lead to new results. This meetings has been my first contact with the"Women in noncommutative algebra and representation theory" network, which will be helpful for myself and for my students.

Andrea Solotar Prof. Dr.
Matematica, Universidad de Buenos Aires

This was an overwhelmingly positive experience. It is the first time I am part of an organized research team of this nature, and it worked very well. I believe that this meeting and some planned follow up meetings will have a big impact in my field, and particularly on the careers of the junior researchers involved. I expect that my research team will write a paper that was begun at this meeting at BIRS, a collaboration that otherwise would not have happened.

Sarah Witherspoon Mathematics, Texas A&M University
Mar 20 - Mar 25, 2016

This BIRS workshop stimulated a lot of ideas. To begin with, I was able to make progress on a collaboration with Steven Sivek regarding interactions between contact geometry and the fundamental group. I started new collaborations with Hedden involving 1) a project to use my (with Vela-Vick, Vertesi) BRAID version of the transverse invariant in knot Floer homology to prove that the rank of HFK reduced gives a bound on the fractional Dehn twist coefficients of braid representatives of a given knot. In particular, we believe that rkHFK_red(K,a) bounds the FDTCs of braid representatives of K with sl=2a-1, and 2) a project to compute the Heegaard Floer homology of the union of two manifolds with torus boundaries by computing a cube of resolutions complex where all the higher polygon counting takes place on the torus (and therefore ought to be computable).

John Baldwin Assistant Professor
Mathematics, Boston College

This workshop definitely helped me to continue my research with Baptiste Chantraine on positive contact isotopies. It also revealed me interesting questions around foliation theory and I was able to exchange a lot with Rachel Roberts and Will Kazez on these.

Vincent Colin Laboratoire de mathématiques Jean Leray, Université de Nantes
Mar 13 - Mar 18, 2016

The time at BIRS was perfect. The organization of the workshop was excellent, the collaboration that was generated in my research group was exciting to me and hopefully will ultimately lead to a publication, the talks were really good, the scientific atmosphere in general was wonderful, and the location and facilities are really stimulating. The rooms and dining area were great too! On a side note, on some evenings I was able to meet with collaborators of an existing project to try to push that to completion, and on other evenings I was able to meet with a couple of other collaborators on a new project. Both of these were directly related to Lefschetz properties, but were not part of the formal groups formed for the workshop. This activity also would not have been possible without this workshop. On a different side note, a recent paper of mine is closely related to that of one of the other participants, and this opportunity to talk to him was very useful to hash out our different points of view on the topic. So sincere thanks again for providing us the opportunity to hold this workshop, which I consider to have been a huge success from all possible points of view. And I second your thank you to the organizers that you mentioned, who did a great job from start to finish.

Juan Migliore Mathematics, University of Notre Dame

We had a very useful WorkShop with lots of interesting lectures about Lefschetz and Lefschetz related materials that have helped me to put more things into perspective. The WorkGroup I participated in (Akihito Wachi, Chris McDaniel, and occasionally some others) made real progress, and I am indeed grateful for permission, granted at the last moment, to remain overnight from Friday to Saturday. We really made some serious progress Friday afternoon!

Larry Smith Professor Emeritus
Mathematisches Institut, University of Göttingen
Mar 11 - Mar 13, 2016

BIRS provides unique opportunities to interact with a wide variety of researchers and immerse into thought-provoking discussions. Such intense research environment is usually not possible at other larger conferences or at more specialized and narrower meetings. It is my second time at BIRS, and my last BIRS meeting has resulted in two new collaborations and a few joint papers together. I expect that the current BIRS workshop will also have a similar longstanding impact on my research agenda.

Yulia Gel Professor
Mathematical Sciences, University of Texas at Dallas
Mar 06 - Mar 11, 2016

Excellent program, with talks on the cutting-edge developments in mirror symmetry, derived categories and algebraic geometry. The organisational side was excellent, many thanks to Matthew, Colin and David for all the efforts they've put into this. For me personally the program had the added benefit of giving me and Rina Anno, my co-author, an opportunity to work together in person on our current project.

Timothy Logvinenko Dr
School of Mathematics, Cardiff University
Feb 28 - Mar 04, 2016

Wonderful location, great services, extremely well balanced scientific program. It was great to meet so many active researchers in the field in a very inspiring environment.

Matthias Kaminski Physics & Astronomy, University of Alabama

The workshop was indeed excellent and I found BIRS to be a perfect place for this activity! (I was especially impressed by how flaw-less the audio-visual installation worked and how simple it is to handle, I wish we had the same one in our Institute!)

Karl Landsteiner IFT-UAM/CSIC Madrid

The BIRS workshop was a great experience. It provided an intimate setting and a great atmosphere for people to get to know one another and discuss their research in depth. I was able to get to know new people from fields I am not familiar with and learned a great deal from them. I also had opportunities to meet a few people who have been working on similar topics as myself. The exchanges with them were also very beneficial and generated quite a few new ideas.

Hong Liu Professor
Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The excellent facilities at BIRS, the inspiring surroundings and the capable organization of this workshop have yet again made my visit to Banff a scientifically productive time filled with enriching presentations by and discussion with other participants.

Julian Sonner Professor
DPT, University of Geneva
Feb 21 - Feb 26, 2016

I found this to be a very useful workshop, with a well-chosen list of speakers. For me, it was a good chance to re-connect with some of the topological side of 4-manifolds, which always informs my work but hasn't always been front-burner for me. I also appreciated that the organizers invited 3 of my collaborators, which helped me make serious progress on 3 distinct projects.

Daniel Ruberman Mathematics, Brandeis University
Feb 14 - Feb 19, 2016

The workshop brought together a perfect group from across Europe and North America, and took my understanding of a current project to a new level. Since no fewer than three of my current collaborators were also present, the benefits were redoubled! The informal and unpressured environment and the spectacular location lifted the week far beyond the mundane.

John Greenlees Professor
Mathematics and Statistics, University of Sheffield

I must say that the BIRS conference on EDAG did positively and substantially inspire me. This is precisely the kind of activity which I think is helpful to a mathematical field. I am thankful to BIRS for their flexibility in organizing such events on cutting edge fields which may not yet be established enough to have specialized meetings elsewhere. Thank you!

Igor Kriz Mathematics, University of Michigan

The workshop was fantastic, just right number of people with just similar interests to create a very stimulating meeting. I enjoyed it very much.

Douglas Ravenel University of Rochester
Feb 07 - Feb 12, 2016

Everyone greatly appreciated the fantastic facilities and excellent staff on the ground at BIRS. It was a pleasure to organise a conference with such wonderful resources and support.

Michael Lau Mathématiques et statistique, Université Laval

I would like to use this opportunity to thank you and the organizers of the Vertex Algebras and Quantum Groups workshop. I found the program exciting, the talks well-prepared, the opportunity to discuss research very rich. I returned to Los Angeles refreshed and full of ideas.

Fyodor Malikov mathematics, University of Southern California
Jan 31 - Feb 05, 2016

One of the best workshops I ever attended in the past 5 years.

Linglong Kong Math & Stat, University of Alberta

The program was fantastic and the location was outstanding. Thanks for supporting such meetings.

Vikas Singh University of Wisconsin-Madson
Jan 24 - Jan 29, 2016

The workshop was a great opportunity to interact with people from the quantum chemistry community. A joint interdisciplinary paper was advanced significantly on the occasion, and will son be finished.

Volker Betz Mathematik, TU Darmstadt

The participation in the BIRS workshop has big impact in my current research. Fresh insight and new challenges, new ideas and new collaborations, especially interdisciplinary ones arise. It was the best workshop I visited during last years. I would be very happy to participate to a future one!

Vasile Catrinel Gradinaru Dr
Mathematics, ETH Zurich

I really enjoyed participating in this workshop, with high-level talks and long times for discussions. I have learnt a lot of interesting things. I have met people that I didn't know in person, and this will probably stimulate new collaborations. The Banff Center environment is also a very pleasant place.

Arnaud Leclerc Laboratoire SRSMC UMR CNRS 7565, Université de Lorraine
Jan 17 - Jan 22, 2016

The workshop was excellent and very useful to activate contacts and collaborations I wouldn't have had otherwise. I had the opportunity to discuss with different researchers working in my area of expertise and came back home with several new ideas and prospectives for future research. I also got important feedback on my most recent research and the environment and infrastructure were optimal.

Maria Lopez Fernandez Mathematics, University of Rome 1
Jan 10 - Jan 15, 2016

My thanks for a week with a wonderful group of writers, poets, playwrights, biographers, mathematicians, and scientists; our discussions suggested multiple ways of approaching our writing tasks, the work we heard was at a very high level, and my own poetry manuscript benefitted greatly from comments both general and specific. A big thank you to the organizers and participants, and to BIRS for its sponsorship.

Robin Chapman Professor emeritus
Waisman Center & Dept. of Communicative Disorders, University of Wisconsin
Jan 10 - Jan 15, 2016

The Early Career Investigators Meeting on Quantitative Problems in Human Genetics and Health was incredibly useful. It allowed us to have detailed discussions on problems and opportunities at the edge of current research in genetics and genomics. The opportunity to discuss these issues in depth with a group of world-renowned experts is incredibly rare for junior investigators. In particular I found the meeting spurred interaction and understanding between people working in genetics and functional genomics, disciplines which have much to learn from each other but unfortunately less cross-talk than there should be. Upon returning home I already started a collaboration with one of the other participants that arose from our discussions there. Thank you for providing this crucial opportunity.

Michael Hoffman Scientist/Assistant Professor
Princess Margaret Cancer Centre/University of Toronto

This was absolutely THE BEST conference I have ever attended. I believe that was a sentiment shared by many other attendees. Having a venue to assemble like minded scientists at the same career stage really allowed us to freely exchange ideas about the state of quantitative human genetics research. In fact, it was such a productive week that we are anxious to do this again.

Jimmie Ye UCSF
Dec 06 - Dec 11, 2015

The workshop focused on contemporary and important topics in the field of computational neuroscience, with a focus on sensory coding. There were many wonderful speakers and the interactions (formal and informal) were well worth the trip.

Cheng Ly Assistant Professor
Statistical Sciences and Operations Research, Virginia Commonwealth University

The workshop was inspiring. I flew home with my head full of new ideas.

Jochen Triesch Neuroscience, Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies
Nov 29 - Dec 04, 2015

As a researcher in the area of approximation algorithms, but a non-expert in parameterized complexity, this workshop was a real eye-opener for me. It allowed me to seriously contemplate for the first time the goals, achievements and open problems people look into in parameterized complexity. On a more technical note, I came out with the impression that approximation algorithms are a very new direction in parameterized complexity. Given its explosion as an algorithmic field for the past two decades, it seems to me that it is also going to be a huge area in parameterized complexity as well, and an area that I and my students would definitely like to explore in our research. Also, I would like to thank the organizers for arranging for some extremely interesting talks in approximation algorithms (not directly parameterized complexity-related), which is my core research interest, and for organizing such a high-level, fruitful, and intellectually stimulating workshop, and for bringing together so many members of the community.

George Karakostas Computing & Software, McMaster University

The workshop brought together researchers in two related fields, enabling me not only to learn more about the other area in the talks, but also to make new contacts (and renew old ones) that I wouldn't have had otherwise. Although it is too early to tell, there are several new potential collaborations originating from discussions that took place during the workshop.

Naomi Nishimura Associate Professor
David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science, University of Waterloo

I think this was an excellent workshop. FPT+approximation is still a not-so-well-established area and it was nice to have a group of high-calibre researchers in both areas. With the knowledge I learnt during the workshop, I have started to work on FPT-approximation with one of my graduate students.

Binhai Zhu Computer Science Department, Montana State University
Nov 22 - Nov 27, 2015

BIRS was the perfect venue for the inaugural International Mathematics Outreach Meeting. Delegates came from all over the world to work in beautiful surrounds, and a great deal was achieved. Thank you.

Janine McIntosh Schools Program Manager, Choose Maths Program Director
Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute
Nov 15 - Nov 20, 2015

I find that this workshop will have great impact on the research of all the participants. I believe that all of us will take benefit of the direct exchange with colleagues that work in the same area o closely related fields. It was a great opportunity to have an idea of the current state of our area. New trends and results were shown during the workshop. Besides, I had the possibility of generating some possible new collaborations during BIRS workshop. It was a great experience!

Ana Bianco Instituto de Calculo, Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires

The workshop was one of the best meetings I attended in the last years - both from the contents and from the environment.

Peter Filzmoser Vienna University of Technology

The workshop has been useful to know new colleagues and to identify new and interesting research fields.

Luis Angel Garcia-Escudero Dpto. Estadística e I.O., Universidad de Valladolid

This is the third time I visit BIRS, and once more my visit was a very pleasant and productive experience. The small number of participants made it easier to interchange ideas and criticisms. In all, I found the meeting very stimulating.

Ricardo Maronna Prof.
Mathematics, University of La Plata
Nov 08 - Nov 13, 2015

This workshop proportioned to me the possibility to meet colleagues from different areas as Ramsey theory, topological dynamics and model theory. This is what I liked the most. The talks were in general very good, and well prepared. This is a sign, I think, of the interest the participants had. There were several open problems sessions, each one of them full of problems and possible projects. Some of my collaborators, postdocs, had the opportunity of meeting senior colleagues, and as a result of this, if I am not mistaken, they have got offers for short post-doctoral visits.

Jordi Lopez-Abad Instituto de Ciencias Matemáticas. CSIC

The meeting certainly did stimulate thought by making connections in a number of different ways. Potential post-doctoral scholars got a chance to meet us and explore work. Our graduate student was able to meet some of the leaders in CSP's and get a better sense of where his work fits in, and everyone left with potential new collaborations. A special number of Contributions to Discrete Mathematics, the journal for which I am managing editor, is being organized (Largely by Lionel and Claude), with a deadline of next July for submissions. Submissions will be refereed. And Lionel is working on a set of problems that came up during the meeting. All in all, I would think the meeting exemplified how the workshop structure of BIRS facilitates bringing researchers who were not in the exactly the same area together on interesting projects. One colleague commented to me that it was very good to have a number of young people giving cutting edge results, rather than a meeting dominated by the established old guard.

Robert Woodrow Mathematics and Statistics, University of Calgary
Nov 01 - Nov 06, 2015

For someone who loves mathematics and mountains deeply, BIRS is hard to beat. The high mountains are reminders that our scientific searches aim at both depth and highness, something very personal and at the same time communal. You chip away in solitude, but you walk up mountains with a group of friends. Our group participants represent four different angles of approach to geometric evolution equations related to integrable systems; we had not previously interacted as a group, so we used the time to discuss several problems and converge on a couple which look promising for longer term collaboration. On my end, I am now looking at three interrelated approaches to a question I have been interested in for some time. I found the structure of the workshop particularly useful and unlike most I have attended: few plenaries describing broadly the aim and research area of each group, and most emphasis on group interaction, discussion, and brainstorming. The rest was fresh air and glorious views. It was a bit hard to leave.

Annalisa Callini Mathematics, College of Charleston

The participation in the workshop will have a big impact on my research by creating new collaborations and networks. In particular, I hope that our preliminary work at BIRS will result in an interesting paper in the near future. The general talks were very inspiring and provided an overview of current research active areas in Differential Geometry. The workshop was very well organised and BIRS provides a very supportive environment - thanks!

Katrin Leschke Dr
Mathematics, University of Leicester

The workshop was excellent, and the small working groups offered a great opportunity to learn about material related to ---but not exactly in--- my area of research. In a different setting, I wouldn't have had an excuse to sit down and learn from the experts, but I hope that we've now found some interesting questions to explore collaboratively.

Joan Licata Lecturer
Mathematical Sciences Institute, Australian National University

This was a wonderful meeting. I felt very privileged to be in such beautiful place working in interesting problems. I was the leader of the group and I felt that I and other members benefitted very much from meeting researchers in areas that were very close but not immediately connected. We all brought up different points of view and we are now sharing a dropbox and working on a common problem. I hope those who felt isolated (and some did) are not any longer. We will have to wait and see where this leads us. Thank you!

Gloria Mari-Beffa Mathematics, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Banff is my favorite place for conference. Lodging, meal are great, and at a great place. This conference is especially great that I met many people I don't know before and we formed some projects and working on it afterwards.

Guofang Wei Mathematics, University of California at Santa Barbara
Oct 25 - Oct 30, 2015

It was a wonderful experience, in all professional aspects. I became aware of new findings and trends in my research area, discussed them with the finest scientists all over the world, everything in a gorgeous place with superb facilities. It was indeed a remarkable experience.

Paulo de Souza Mendes PUC-Rio Brazil

My experience at the BIRS workshop impacted my research and my research projects. I had the opportunity to confront with experts from all over the world and discuss problems related to the topics I am working on.

Lorenzo Fusi Mathematics and Informatics, University of Florence

Wonderful and rich experience.

Ioan Ionescu Professor
LSPM, Universite Paris 13

Thank you very much for the hospitality. The workshop was very interesting and stimulating. Moreover the Banff Center is amazing!!!

Andrea Vacca Second University of Naples

The meeting gathered together pretty much all of the world leaders in the field of viscoplastic fluids and as well as providing a state-of-the-art progress report on the latest developments in the field, allowed time in the afternoons for "free form" unstructured discussions about promising research directions and open problems. In summary, it was an outstanding meeting in an excellent location with impeccable organisation and (as usual) wonderful food! What more could you ask from a scientific meeting?

Stephen Wilson Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Strathclyde
Oct 18 - Oct 23, 2015

Small in size but big in quality. A great place to work and gather, truly inspiring.

Olivier Ali Dr.
Biophysics, ENS Lyon

The workshop organized by Anja Geitmann and KC Huang was extraordinary. My work extends into most of the topic matter that was presented and I have a completely new conception and direction for my work. I thought the organizers did a particularly good job selecting individuals and sub-topics for the group to work with over the 4+ days. I think the staff at the BIRS facility for creating an excellent environment for this form of scientific workshop.

Sid Shaw Associate Professor
Biology, Indiana University
Oct 11 - Oct 16, 2015

Participating in the BIRS workshop allowed me to establish new scientific connections with renowned researchers in my field and to strengthen existing ones. It was a stimulating week, and I enjoyed having the time to discuss mathematics with other participants in groups.

Elisa Gorla Professor
Mathematics, University of Neuchatel

I enjoyed the workshop, the discussions with everyone present and in the most wonderful of environs.

Vijay Subramanian Associate Professor
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Oct 04 - Oct 09, 2015

I must acknowledge that this was one of the most interesting workshops I participated since several years. I attended all by one talks (this is quite unusual for me… in general I skip around one fourth of the talks: I don't like to sit in the lecture hall and to do something else than listening to the speaker), and most of them were very interesting. I learned a lot and I would like to study more closely several topics… the problem will be to find time… Once again, I could noticed that organization in BIRS is simply perfect.

Yann Bugeaud Mathematiques, Université de Strasbourg

This workshop was like a gust of fresh air to my research program. I left BIRS with several ideas and new research directions that I would like to pursue in the short term. It was perfect because I am on sabbatical and I have the time to devote to these projects.

Matilde Lalin Departement de mathematiques et de statistique, Université de Montrèal

I completely enjoyed this conference, which was the third one I attended at BIRS. I must admit that BIRS is a premier conference facility in the world where everything is very well thought through and organized. In fact, I appreciated all features and convenience of your center even more as an organizer. Since all logistical matters were already taken care of by BIRS staff, we could completely concentrate on the scientific side of the conference. The whole workshop went very smoothly, and we had a number of excellent exchanges by ideas and problems. I personally already have several follow up communications with participants, one of which will clearly result into a paper on a problem of Schur about square means of algebraic integers and related questions. We have also discussed a number of projects under development, and started new ones. Thank you very much for hosting our workshop, and for all support!

Igor Pritsker Mathematics, Oklahoma State University
Sep 27 - Oct 02, 2015

We had a great workshop in a fabulous place! Some new collaborative work has already started for me based on discussions at that workshop. Many thanks to the organizers Christiane, Ian, and Henryk. And thanks long life to BIRS!

Pierre L'Ecuyer Computer Science and Operations Research, Universite de Montreal

Thank you for the invitation to this great workshop. Everything was excellent. Of course I liked the whole atmosphere and some very interesting and intense discussions.

Erich Novak Prof.
Mathematisches Institut, Friedrich Schiller Universität Jena

The meeting was absolutely crucial in discussing, in person, a new idea to exploit recently sparsity results in improved error bounds for higher order Quasi Monte Carlo methods for infinite-dimensional integration. The setting and the infrastructure were superb; I regret not having had more time to spend there.

Christoph Schwab Mathematics, ETHZ
Sep 25 - Sep 27, 2015

The workshop gave me an excellent sense of important directions in which Canadian and international research in the statistical sciences is moving.

Hugh Chipman Professor
Mathematics and Statistics, Acadia University

Fantastic site, fantastic venue for a workshop! The CANSSI retreat was very productive. I'm sure that, when we look back 5 years from now, we will agree that the time spent here had a major impact on CANSSI's development.

Alexandre Leblanc Statistics, University of Manitoba

As always, a wonderfully refreshing place to spend a few days. The location is beyond inspiring. And once again I was amazed at the number of busy leaders willing to make the long journey to provide their guidance and advice. It's all about the location!

Nancy Reid Statistical Sciences, University of Toronto

Thanks also from me to Nancy, John and Mary for organizing this event, and BIRS for hosting it. The facilities are BIRS are great in every respect! Hope to be back again soon (next June to be precise). Best, Richard Smith (Director of SAMSI and Chair of the CANSSI Governing Board).

Richard Smith University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Sep 20 - Sep 25, 2015

I had only a short stay in the workshop but I have met and made connections with new colleagues and gained new insights to my field.

Yong Chen Physics and ECE, Purdue University

Participation in this BIRS workshop impacted my current research a lot in the sense that it brings in the most exciting progress in the field I work on and provides fresh insight into my research. I made friends with many other researchers, generated new ideas and developed a new research project during the workshop.

Yuan-Ming Lu Professor
Physics, Ohio State University
Sep 13 - Sep 18, 2015

This was a great conference, with excellent participants, excellent talks. Important hot topics were discussed during the talks, as well as the informal discussions. It was very useful for my own research projects. First of all, the feedback during and after my talk, and some more in depth discussions later with some of the participants. I did establish some new contacts. I also think that this was very positive for a postdoc of mine who attended the conference. I do think that it can positively influence her job prospects.

Eva Bayer-Fluckiger MATHGEOM CSAG, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne

It is my great pleasure to tell you that as usual, I enjoyed my staying at BIRS very much. During the workshop I started a new project with my old coauthor Alexander Merkurjev related to the norm principle. We had a lot of discussions on this topic and hopefully it will lead us to proving the norm principle in full generality.

Vladimir Chernousov Math. Sciences, University of Alberta
Sep 06 - Sep 11, 2015

This conference attracted many famous specialists (some of them are first to meet for me) and outstanding colleagues, like ICM 45's invited speakers: Etingof, Andruskiewtsch, etc. Many talks were full of asking questions and making comments by audiences (Etingof was one of the most active), the researching atmosphere was quit active and excited and stimulated. During the conference I had many chances to talk with old freinds: Heckenberger, Andruskiewitsch, Majid, James, etc.; some people I seldom see, and some new colleagues, whose work I was familiar with, especially I met and talked with some new friends whose research interests are close to mine. This is quite nice. Some hot topics CFT, QFT, fusion categories, classification problems have lots of overlaps or interactions with representation theory of Hopf algebras, quantum groups and tensor categories. All of these actually satisfy my recent years' research interests. Actually I find that this is the exact group for my research field. In the coming years I have been invited to attend a couple of international conference organized by Andruskiewitsch in Argentina in Feb. of 2016, and a workshop organized by Anduskiewitsch, Heckenberger, Schneider and so on in Obwalfahr 2017,... It was exciting that this conference arranged round tables, in which, seniors together with juniors could discuss their research concerns with some open questions, etc. Luckily, in the last round table chaired by Andruskiewitsch, I got the last 20 minutes to talk as the last one of the freedom speakers and proposed two open questions. I like such an active workshop and like to get into familiar with many colleagues who this time hadn't talked too much. Please convey my regards and thanks to the organization committee... Hopefully I'll get more chances to attend the related conferences or workshops they will organize.

Naihong Hu Department of Mathematics, East China Normal University

The stay at BIRS was wonderful: I received the latest research ideas, and enjoyed the beautiful view.

Di-Ming Lu Mathematics, Zhejiang University

The workshop provided a forum for mathematicians in various stages of their career to interact and to learn from each other. I have learned a lot from the speakers as the participants of the workshop.

Siu-Hung Ng Mathematics, Louisiana State University

The workshop is very good. I have some new research project. And I have contacts with research. Thanks for organizers and workers in Banff Center.

Yanhua Wang School of mathematics, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
Aug 30 - Sep 04, 2015

The BIRS workshop was very stimulating and of high quality, as usual. The environment is perfect for doing research and collaborate with colleagues. New collaborations or papers may originate from the workshop.

Xavier Cabre Matematica Aplicada 1, ICREA and Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya

The kindness offered to us by all the personal is very much appreciated and the good atmosphere that the center inspires is excellent. This time I had the opportunity of meeting many colleagues that I knew about their existence and work but I had never met personally before. I have learnt a lot in the field of elliptic equations in which I have worked only a little so far, as most part of my research in PDEs (either deterministic or stochastic) dealt with parabolic equations. For sure I am very grateful to Michel and Itai for having invited me to this workshop. I can only express now my gratitude for all the great work that BIRS is doing and that I am sure will keep doing in future.

Tomas Caraballo Ecuaciones Diferenciales y An. Num., Universidad de Sevilla

Excellent hospitality, and great work conditions.

Petru Mironescu Institut Camille Jordan, Universite Claude-Bernard (Lyon I)
Aug 23 - Aug 28, 2015

The talks were very good. I learned of several significant advances at the workshop. The cozy atmosphere in BIRS lounge was very stimulating.

Boris Bukh Mathematical Sciences, Carnegie Mellon University

The conference was a gathering of excellent mathematicians. Some talks were about outstanding results. It also was a very creative environment. It looks that we made some steps in our research project with my co-authors.

Alexandr Kostochka Mathematics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

This conference is run at the highest possible level. The surrounding and the organization at BIRS are impeccable. Congratulation for a job done perfectly.

Nathan Linial School of Computer Science and Engineering, Hebrew University

It was great to learn first-hand of some recent advances and break-throughs in extremal combinatorics. Also, I learned some new methods that may be useful in my research.

Oleg Pikhurko Mathematics, University of Warwick

I think the workshop was extremely useful for my current research. There was many very interesting result presented, large number of which I did not know before. I learn from the presentations some powerful new techniques and exciting problems. Also during the workshop I talked a lot with my collaborators D. Conlon and J. Fox and we made a good progress on our ongoing project on quasi-randomness properties of graphs

Benny Sudakov Department of Mathematics, ETH
Aug 16 - Aug 21, 2015

I found the workshop beneficial in several ways. Talks that were given at the workshop let me know about several research directions, and brought me up to date on directions I had been aware of. The problem session led to new ideas about open problems that would be good to think about. During the meeting I had the opportunity to resume research discussions with colleagues with whom I had discussed certain specific problems in the past. I also met mathematicians I had not met before (especially postdocs and grad students), and at least one discussion with one of them opened up a new possible research direction.

David Harbater Professor
Mathematics, University of Pennsylvania
Aug 14 - Aug 16, 2015

I thought this was a really good meeting. I liked the weekend format with a smaller group. I think videoing each of the lectures is brilliant! That will make for a lasting resource. The new building is very comfortable for this event. As always, I enjoy staying the Banff Center.

Sara Billey Department of Mathematics, University of Washington

The meeting was indeed very helpful for me to attend. I learned useful things from the talks, but most notably I found one of the open questions that Lou Billera mentioned in the problem session very interesting, a question of understanding some rather fundamental looking symmetric functions that have arisen in his work. Both Lou and I were still in Banff all of Sunday afternoon, and we both took the same shuttle back to Calgary on Sunday evening, and this allowed us to spend several hours on Sunday afternoon and evening working together on his question, and we seem to have made substantial headway. We are continuing to email each other about his question and hope this will develop into a joint project. I also had quite helpful discussions with Sami Assaf and Vic Reiner, but definitely this possible project with Billera was the most valuable outcome of the meeting for me.

Patricia Hersh mathematics, North Carolina State University
Aug 09 - Aug 14, 2015

This conference was an all around strong and positive experience. The open afternoons gave time for informal discussions on topics whose relevance emerged earlier in the week, and a couple days of some intense hikes with colleges. Also, the workshop brought together many different aspects of the subject, which brought forth some insights that I, for one, will pursue in works to come.

David Ayala Mathematics, Montana State University

The workshop provided an ideal mix of junior and senior mathematicians from around the world. Further, the format (and beautiful location) allowed me to spend a lot of time working with collaborators, discussing with graduate students about their exciting new projects, and meeting new people with which to organize future activities.

Ryan Grady Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematical Sciences, Montana State University
Aug 02 - Aug 07, 2015

This was the best meeting I’ve ever attended. The organizers did a fantastic job arranging the meeting. The facilities at the Banff Centre were absolutely superb. I hope to attend again!

Christopher Brown Genetics, University of Pennsylvania

I honestly wish every conference/workshop I attended was like BIRS. With 40 people it becomes more socially awkward not to talk to someone, rather than to talk to them.

David Knowles Stanford University

I thought it was great. Lots of cutting edge science and the informal forum established a great atmosphere for sharing thoughts.

Michael Snyder Professor and Chair
School of Medicine, Stanford University
Jul 26 - Jul 31, 2015

I found the workshop very inspiring, and started discussion with participants that I hope will lead to an improvement of a former work of mine.

David Gerard-Varet Université Denis Diderot Paris 7

It was a great workshop and I enjoyed my time in Banff immensely. Thank for running such a fabulous center for mathematical activities.

Fraydon Rezakhanlou mathematics, University of California Berkeley
Jul 24 - Jul 26, 2015

It was very important to directly know two of the other organizers I had not met before: Vasile Palade and Randy Goebel. Their talk but also their side comments out of the formal schedule were essential for the prosecution of a common goal. A nice surprise was given by Mirko Cesarini, a fellow-countryman I didn't know before, who gave us a completely new insight on data, data cleansing, data mining. The reactions to my talk were also stimulating. Thank you very much for this opportunity.

Massimo Ferri Prof.
Mathematics, University of Bologna
Jul 12 - Jul 17, 2015

With these facilities and in these surroundings, it would be hard *not* to have new research ideas.

Patrick Fowler Prof
Chemistry, University of Sheffield, England

My visit to BIRS was very enjoyable, but most significantly, a few conversations I had there completely opened the floodgates in my research. Sometimes one works hard at a problem with little real progress, but since BIRS, the new results have been pouring in every day. It was the Combinatorial and Geometric Rigidity Workshop, and it was few off-the-cuff comments from Walter Whiteley, one of the organisers, that unblocked everything. I have been working in my field for thirty years, and frankly I thought I pretty much knew all that was necessary to know. But in the few weeks since Banff, every day has been a surprise. It's is as if everything I know about my subject has been thrown in the air and is now being reassembled in a totally new way.

Allan McRobie Engineering, Cambridge University

The workshop allowed many fruitful exchanges beyond presenting one's own work and hearing of advances made by others. I enjoyed discussions with new young researchers, who I had not met before, and I enjoyed gaining insights from experts on work that relates to my current interests. Certainly I have made new contacts that I would not have otherwise made. I was also able to discuss ongoing joint work with my collaborators and explore tentative inward visits to my home institution.

Stephen Power Professor
Mathematics and Statistics, University of Lancaster
Jul 05 - Jul 10, 2015

The environment was inspiring and I made some progress with a problem I am working on. I had some discussions with other attendees which increased my understanding of my research area (Quantum Shannon Theory). I also found out about some possible job opportunities.

William Matthews Research Associate
DAMTP, University of Cambridge

I had a very pleasant workshop week with lots of inspiring talks.

Christian Schaffner Dr.
Institute for Logic, Language & Computation (ILLC), University of Amsterdam and CWI Amsterdam

The Beyond IID workshop in Banff was great to enhance my research. I formed new contacts and have new research projects under way related to the theme of the workshop. I expect these to lead to new research papers eventually.

Mark M. Wilde Assistant Professor of Physics
Physics and Astronomy, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge

I enjoyed myself immensely at this workshop, which perhaps is not the most appropriate thing to say for an event of which I was one of the principal organizers, but everything went so smooth, the staff were so helpful, that it seemed almost effortless to arrange the scientific programme and organize the speakers. I would do it again, anytime!

Andreas Winter Prof
Physics, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
Jun 21 - Jun 26, 2015

The workshop was really great and productive for me. I got the chance to speak with very good mathematicians in my research area and to develop some new ideas. In particular, I had the occasion to speak with Yuval Peres about the Poisson boundaries of lamplighter random walks on oriented trees, and this may result in a potential collaboration and an eventual research visit to Microsoft Research in Spring 2016. Needless to say that Banff is a wonderful place for research and for vacation. I am looking forward to the next meeting of this type in Banff. The organizers did a really good job in organizing this meeting!

Ecaterina Sava-Huss Posdoctoral researcher
Department of Mathematics, Cornell University
Jun 14 - Jun 19, 2015

This workshop was an excellent focused week on Hybrid Imaging, putting together practioners and theoreticians of the field for their mutual benefit, and certainly mine. The talks were of excellent quality. I heard for the first time talks from leading actors that I had read before but never interacted with (Mark Anastasios and Alex Oraevsky in particular). The topic is by essence multidisciplinary and transversal to various areas of mathematics, from signal processing to PDE via harmonic analysis and numerical analysis. No mathematician can master an expert knowledge of all the fields involved, and it was crucial to hear direct from leading experts in each field about the state of the art in the various areas involved.

Yves Capdeboscq Prof
Mathematical Institute, University Of Oxford

I found the workshop exceptionally interesting and useful. Based on results I learned at the meeting and on results that I presented, I started a new collaboration with one of the participants, Gen Nakamura, and may have two other collaborations with two other participants. The venue for interaction is excellent. I particularly note the ability of participants to eat (delicious food) together and discuss the days presented results as well as get to know one another better. The environment is beautiful and through outside activities encourages even more discussion.

Joyce McLaughlin Mathematical Sciences, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

The preparation for my talk and giving the talk gave me a good opportunity to clarify and locate my research. By discussing with one of my collaborators, I found a new problem. Also, it was really by a chance from a someone's talk that I got an idea to start my new research which excites me a lot. So, this workshop was a very useful and important workshop for me.

Gen Nakamura Professor
Mathematics, Inha University

BIRS' workshop was very interesting and productive in terms of establishing future collaboration projects between developers of the optoacoustic imaging technology and mathematicians, who provide new algorithmic approaches.

Alexander Oraevsky R&D, TomoWave Laboratories
Jun 07 - Jun 12, 2015

This was an outstanding meeting that brought together two distinct groups of researchers studying RNA binding protein structure and function: structural biologists generating structural and dynamical models at atomic resolution and genomics experts creating detailed analyses of the locations of binding and function of RNA binding proteins across the genome and transcriptome. These two groups had much to share with each other and my view of this field and where our work might fit in was transformed by the experience. And the venue is truly inspiring as well!

Manny Ares Professor
Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology, University of California, Santa Cruz

This definitively was a great meeting that benefited my research. I set up at least two collaborations and promoted my work, in addition to many new connections that I have established.

Jernej Murn Department of Cell Biology, Boston Children's Hospital / Harvard Medical School

This has been one of the best meetings I have been to, and a very good reminder of why I love doing science. The talks were excellent. Further, the focused format of the meeting, the excellent selection of the speakers and program design have contributed to create the right climate for a friendly but very in-depth discussion, with many ideas flying around. This has been a great meeting for me and I take much home.

Andres Ramos Structural and Molecular Biology, University College London

This was one of the best meetings I have ever attended. It is an excellent idea bringing together researchers from different methods and communities that do normally not meet in a small focussed workshop. The talks were excellent, with ample time for discussions that were stimulating and inspiring.

Michael Sattler Helmholtz Zentrum München/ TU München
May 31 - Jun 05, 2015

I was very pleased to participate in this workshop in honor of the 60th birthday of Peter Glynn. I supervised Peter's undergraduate research thesis at Carleton in 1977-78 and have followed his career since then with great interest. The workshop was excellent. It was a good opportunity to meet with old friends Tom Kurtz and Onno Boxma and to have stimulating discussions with the other participants. Highlights of the workshop were the brilliant talks given by several of Peter's former Ph.D. students at Stanford and a stimulating problem session. Al-in-all it was one of the most enjoyable workshops that I have participated in. As usual the Banff setting was spectacular.

Donald Dawson School of Mathematics and Statistics, Carleton University

I have had a number of very interesting scientific conversations with colleagues. There are prospectives for two new collaborations. One joint paper was initially started earlier, but we got fresh ideas during the workshop that allows to finish the paper soon. I talked about job prospectives with two younger colleagues. There were several discussions on problems and prospectives of several journals in the area of applied probability and stochastic networks.

Sergey Foss Professor of Applied Probability
School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences, Heriot-Watt University

Mathematically, I was a bit of an outsider at this workshop, but it exposed me to a new area of research, and through meeting new people it is very likely to lead to new collaborations. Also, I raised an Open Problem on the first morning, and by Friday morning Jose Blanchet had come up with a solution, which was very impressive. Doing all of this in the middle of stunning scenery was a bonus!

Mike Giles Prof.
Mathematical Institute, Oxford University

From my own perspective, the workshop has helped me by: creating a new research collaboration with Prof Jim Dai; a participant solving an open problem I posed informally; helping me understand a number of recent important developments in our field (multilevel Monte Carlo, and perfect simulation variants thereof); exposing me to a range of open problems in the applied probability sphere. My thanks for the wonderful hospitality and organization at BIRS.

Shane Henderson School of Operations Research and Information Engineering, Cornell University

The BIRS workshop provided me with a great opportunity to establish new contacts in academia. As a junior scholar, I find the experience rewarding in that my current research results were disseminated to several renowned scholars in our research community and received positive feedbacks. Hopefully this would turn to more fruitful research agenda in the future.

Xiaowei Zhang Assistant Professor
Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
May 24 - May 29, 2015

This was truly a fantastic workshop. It brought together a group of mathematicians and physicists to discuss a very timely topic: six-dimensional superconformal field theories and their compactifications. The participants were all eager to learn from each other, and also patient enough to listen.

Tudor Dimofte Long-term member
School of Natural Sciences, Institute for Advanced Study

This was the best Physics / Math conference I remember - thanks to the organisers. BIRS is a fantastic place, excellently organised. Thank you very much!

Alexander Goncharov Mathematics, Yale University

This was the best Physics / Math conference I remember - thanks to the organisers. BIRS is a fantastic place, excellently organised. Thank you very much!

Alexander Goncharov Mathematics, Yale University

This was a fruitful conference. It makes a good connection between physicists and mathematicians. Many of talks are inspiring, and I had deep discussions with other participants. In particular, it was extremely nice for me to give my recent on-going research, and get many feedback from audiences.

Hiraku Nakajima Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto University

I've not been to anything this mindblowing for a long time. It really feels good to hear the best people report back from the cutting edge.

Paul Seidel Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
May 17 - May 22, 2015

During my scientific life I participated in about a hundred different workshops, seminars, meetings and symposiums. This was the best. Can you imagine? Nobody missed a single talk. The atmosphere and environment were ideal for work and pleasure.

Naum Gershenzon Wright State University

The BIRS setting of a quiet retreat with communal meals proved a great opportunity to get to know the leaders in the field. I was able to speak informally to many researchers whom I had previously known only through their published works. It seems likely that Gennagy El and I will begin a new collaboration precisely on the topic of the conference.

Edward Johnson Professor of Applied Mathematics
Mathematics, University College London
May 10 - May 15, 2015

This was a very interesting meeting bringing together mathematics and astrophysics. Personally, I learned a lot about what is important in astrophysical applications.

Bojan Popov Mathematics, Texas A&M University
May 03 - May 08, 2015

This was the third BIRS workshop I participated in, and it is surprising how effective and influential it has been again. Some of the talks were very inspiring, and I had many discussions with other participants, which directly gave new ideas for ongoing and future research projects.

Tom De Medts Prof. Dr.
Department of Mathematics, Ghent University

It was an excellent conference. Apart from the interesting and useful talks, I had an almost uninterrupted sequence of interactions with various participants. I'll try to list a few of the significant ones. 1. Barbara Baumeister, Michael Giudici and I had several long meetings to re-start a research project aiming to complete the classification of finite primitive groups containing a regular subgroup. 2. Nick Gill gave a wonderful lecture on puzzle groups. There are four people working on the current aspects of this problem: Nick and I were able to update each other on recent developments as he had been working with Neil Gillespie in Bristol while I was working with Jason Semeraro in Perth. 3. I made some progress with Martin Liebeck on a huge project to classify factorisations G=AB of almost simple groups G with intersection A\cap B cyclic or dihedral. 4. A team of researchers in Perth (including Michael Giudici and I) have been working on the classification of vertex-primitive, arc-transitive quintic graphs. A case where we needed outside advice was dealing with the finite exceptional Lie type groups E_8(q). We needed to know if/when these had maximal subgroups A_5 or S_5, and in these cases to know the number of conjugacy classes and whether two conjugates intersected in a group of index 5. David Craven is the world expert on this and as a punch-line to his lecture during the conference he announced the answer to our question. He will produce a draft of the argument needed for the proof, and we are in contact with him to decide whether he wishes to have this as part of his larger project - or to join as an author on the graphs paper.

Cheryl Praeger School of Mathematics and Statistics (M019), The University of Western Australia

The workshop was wonderful, I had several conversations with Pierre-Emmanuel Caprace which may lead to new results on Moufang sets. I also had useful conversations with Tom De-Medts. Finally I had several interesting interactions with Laci Pyber which may have a continuation. In general it was very interesting to listen to the various talks.

Yoav Segev Professor
Mathematics, Ben Gurion University

This workshop was a very useful opportunity to interact with fellow collaborators on my research project (Lyons, Stroth, Parker, Capdeboscq, Köhl, Shpectorov), as well as to listen to many interesting talks not directly related to my current research.

Ronald Mark Solomon Department of Mathematics, The Ohio State University

Last week was one of the most productive weeks scientifically speaking which I have ever had at a meeting. Let me summarize my activities: 1. Tim Burness and I were able to work through corrections on a very long manuscript which will soon appear as an AMS Memoir; 2. Tim Burness and I worked on a joint research project, which has some overlap with a project of Chris Parker, Kay Magaard and David Craven, who were also at the meeting and so we were all three able to discuss our different methods and where the project stands; 3. Martin Liebeck and Gary Seitz and I have an on-going collaboration and we met to discuss the state of the project and make plans for our next week of work in June; 4. Kay Magaard and I also have a long-term project which we intend to take up again this autumn and we briefly discussed this; and 5. Gunter Malle and Radha kessar and I will be running a semester programme at the Bernoulli Center in Lausanne in 2016 and we needed some time together for discussing lists of participants and organization. I am sure all of these projects advanced because of the time i spent in Banff. In addition, the quality of the talks was excellent and as one expects, I was updated on the current trends in my field. Many thanks.

Donna Testerman Mathematics, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
Apr 26 - May 01, 2015

This workshop in BIRS has been a unique and inspiring experience. And I think it had both to do with the quality of the science discussed there and with the environment in which the discussions took place. The BIRS team really created a great atmosphere for work and thought. I really want to express you my gratitude for this wonderful week of exciting scientific exchanges.

Hugo Bellenger Department of Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere-Land Processes Research, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science & Technology

This is one of the best workshops I have attended over the last 25 years! It has the right balance and diversity of the expertise among the participants. The combination of presentations and breakout discussion groups allows for in-depth discussions on tropical convection and multiscale interaction, and how best to observe and predict them. I have established a few new collaborations with other participants on stochastic modeling, whom I won't have meet otherwise. The relaxing atmosphere at the Banff Center certainly contributed to the productive week we had. Thank you!

Shuyi Chen Professor
RSMAS, University of Miami

The workshop was a valuable experience for our research activities on the MJO. It provided opportunities to learn about the latest work going on internationally and to make contacts with new scientists.

Richard Johnson Atmospheric Science, Colorado State U.

I have now been to three BIRS workshops and every one of them has been a very rewarding experience both scientifically and personally. The Banff Centre itself is a very inspiring venue, and each workshop has been superbly organized by BIRS. The combination of excellent talks and the discussion sessions comprising the most recent workshop fulfilled their intent of breaking new ground, and I thank the organizers, Boualem Khouider, Andy Majda and Chidong Zhang for the opportunity to join in this highly productive meeting.

George Kiladis Physical Sciences Division, Earth System Research Laboratory, National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration

Participation in the BIRS workshop has substantial impact on my current research. We got fresh ideas and new insights from the group discussion of various working groups. I also got to know and came in contact with some experts in the field and their work which will be much helpful for my future research. There is significant possibility of new papers originating from the interactions that we have during the workshop. The workshop will indeed help me in better designing my research work and which in a way will help in my research career.

Parthasarathi Mukhopadhyay Indian Inst. Trop. Meteoro.

The workshop at BIRS was a great experience and a great time. The meeting was well organized with a combination of presentations, breakout discussion groups and some time off for informal discussions. I had the opportunity to learn about very significant recent work on my research topic and to have valuable discussions with field experts. This was a very productive week but felt like fun thanks to the relaxing atmosphere created by both the organizing team and the Banff center. Thank you for this opportunity.

Sulian Thual Courant Institute NYU

This is my third time participating in BIRS workshops and the second time helping organize them. Each time it was better than before. The worry-free accommodation, dinning service, and meeting facilities, plus the unbeatable ambience, make BIRS my most favorite meeting location. This time our workshop was designed to bring together people working on similar problems from different angles: observations, numerical modeling, and theories. Constant interactions in and out of the meeting rooms - in the dining hall and evening club, and on the hiking trails, through the week provided much more chances for the participants to know each other and to engage in deep conversations than at regular conferences where people run between parallel sessions. The workshop gave me ideas of how my current research should be improved and help me find potential new collaborators. I would not hesitate to participate in or help organize BIRS workshops in the future. And I highly recommend BIRS to anyone who has never had a chance to experience its wonderful conference facilities.

Chidong Zhang Professor
MPO, University of Miami
Apr 24 - Apr 26, 2015

The Ted Lewis Math Fair Conference presenters shared valuable information about their experiences in hosting a math fair with the students at their own schools. I am excited to use the puzzles and the tips that I have learned in planning and executing a math fair with my elementary students next year! It was especially helpful to see a breakdown of the months by one presenter and all that is necessary in order to pull it all together. Thank you! The Banff center is a beautiful campus in the middle of nature and only a short distance from downtown Banff. We were well taken care of and the food at the breakfast buffet was absolutely delicious!

Jaclyn Bedard Monsignor William Irwin Elementary, teacher Edmonton Catholic

Typically, the workshops at BIRS are concerned with mathematical research, so deep and specialized is the research that a mathematician who is not familiar with the area being investigated would be hard pressed to understand what was happening. The math fair workshops are quite different. A few of the attendees are research mathematicians, but many are K-12 teachers, and many have only had a few undergrad math courses. It would be unusual (even disastrous) for the mathematicians to present anything about their own research. The workshop is successful if it persuades K-12 teachers to incorporate math based puzzles and games into their teaching. The annual BIRS Math Fair workshop is a fantastic way for us to spread information about Math Fairs to grade-school teachers.

Sean Graves Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, University of Alberta

My work at the BIRS workshop has given me some new ideas and thoughts on how I might change and structure my work for the coming school year. It offered new insights and some great ideas for new projects. I haven't always loved math. It was a struggle for me when I was young, but I enjoy findings ways to challenge my students and to help find ways for them to fall in love with math. I've already done some work with my kids this year and it's been awesome to see them tackle some of the problems we talked about. I can't wait to roll out a whole year of thinking differently!

Sarah Simmons Teacher-Olympic Heights School, Calgary Board of Education
Apr 19 - Apr 24, 2015

It was a great WS; I learned a lot and had stimulating conversations with other researchers. I am happy to have attended. The organization was perfect and the Banff Centre is a great place.

Leopoldo Bertossi Prof,
Computer Science, Carleton University

I am quite familiar with Dagstuhl (having been organizer of several seminars there), and it was great to see its Canadian sister. It is interesting to see it embedded in more global center for Arts and Culture and in a National Park. The organizers did a great job, the seminar was inspiring as expected and new contacts were made. I was also intrigued by the infrastructure for recording.

Luc De Raedt Computer Science, KU Leuven

I was very pleased with this workshop, I am convinced it will have a huge impact on my research moving forward. The workshop fits well with my research directions.I was aware of the key works in the area, but I was happy to see the quality and breadth of recent research. That was invaluable. I learned some new ideas that I would like to take into my work.I was also very excited by the advances in terms of applications. I also had the opportunity to see how researchers are networking and how the community is evolving, including both strengths and weaknesses. I especially thank BIRS for supporting a relaxed atmosphere conductive to lively discussion.

Vitor Santos Costa Dep of Computer Science, Universidade do Porto
Apr 12 - Apr 17, 2015

It has been a great conference in a great place. At the conference some collaborators of mine were present so that we could make progress on ongoing projects, also I had the chance to meet new people from different countries it would have been difficult to meet otherwise and exchange with them new insights on our research. All of this has been very inspiring and fruitful for my research.

Andrea Mondino Dr.
Mathematics, ETH
Apr 10 - Apr 12, 2015

The sixth installment of the NWFAS series was an again an excellent opportunity for me (and others) to learn what's going on in functional analysis at other universities in Western Canada. But more importantly, it was a forum for junior researchers to present their work to a wider audience. One of my PhD students gave a presentation on his research that impressed me (and not only me) both in style and substance. That meeting certainly helped him.

Volker Runde Professor
Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, University of Alberta

The meeting was great and I have enjoyed all the talks, in particular, the talk on matrix pseudo-spectrum analysis. As a result, I am starting a collaboration with Michael Lamoureux on cyclic non-stationary frequency filtering. The conference organization was great.

Peter Zizler Mathematics, Physics and Engineering, Mount Royal College
Apr 05 - Apr 10, 2015

The program was quite helpful, especially on account of the eclectic nature of the talks. I did get one good idea and I made very good progress on a joint project with C. Pearcy. Overall, an excellent week.

Hari Bercovici Mathematics, Indiana University

Great conference! I definitely look forward to attending another one in this or an adjacent area of specialty.

Elias Katsoulis Mathematics, East Carolina University

The workshop was an outstanding opportunity to interact with the world's leading experts on the subject. My collaborator (Kelly Bickel) and I worked out the results for a new manuscript during the workshop. I took the chance to ask several authors first hand about their work. The talks were outstanding! I learned about several new results that will be of interest for my future research.

Constanze Liaw Assistant Professor
Mathematics, Baylor University

I first went to BIRS in 2011. It was a wonderful conference, and I have spent much of my time since then working on non-commutative function theory, which I learned about from Victor Vinnikov at BIRS. My second visit was last week. Another great experience, and I expect to spend a lot of time working on mathematics that I learned on this trip.

John McCarthy Mathematics, Washington University in Saint Louis
Mar 29 - Apr 03, 2015

The organization of the workshop was great. I would also like to thank the organizers once again. I found the workshop stimulating. There are three reasons for that. I got the opportunity to speak about my research and to get opinion about it from many experts in the close area. Since the area is not exactly the same, they helped me with a different insight, suggested me which points in my research are interesting from their viewpoint. I am grateful for that. Secondly, I learned new things during the lessons of the workshop, which give me now better insight. Some of them were close to my research and I can apply them in my current work. Others helped me to get a wider picture about current interests. I met many experts that are close to my area of research, got insight into their areas, talked to them, established new contacts. I heard that the problems I deal with are sometimes similar to the problems of others, which is encouraging for me and tells me that my research makes sense. As a young scientist (I defended my thesis just a year and a half ago), I find this very important and stimulating. I was happy to be given an opportunity and to have been well accepted. Workshops with small number of participants allow people to communicate. Therefore I am very grateful for the opportunity to come and participate.

Maja Resman University of Zagreb, Faculty of electrical engineering and computing
Mar 22 - Mar 27, 2015

I think it was a wonderful and very well organized workshop. I had the opportunity to start new collaborations. The conditions at Banff Center are amazing!

Pedro Antunes University of Lisbon

I enjoyed very much participating in the workshop "Laplacians and Heat Kernels: Theory and Applications". I liked the quality and diversity of the talks, and of course the opportunity to meet and interact with old and new colleagues. The facilities of BIRS and the Banff centre are extraordinary.

Rafael Benguria Physics, Pointificia Universidad Catolica de Chile

This was one of the most interesting conferences I have attended in years, and I believe it might bring some profound insights to my research. I was also able to make contacts with great people and seed new collaborations.

Michael Bronstein Prof
Faculty of Informatics, University of Lugano

This workshop led to several new collaborations, and taught me a large amount about new perspectives on heat kernels. And Banff is a pretty nice background to learn in as well.

Alexander Cloninger Applied Math, Yale University

I guess it is a little too early to say which aspects of my own research will get out of this workshop . I certainly enjoyed the workshop a lot, even though I am probably somewhat more of an insider. In particular, the part concerning the applications of analysis techniques for studying large dimensional data and getting concrete applications. In one instance, I got from a lecture a suggestion of a question that I could try to solve in the future.

Guy David Mathematiques, Universite Paris XI, France

This was an exciting week in an amazing place. All communications were excellent and of very high level, and the setting allowed for exchanges and interaction between the participants. BIRS is without any doubt one the best locations I know to hold such a meeting, the staff efficiency is outstanding. Overall, it was a highly productive, fruitful and stimulating experience.

Marcel Filoche Directeur de recherche CNRS
Physique de la Matière Condensée, Ecole Polytechnique; France

Always a pleasure to be at Banff. I heard for the first time the talks by Mayboroda, Filoche, David and Jerison on eigenfunction concentration, that was quite inspiring, I will probably give a survey lecture on this a few times in the next few months. I also started a new paper with Pedro Antunes from Lisboa at the conference, not sure how long it will take.

Dmitry Jakobson Mathematics and Statistics, McGill University

Great center, wonderful workshop, I wish I can visit more.

Rongjie Lai Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

It was indeed a successful workshop, and during the week another participant and I (Bartek Siudeja) proved a couple of interesting theorems. We will acknowledge the support from BIRS when we write up this research. Thank you for the work you do, keeping this magnificent institution running!

Richard Laugesen Mathematics, University of Illinois

I found last weeks workshop at BIRS very stimulating: the range of topics was quite broad, and the talks were on the whole of good quality. It also allowed me to work with some colleagues notably Antoine Henrot. However, I also had some interesting discussions with several other participants. The facilities at BIRS are first class, and the surrounding scenery spectacular. This was my second time at BIRS, the first visit was in 2004. I very much hope it wont be my last !

Michiel van den Berg Mathematics, University of Bristol
Mar 15 - Mar 20, 2015

The BIRS workshop was very stimulating for my research related to various hyperbolicity questions. I started a project with two of my regular collaborators and also started working with another workshop participant who I don't see very often at conferences.

Ljudmila Kamenova Dr.
Mathematics, Stony Brook University

First, I want to express my sincere appreciation to the organizers for such a wonderful workshop. My expectation of attending this workshop to learn the theory on the main theme of this workshop, that is, distribution of rational and holomorphic curves in algebraic varieties. Since there seems to be mysterious connection to what I have been focusing on lately. It turns out that the achievement of the workshop was beyond my expectation. The expertise of the speaker and organizers substantially raise my knowledge bar. My discussion with them was extremely fruitful and exciting. Hopefully, it will be new projects emerging in the end. Due to the importance of this subject and its unexpected connection to other subject of mathematics, I hope more activity and workshop on Nevenlina theory and Diophantine geometry will happen more often. Finally, I want to thank the organizers again for inviting me to this exciting workshop.

Xiaowei Wang Dr
math and computer sciences, rutgers university, newark
Mar 01 - Mar 06, 2015

The workshop had the optimum pace so that I could seriously appreciate each and every talk. The talks were also nicely bunched in broad themes. I got a very good understanding of the current state of the art in index coding, network coding, and various equivalence results in network information theory. The workshop has provided new impetus in our existing collaborations and has also lead to new collaboration on problems discussed during the workshop.

Bikash Kumar Dey Department of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

The BIRS workshop was an excellent opportunity to share problems and ideas in my field of study. One of the open problems I was studying was partially solved in an open problem session during the workshop. At least two new research directions were raised during the workshop (after my presentation) which will be subject to future research and collaborations.

Michael Langberg State University of New York at Buffalo

The BIRS workshop has provided me with new insights, allowed me to make new collaborations and new contacts. It successfully brought a group of people working in similar areas together, allowing us to exchange ideas and generate new insights.

This workshop was a great opportunity to examine the subtle differences between coding-theoretic and Shannon-theoretic approaches to modeling communication channels. I had a number of very helpful conversations and learned quite a bit about some new problems. In particular, I had some familiarity with index coding but the workshop really helped me dig in and understand these problems in a more holistic way. That kind of learning is nigh-impossible at our regular conferences -- this workshop was an ideal setting for this.

Anand Sarwate Assistant Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering, Rutgers University
Feb 27 - Mar 01, 2015

BIRS is such a gem to host guests from out of country. The two weekend conferences that I co-organized at BIRS (Unsolved K-12 and Integer Sequences K-12) have been the top two professional experiences of my life. How influential they will be is still up in the air, but a core group is working to make sure there is a legacy. Today I tried out some of the integer sequences in Kindergarten through grade 6 and will be communicating their successes and failures to the other attendees as we hone in on the final selection of 13 Integer Sequences - one for each grade K-12. The Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival was scheduled for immediately after the conference. It was the ideal opportunity to bring this festival to Canada for the first time because I had so many awesome math educators on hand. This festival was a direct side effect of the BIRS weekend. It ended up as the top news story on the Calgary Board of Education web site. That endorsement was unexpected.

Gordon Hamilton MathPickle

Participating in the Integer Sequences K-12 provided me with many interesting mathematical questions, new avenues for finding future problems, and ideas for introducing K-12 students and teachers to beautiful mathematics.

Amanda Serenevy Executive Director
Riverbend Community Math Center

This workshop was very well organized by Gordon Hamilton and co. Some definite progress was made developing examples of integer sequences along with information to teachers about the fit with school curricula as well as background knowledge to support use of the examples and possibilities for extension. The goal is always to get more good mathematics out in front of school age children in an effort to get and keep them engaged.

Robert Woodrow Mathematics and Statistics, University of Calgary
Feb 22 - Feb 27, 2015

I was able to be there only for two days, but they were incredibly productive. I got very valuable feedback from the audience on my work in progress, I had conversations that helped me get unstuck on another project and I started a new collaboration.

Aram Harrow physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Indeed the meeting was great and full of interesting mathematics.

Boguslaw Zegarlinski Imperial College London
Feb 15 - Feb 20, 2015

The workshop was well organized and some talks on new numerical methods had impact on my current research.

Marina Chugunova Institute of Mathematical Science, Claremont Graduate University

This was a great workshop! It contained both theoretical and numerical aspects of mass transport and it was very stimulating. I met new people working on problems related to my research. In particular, I met Merigot, Tiberth, Carlier, and Levy doing great work on the numerical solution of the reflector problem. I believe some of their work can be extended to solve numerically the refractor problem that would permit lens design. Hopefully I will continue to be in touch with these people to do some work in this direction. I also was happy to hear from several people in the numerical group of Benamou and Brenier that they liked and used very much my book on the Monge Ampere equation! Several times after attending workshops I had the feeling I had wasted most of my time. It was not the case at all with this workshop, it was a great working week where I learned many things.

Cristian Gutierrez Mathematics, Temple University
Feb 13 - Feb 15, 2015

The conference was very useful in more than one way. In the week conference previous to this one (Monday to Friday) I joined a group working on the monodromy group. The discussion about this topic kept going during the weekend. I believe that at some point there will be a paper arising from this discussion. On the other hand, there were several talks by young researchers and students, showing the enthusiasm with which they work, which is always reassuring. More importantly, we all get aware of what topics are being studied by them either to collaborate, or at least not to compete with them.

Daniel Pellicer Centro de Ciencias Matematicas, Morelia, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
Feb 08 - Feb 13, 2015

The workshop was very useful for several reasons. On one hand there were some groups working on different topics; I joined the one working on monodromy group, and the discussion was fruitful. I guess that at some point there will be a paper in the topic discussed there. On the other hand, it is always good to be aware of the topics on which the colleagues are working currently. The talks were very illustrative in this regard. Particularly, after my talk there were some suggestions of papers to take on account in my ongoing research.

Daniel Pellicer Centro de Ciencias Matematicas, Morelia, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

It was very, very helpful and the BIRS set-up was great. In many ways, the best run conference center I've ever seen. And of course the scenery and the food are hors de categorie. This was my first time and I will be coming back, I am sure.

Thomas Tucker Colgate University, USA
Feb 01 - Feb 06, 2015

The BIRS workshop on Partial Differential Equations in Cancer Modelling was highly fruitful. It has led to two new potential collaborative projects for me. The morning talks and afternoon discussion times were both essential to make this happen.

Peter Kim Mathematics and Statistics, University of Sydney

I thoroughly enjoyed the meeting. It was an excellent program and we were looked after so well. As academia becomes a less and less attractive career choice, having such stimulating meetings in such a beautiful location becomes increasingly important.

Philip Maini Wolfson Centre for Mathematical Biology, University of Oxford
Jan 25 - Jan 30, 2015

The workshop was very interesting and well organized.

Claude Carlet Mathematics, University Paris 8

I enjoyed the workshop very much.

Tuvi Etzion Professor
Computer Science Department, Technion IIT

BIRS is an amazing place!

Shamgar Gurevich Mathematics, University of Wisconsin-Madison

I'm really grateful to the BIRS Scientific Panel for approving this workshop. It was a tremendous opportunity to spend time with mathematicians and engineers, trying to understand better how theoretical and applied considerations intersect. Even though I was involved in writing the proposal, I still left the workshop much better informed about how sequences, codes and designs are being used in novel ways in practical applications, and how emerging applications are driving new theoretical research in these areas. The unseasonably warm weather and spectacular mountain setting of BIRS were bonuses! Thanks to the BIRS staff for taking care of so many details, leaving the participants free to concentrate on science.

Jonathan Jedwab Mathematics, Simon Fraser University

This workshop gave me a chance to speak with researchers whom I had not previously met, and many interesting questions were raised that may lead to new directions in research.

Daniel Katz Assistant Professor
Mathematics, California State University, Northridge
Jan 18 - Jan 23, 2015

The seminars were important for new insights in the area. The workshop was the occasion for new contacts and ideas which will almost certainly lead to a new collaboration.

Anna Maria Cherubini Dr.
Department of Mathematics, University of Salento, Italy

Let me first of all say that I enjoyed every minute of the workshop. I feel that I not only have new scientific contacts but that I now have new personal friends. During the "open problem" - session, I raised a question and conjectured an answer, but it turned out that my question was answered in the negative - by two counter- examples in fact. One counter-example is based on an example which H Furstenberg constructed in a paper from 1961 in a slightly different context, and that this example, which was known to one or two of the participants of the workshop, could be used to construct a counterexample to my conjecture they also saw. The other counter-example was constructed by A Quas during the workshop. Both examples are of course of great value to me when trying to find necessary and sufficient conditions for unique invariant probability measures for random dynamical systems. The talks during the workshop were very illuminating and in my opinion of very high standard. They certainly gave me a lot of new insights. But what was of even more value to me was the new personal relations I got during the conference. I am sure these will lead to further scientific exchange. What I also think was very nice with this workshop was the balance in age, a fine mixture between young researchers, middle aged scientists and senior scientists. Let me finish by saying that I feel lucky to have been invited to this wonderful place and to a great workshop.

Thomas Kaijser Linköping University

I like the style of this workshop, which balanced the talks and discussions very well. There are plenty time to discuss with experts on many different issues. Great job! Many thanks to the organizers!

Zeng Lian department of mathematical science, Loughborough University

The workshop did help my research, I learnt of overlaps and extensions of my work on statistical properties of random dynamical systems coming from the work of Charlene Kalle and collaborators. The talks on SDE also suggested new research directions for me. It was an excellent workshop.

Matthew Nicol Mathematics, University of Houston

The theme of this workshop overlaps with big part of my own research. Many of participants;s talks in this workshop provided very interesting new results and open problems/questions which promise to lead to new research projects. The meeting provided me with the opportunity to establish clear steps in a research project started with a previous collaborator. I am a research fellow. In this workshop I found about some very good open permanent job positions, which I will apply for.

Dalia Terhesiu Faculty of Mathematics, University of Vienna
Jan 16 - Jan 18, 2015

As a grade two teacher, this was an experience that has enlightened my program and given me a much deeper understanding of the math foundations students need. This week-end of math has helped me make connections to what I am doing in curriculum and I have a clearer direction to where I need to lead my class. This experience was truly an eye-opening experience that I was so honored to be invited to. The BIRS center was an ideal setting to light one's mathematical ideas!

Linda Arndt Teacher Pembina Hills

What a wonderful environment to spend time with people with mutual interests, pushing through some serious challenges but in a place where it's easy to interact away from day-to-day pressures.

Tim Bell Professor
Computer Science and Software Engineering, University of Canterbury
Jan 11 - Jan 16, 2015

This workshop was nicely organized and was full of interesting talks. The workshop allowed to share a great deal of new ideas with the leading researchers in the field of modern complex analysis and applications.

Konstantin Kornev Professor
Materials Science & Engineering, Clemson University

I would like to express my gratitude to the organizers of the workshop: Linda Cummings, Stefan Llewellyn Smith, Paul Martin and Bartosz Protas, for very interesting and useful event they organized. It gave me a nice possibility to meet people I would not have met otherwise. It allowed me to start a new research project and gave insights in my current work.

Alexander Minakov dr
department of physics, Czech Technical University in Prague

The automated video capture is fantastic! Very impressive.

Nick Trefethen Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford

It was great to make new collaborations with persons I was only vaguely aware of before the BIRS meeting. Another excellent feature is the online videos of the lectures. I encouraged my PhD student to watch two or three of these, which he did and already followed up by contacting some of the speakers.

Andre Weideman Applied Mathematics, Universiteit Stellenbosch
Dec 07 - Dec 12, 2014

Everything was perfect. I could enjoy the lectures and discussion with top level researchers in this area.

Masanori Asakura Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics, Hokkaido University

I was very happy to present my recent work at this conference. I met also new people and this could be of interest for my future research.

Philippe Gille Directeur de recherches
Mathématiques, Institut Camille Jordan, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

This was a great opportunity for me to meet and discuss with several of my professional colleagues, all in one place. I was also happy to be given the opportunity to speak on some of my own recent work. The organizers did a great job and I thank them. I also have to say that this was my fourth visit to Banff (third to BIRS) and it was very enjoyable.

Roy Joshua Mathematics, Ohio State University
Nov 30 - Dec 05, 2014

Every trip to BIRS has been a productive experience. The lecture room and facilities are world class, and all the amenities and meals are taken care of seamlessly and designed to foster interactions.

S. J. Miller Associate Professor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Williams College
Nov 23 - Nov 28, 2014

I came to BIRS for a five day workshop. It was an intense time, and I'm still processing all the information learned. I had a lot of interesting conversations and got started on several beautiful problems. The real impacts of the workshop will probably take months or years to show, but I can already say that I'm very happy I've attended. On the job front, meeting people is always helpful. In particular, I have had the opportunity to meet one person who could offer me a postdoc at a prestigious institution, but the outcome of my application is unclear as of now.

Alexandr Kazda Department of Mathematics, Vanderbilt University
Nov 16 - Nov 21, 2014

This workshop was one of the best conferences I've been at; I have met many previous and current (and future) collaborators, and it was invaluable to talk to them all at the same place.

Heiko Dietrich School of Mathematical Sciences, Monash University

This workshop had a significant impact on my ongoing research. I had various highly interesting discussions with colleagues that resulted in new ideas for research projects and, in the long run, will very likely result in new publications. The workshop also yielded an excellent opportunity for some younger researchers to present themselves and hence was very interesting also from this viewpoint. Furthermore, during the workshop there were not only various very well-presented and interesting lectures, but also several open discussions that resulted in new directions for the research of the overall research community in this field.

Bettina Eick Professor
Mathematics, Technische Universität Braunschweig

This workshop featured leading researchers currently active in computational group theory concerned especially with matrix groups, over finite and infinite fields. The formal programme of talks was uniformly excellent. We learnt of several interesting new results with direct impact on our own research. Joint work was fruitfully undertaken.

Dane Flannery Mathematics, National University of Ireland, Galway (Ireland)

The conference was very successful, and I am grateful to everyone who made it happen. One consequence of the conference has been that we have organised the translation of a major piece of software that some of us have been working on for twenty five years to be translated into a second language. This translation is very necessary, and requires the co-operation of the whole of our mathematical community; so the BIRS conference played a decisive role.

Charles Leedham-Green Queen Mary College London

I was able to gain insights and feedback from my colleagues that is only possible in a workshop such as this. My participation here has saved me months of research and catapulted several of my projects forward.

Kay Magaard Mathematics, University Birmingham

I enjoyed the workshop very much. I flew from Australia to Banff for just this week and it really has been worth while. On the one hand, the community was able to make substantial plans for the future and it was great to be involved in these. On the other hand I made some new research connections by discussing mathematical questions that arose from my talk with some of the people present. With one of these we immediately struck up a collaboration and worked all Friday afternoon while waiting for the bus. Thank you so much for inviting me and allowing me to take part in the workshop and for the wonderful atmosphere provided by BIRS. It is much appreciated.

Alice Niemeyer Centre for the Mathematics of Symmetry and Computation, The University of Western Australia

I truly appreciated being part of this excellent meeting. I learnt a lot from the talks, and also had time to talk with many colleagues. I felt honoured to give a talk on the Akos Seress day in memory of my close colleague Akos - it allowed me to present the contact of a major part of his research over the last 5 years of his life, culminating in his joint paper completed by Sukru Yalcinkaya and I, published just the week before the conference. Here is a short snapshot of some interactions: Discussions of revisions of a paper with my former student Brian Corr, now a new postdoc in Brazil – and discussions of how he could complete his work on recognizing classical d-dimensional groups represented in dimension up to d^2; Extensive discussions with Csaba Schneider on our forthcoming book on permutation groups; Planning a research project on involution-centralizer construction in classical groups with Colva Roney-Dougal. (She will visit me in Perth in January.); Trying again, with Alice Niemeyer and Tobias Rossmann, to prove that “collection to the left” in p-groups has exponentially complexity; and Discussion with Dane Flannery of progress with publishing a memorial issue of the Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society in memory of L. G. (Laci) Kovacs. Again, may I say how much I appreciate the hospitality of BIRS and the great facilities that promote these interactions.

Cheryl Praeger School of Mathematics and Statistics (M019), The University of Western Australia

This was an outstanding workshop. Whilst there I made substantial progress on an on-going research project, initiated a new international research collaboration, submitted a grant proposal jointly with one of the other participants, and had preliminary discussions with another participant (with whom I’ve never worked before) about a further possible grant proposal.

Colva Roney-Dougal Mathematics and Statistics, University of St Andrews

When I was invited to take part in this BIRS workshop last year my initial reaction was to say no. Although I remain mathematically active, I have been retired since the early 2000s and I was not sure that I could make a worthwhile contribution. On reconsideration I decided that organizers knew more than I did and I accepted. I am glad I did this. It was a wonderful week. True, the median age of participants was closer to 30 or 40, but I knew many of the participants--mainly by correspondence--and the way in which BIRS is organized makes the day by day informal meetings an excellent way to get to know so many of the other participants. Much of my professional life has been connected one way or another with linear groups and computation, and the lectures during the week were of a high standard. It was clear that the organizers had put a great deal of work into selecting the participants including many very bright young people and a good proportion of women. Talks would often end in vigorous discussions about what had been said and where one might go from there. I made new friends and renewed some old friendships. It was a great chance to meet mathematicians whom I had corresponded with or only knew by name. I was able to discuss face to face some research problems which I have been working on, and returned home with note books of new problems. Since coming home I have been working on a problem posed by Cheryl Praeger which arose in her work with Akos Seress, and made some progress on this. We are currently in correspondence about this problem. The untimely death of Akos is a real regret for many of us who knew him. My experience persuades me that BIRS is a wonderful facility which provides excellent support for workshops of this nature. In the past I have been to Oberwolfach which provides similar facilities in workshops for small groups and has long been well known for its important role in stimulating mathematical research. I think that BIRS is playing a similar role in North America and Canadians should be proud that Canada is host to BIRS and its unique facilities.

John Dixon University of Alberta

Once again my time there was productive. It saw the completion of a research project with Martin Kassabov (participant) surrounding a question raised some 50 years ago. It also gave critical feedback on the most important aspects of my student Josh Maglione's (participant) work which will help him focus his ideas in the last stage of his research. Finally, this time I felt the impact of the video taped lectures even while I was there. I was able to direct Gene Luks, and emeritus member of the same research community, to lectures on which he was able to provide distinct feedback despite being absent from the conference himself. I look forward to a future visit, if invited I would reflexively accept based on how productive my previous visits have been.

James Wilson Mathematics, Colorado State University
Nov 09 - Nov 14, 2014

This workshop was extremely helpful for me. I learned about lots of new results, corrected some misconceptions that I had about my own field, got good feedback about my research, and established at least one new collaboration. Also, the location is as good as it comes and the hospitality aspects were friendly and welcoming. I'd like to thank everyone involved, including the BIRS staff and the conference organizers. I hope I get invited again soon!

Steve Andrews research affiliate
Basic Sciences, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Great place, great friends, lots of inspiration!

Stefan Engblom Associate professor
Information Technology, Uppsala University
Nov 02 - Nov 07, 2014

My stay at BIRS helped me a lot with my own research program and I wish to thank the BIRS staff for providing such a great environment for the exchange of ideas and results. I have benefited a lot from the conference. The conference brought together a number of leading experts in geometric scattering theory, who presented their most recent results in the field. Such possibilities to get to know the recent developments in a field are of great importance for advancement of science. Of particular importance for me were the talks by P. Albin and D. Sher, who reported on their brand new results on analytic torsion for manifolds with fibred cusps, obtained in joint work with F. Rochon, who also attended the conference. This work is closely related to my own research interests and I had very fruitful discussions of related problems with the authors. Of great value for me was also the talk by Eugenie Hunsicker and the discussions with her, concerning spectral theory on manifolds with fibred boundary. Furthermore, I discussed problems of my current research project, concerning analytic torsion on locally symmetric spaces, with A. Vasy. One problem I was struggling with for some time is related to the stationary phase approximation of weighted orbital integrals occurring on geometric side of the Selberg trace formula. The discussion with A. Vasy was very successful and helped me to solve the problem. Finally, A. Strohmaier and I were inspired by some of the talks, especially the talk by E. Hunsicker, to start with a new joint project dealing with resonances for asymptotically Euclidean manifolds.

Werner Müller Institute of Mathematics, Universität Bonn
Oct 26 - Oct 31, 2014

The combination of the venue and the range an quality of the presentations on information theory applied to biological systems was a one-two stunning punch. Absolutely the best workshop I have ever attended in my 30 years of professional activity.

Chris Rose Professor of E&CE
E&CE, Rutgers University

It was a great workshop! For me, it was particularly great to meet one of the organizers, Toby Berger, a very important figure in rate distortion theory, which is directly relevant to my research. I would have loved to stay on for the weekend to further discuss with some of the other participants. There was an interesting variety at the conference, some people I’d never met before, but enjoyed speaking with.

Susanne Still Information and Computer Sciences, University of Hawaii

It has been a wonderful and very beneficial workshop for me. The chance to expose different ideas and research directions among experts who normally don't go to the same conferences was unique and highly valuable. The format of long talks (when requested) with ample of time for informal discussions; the beautiful location and perfect hospitality of the Banff center, and the careful choice of participants, made this meeting very successful. It was certainly worth the effort of the long trip from Jerusalem.

Naftali Tishby Professor
CSE & ELSC, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Oct 19 - Oct 24, 2014

I thought the quality of the research was very high. This is a field where I used to be working; now I am more of an interested bystander. But at the workshop, I learned of a problem that I thought had been resolved and began thinking about it. Right now (a week later), I believe that I have a nice little publication, joint with two other participants at the workshop. I also made quite a bit of progress on a project with two of my other collaborators who were there, but that topic is a little off the main thrust of the workshop.

Ian Putnam Mathematics & Statistics, University of Victoria

I have had the chance to participate in great workshops and conferences in my field in recent years, but this workshop at BIRS stands out among them. Most of the speakers were young mathematicians and the majority were new to me (some are still PhD students). I was impressed by the quality of their work. I was delighted to see breakthroughs in my field and solutions to old problems (which I had tackled myself, but without success). The schedule of the workshop and the facilities offered by BIRS are congenial to discussions, giving the opportunity to know better these young participants and their work. I have started a research project with one of them. The workshop also gave me the opportunity to make some progress on another project with an experienced participant.

Jean Renault Mathematics, Universite d' Orleans
Oct 12 - Oct 17, 2014

Excellent workshop, idyllic surroundings. Feel recharged.

Vivek Borkar Professor
Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

The workshop was well organized, gathering scholars from different disciplines, which opened new angles for me.

Michel De Lara CERMICS, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech

The BIRS workshop was an outstanding experience. The opportunity to interact with and learn from the top researchers in the field, against the idyllic backdrop of the Canadian Rockies, was very memorable. I am very glad that places such as BIRS and the Banff Centre exist to facilitate the exchange and pursuit of knowledge.

Shreyas Sundaram Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Waterloo
Oct 05 - Oct 10, 2014

One main goal of our workshop was to bring the research communities of compressed sensing, frame theory, numerical linear algebra, and optimization together to join forces in order to solve key problems in the area of sparse data processing. Having such a diverse group of participants is always an experiment. But in our case it worked extremely well, and the inspiring atmosphere of BIRS and the Banff Center had a significant impact on this. Many participants told us afterwards how much they benefited from this workshop, even starting new collaborations across community boundaries. Also there was a general agreement among all to have similar meetings in the new future to continue bridging and strengthening the interactions between those four research areas.

Gitta Kutyniok Department of Mathematics, Technische Universität Berlin

BIRS offers a wonderful environment for meetings and research. I very much appreciate also the support of the people around - all works smoothly and creates a pleasant atmosphere. The workshop put together people from several disciplines. This is always a challenge with a potentially high gain. My general feeling is that science today is becoming too fragmented, which is, in my opinion, very true also for mathematics. Reaching a common understanding needs a persistent effort and patience, which is not entirely in line with the instant push for immediate results that we all experience. There were some people in the workshop whom I met for the first time. The idea of looking at sparsity from the very different perspectives is very useful, and I do hope for continuation of that mutual interchanges of views and approaches. I have benefited in particular from the talks and discussions on compressive sensing, but also some topics from optimization were enlightening. I had also a very nice personal experience - one of the participants turned out to be my student from the Emory University (he graduated in 1999 and went to Yale for his PhD, I returned back from Atlanta to Prague in 2000). He has clearly became an excellent professional (in another field than mine), and I has been most happy to observe that. I am sure that we will stay in contact. Thank you again for the support, I look forward to come to BIRS again.

Zdenĕk Strakoš Facuty of Mathematics and Physics, Department od Numerical Mathematics, Charles University in Prague

The workshop was fantastic, one of the best I have attended. The organisers’ vision was to have three related, but not the same, topics represented. Most participants were aware of two of the three topics, but not all three. The organisers also had three one hour reviews of each topic. This resulted in a meeting where one was updated on the most recent advances in their field, and had the opportunity to learn more about a new related field. A very good model! The organisers should be commended.

Jared Tanner Mathematics, University of Oxford
Oct 03 - Oct 05, 2014

The workshop was excellent. A particular highlight was the three presentations from senior mathematicians: giving a research talk, university teaching and conducting research. Each of these presentations were insightful, interactive and intriguing. It was clear that the speakers genuinely wanted to provide honest and valuable advice. I appreciated their thoughtfulness. I also enjoyed the informal and candid atmosphere of the workshop, and meeting women mathematicians from across Canada, and learning from them.

Amenda Chow Applied Mathematics, University of Waterloo

The workshop was wonderful! It was great to meet so many female mathematicians from across Canada. The senior participants shared invaluable wisdom and advice and BIRS provided an excellent atmosphere. I'm grateful I had the opportunity to participate!

Lauren DeDieu Mathematics & Statistics, McMaster University

Our BIRS workshop was well-received, well-attended and extremely fruitful. From the feedback we received we have concluded that we must have frequent meetings of the same kind. BIRS was a fantastic site for us: all details of what a mathematician would need for a short workshop were thought of, and the manager was very helpful.

Sara Faridi Mathematics and Statistics, Dahousie University
Sep 28 - Oct 03, 2014

It was very useful for me to meet people who were building further on research of mine and whom I hadn't met before. Further I met several very talented young people.

Jan-Hendrik Evertse Dr.
Mathematisch Instituut, Universiteit Leiden

This was a workshop of high level with many interesting talks. The organization of the program was excellent. I had the possibility to give a survey about my recent results on effective bounds for the solutions of Diophantine equations over finitely generated domains. Several participants were interested in my results. I met some colleagues whom never had contacted before. During the workshop I got some new and interesting information related to my research work.

Kálmán Györy Professor
Dept of Algebra and Number Theory, University of Debrecen

I met a few mathematicians studying a different, yet related area. The conversations with them were very interesting. Now I decide to learn more and (hopefully) do research in that area.

Khoa Nguyen UBC-PIMS Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow
Mathematics, UBC and PIMS

I learned a lot, especially about new results on integral points, that I plan to use in my future research.

Tom Tucker Mathematics, University of Rochester

It was wonderful to meet many of my colleagues again, many after quite a while. The meeting gave me new research questions to think about. It was also very useful to be able to immediately ask some of my hunches to the experts that were there. Renewed contacts led to an invitation to come give a talk at the place of one of the participants.

Machiel van Frankenhuijsen Mathematics, Utah Valley University
Sep 21 - Sep 26, 2014

The workshop was highly beneficial for my current research. I look forward to coming back.

Celia Reina Department of Mechanical Engineering & Applied Mechanics, University of Pennsylvania
Sep 21 - Sep 26, 2014

Our workshop was most fruitful for me, in many respects. I learned about new problems, partially we found already some solutions, and in any case the discussions and the talks were most inspiring for my future work. I learned about one particular problem for which I could write during the workshop an algorithm being two orders of magnitude faster than an existing one. Besides, the atmosphere, nature, food, accommodation, social contacts, everything was beyond any expectation. I enjoyed it very much.

Siegfried Rump Prof. Dr., head of Institute for Reliable Computing
Mathematics, Information Science and Electrical Engineering, Hamburg University of Technology
Sep 14 - Sep 19, 2014

It was a very inspiring conference, and one of the most productive ones I've been to. We obtained a new result, and I learned a lot from discussions and from the talks.

Agelos Georgakopoulos Mathematics, University of Warwick

It is one of the best workshops I have been in. I have learned a lot. This is a great platform for rookie researchers like me to to talk with the veterans and also present myself to the researchers in the field.

Gourab Ray Center for Mathematical Sciences, University of Cambridge
Sep 07 - Sep 12, 2014

This was a fantastic conference that really showcased the progress made in mathematical cell biology over the last 3 years (since the last such BIRS workshop). Not only was there great science, but also the participants have become a kind of interdisciplinary community (of mathematicians, physicists, engineers, and biologists) who can communicate with one another about an array of complex and important problems in the cell biology field. We were a bit amazed by the onset of winter at Banff in September (lots of snow!) but the atmosphere and communications were top-notch. Several new collaborations were initiated, and many old collaborations strengthened due to this workshop.

Leah Edelstein-Keshet Mathematics, University of British Columbia

The conference in BIRS was fantastic. New ideas for a project, continuing collaborations and meeting new people.

Kinneret Keren Physics Department, Technion University

The BIRS workshop Mathematics of the Cell: Integrating Genes Biochemistry and Mechanics was a very unique opportunity to meet leaders in cell biology who are utilizing the most advanced quantitative approaches model the cell. It was a wonderful experience to meet with the scientists, engineers and mathematicians in a true synthesis of ideas that has yielded such amazing advances in biology by collaborating across disciplines and generating an integrated and holistic understanding of the cell.

Brannon McCullough Biomedical Engineering, University of Minnesota

The BIRS meeting on Mathematics of the cell, was very good. I learned a lot and group seemed extremely collegiate and open minded towards each others' ideas. It is too early to say anything about collaborations of papers, yet, but it certainly provided a new spectrum of contacts for emerging questions in my laboratory.

Inke Nathke Cell and Developmental Biology, University of Dundee

BIRS provides a fantastic environment for cutting edge scientific discussions among the leaders in my field.

David Odde Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, University of Minnesota
Aug 24 - Aug 29, 2014

Very helpful. A new collaboration there led to this: http://arxiv.org/abs/1411.2404.

Jelani Nelson Assistant Professor
Computer Science, Harvard University

Definitely one of my best academic experiences, and very enjoyable personally too. Thanks to all the people involved in this great institution, and to you above all for allowing for his program to become reality.

Omri Weinstein computer science, Princeton University
Aug 17 - Aug 22, 2014

This is certainly one of the very the best conferences I have attended in a long time. Almost all talks were of very high quality and inspiring. There was a god combination of experimentalists, theoreticians and numerical people. On a personal level I came back home with several new ideas, and will probably keep in touch with several people I did not know before. We are actually thinking of putting together a follow-up in France in 2 years.

Georges-Henri Cottet U. Joseph Fourier

The BIRS workshop brought all the worlds experts together as well as good selection of up and coming researchers. There was a great mix of topics from the theoretical and modelling problems to the full complexity of the industrial setting. I greatly enjoyed the conference and believe many fruitful collaborations will result.

Jim McElwaine Professor
Earth Sciences, Durham University
Aug 10 - Aug 15, 2014

This was my first conference at BIRS and I have to say that it was one the most impressive conferences I have ever participated in. The organization was indeed perfect, food was perfect, hotel was perfect. Finally, the science was also of highest level.

Mariusz Lemańczyk Faculty of mathematics and Computer Science, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń

This was a successful meeting allowing for a lot of interaction and exchange of ideas among the participants. I was fortunate to receive a lot of questions during my talk that will focus and expand my future research about extensions of hyperbolic actions and partially hyperbolic diffeomorphisms. During the meeting I worked with several current collaborators and I received important criticism and remarks about some of my recent preprints from top specialists in the field of dynamical systems. Many thanks to the workshop organizers and to the BIRS administration!!

Viorel Niţică Professor
Mathematics, West Chester University
Aug 08 - Aug 10, 2014

Many thanks for the opportunity and great facility. The workshop was well received and I heard all positive remarks. Indeed, it helped many participants to take their current research to next level. Each talk was interesting and ended with lively and frank discussion. As a matter of fact, a group of participants asked me if I can organize another one for their future research collaborations.

Syed Ejaz Ahmed Mathematics, Brock University

As a software engineer from IT industry I was very pleased to meet so many highly qualified scientists and searchers at the workshop. It has definitely broadened our view about the specific discipline that incidentally aligns with the mission of our software product. The workshop was a unique opportunity for us to networking with people of similar interests.

James Li CEO & President
VisuMap Technologies Inc

I found that workshop arranged at BIRS on "The Perspectives on High-dimensional Data Analysis" very useful for my research. Almost all the papers that were presented there were of very high quality and were presented by some very well known researchers in this and related fields. Thanks to the organizers for doing a great job and putting some high quality papers in the program. I am definitely benefited in my research by participating in the workshop. Other arrangements like accommodation and meals were simply great. I definitely look forward to participating some similar and any other workshops in the Statistics.

Radhey S Singh Professor
Departmento Statistics and Actuarial Science, University of Waterloo
Jul 27 - Aug 01, 2014

I am really grateful for the excellent organization of BIRS. The facilities and friendly local staff really make everybody comfortable and get the most from the workshop. I found the videos recorded for each talk were very useful.

Jiguo Cao Associate Professor
Statistics, Simon Fraser University

BIRS' organizational help made running the workshop very easy. I don't think there was anything administrative that I needed to handle that was not directly related to the research program. And BIRS location and facilities, are, of course, beyond compare. I know from many comments that that sentiment is shared universally among the workshop participants. This workshop was particularly valuable in bringing together statisticians, applied mathematicians and biologists to discuss statistical problems in dynamical systems that have received little attention in any of these fields individually. It proved enormously useful to me, personally, as a way of making contact and understanding approaches from different fields and I have had that sentiment expressed to me by many of the other participants. I will outline this in a workshop report, but feel that, scientifically, the workshop served exactly BIRS' purpose. BIRS is one of the most outstanding and valuable mathematical institutions in North America and does its job extraordinarily well. I am immensely grateful to have had the opportunity to organize a meeting with you.

Giles Hooker Psychology, McGill University

BIRS was fantastic!… As for the workshop, it was exceptional. Hooker and I are writing a book on dynamic systems for statisticians, and the organizers did an exceptional job of bring top people together from a wide selection of fields, including biologists and others using dynamical systems in their work but not themselves in math or stat. There are, as you of course know several debates going on about the role of these types of models, including whether stochastic systems are to be preferred to deterministic systems, the role of initial value systems and methodology in contexts were data are available across the whole interval, and etc. The workshop was an invaluable opportunity to listen carefully to all perspectives without taking sides. I learned a good deal, and gained a lot of perspective on these and other issues that will be invaluable in our book, and also will allow us to point in directions where dynamical systems can play an even more constructive role. Moreover, the weather couldn’t have been better, and the mood in the workshop was as upbeat and convivial as one could possible wish for. Many research connections were forged. We’ll be talking about this workshop years from now.

Jim Ramsay Psychology, McGill University

This was one of the best workshops/conferences I ever participated in, and there have been a lot. Forty colleagues from different fields centered around a common topic, perfect! I knew only three before personally, but I talked to everyone. Joint projects are on the way. Of course, the location is gorgeous!

Jens Timmer Institute of Physics, University of Frieburg
Jul 25 - Jul 27, 2014

Great experience in a fantastic setting!

Rhonda Rosychuk Professor
Pediatrics, University of Alberta
Jul 13 - Jul 18, 2014

Thank you for all your efforts in organizing the excellent workshop. I was very happy to be a part of it… The organization of the workshop was very smooth and the flexibility to move my own talk at the short notice was highly appreciated.

Toru Ohira Graduate School of Mathematics, Nagoya University

I would like to thank first of all Peter and the other members of the scientific committee for the organization of this excellent - and at least from my perspective also extremely successful - meeting. For me personally the workshop was an excellent survey on all current aspects of this interdisciplinary research topic provided by all the leading scientists of the area… The administration and organization of the meeting was extremely smooth, the accommodation was excellent, the food was excellent and the surroundings of the Banff Centre just overwhelming. Having a mathematical research centre of this style is important not only for the mathematical community to enhance research, but also to promote mathematics in increasingly complex topics (in this case neuroscience). I really enjoyed the meeting and I am sure the other participants did so as well.

Wilhelm Stannat Technical University Berlin
Jul 11 - Jul 13, 2014

The BIRS Workshop on "Algebraic Design Theory with Hadamard matrices: applications, current trends and future directions" has definitely influenced very positively in my research. It has given me the chance to meet most of the people working in the area, and I have maintained many interesting and constructive discussions in turn. Even more, some talks have inspired new insights for my future research.

Victor Alvarez Dr
Applied Mathematics 1, Universidad de Sevilla

The BIRS workshop was a great opportunity to learn the cutting-edge of research and get to know people working in the field. The quality of the talks were particularly high compared to conferences on the same topic I have attended. I hope that BIRS will host workshops in my research field coming years as well.

Yuichiro Fujiwara California Institute of Technology
Jun 29 - Jul 04, 2014

It was a fantastic meeting in all respects. It will certainly have a strong impact in my research directions in the next years. I also enjoyed the friendly atmosphere of the researchers in this field.

Jose Carrillo Mathematics, Imperial College London

This BIRS workshop was very interesting and usefull for my research activity. Of course it is still to early to evaluate the impact, but I had very fruitful discussions with colleagues there.

Filbet Francis Institut Camille Jordan, University Claude Bernard

The workshop was very inspiring: many nice talks and a stimulating atmosphere.

Jan Maas Institute for Applied Mathematics, University of Bonn
Jun 22 - Jun 27, 2014

The BIRS worksop was perfect for me as it covered very recent topics in the field presented by top scientists and gave the opportunity for connections and ideas for new research projects. It's an invaluable opportunity for my work. I also think the format with longer talks than usual and long breaks is very good, giving more chance to understand the concepts presented and discuss them with the speakers after the talks.

Laurent Briollais Prosserman Centre for Health Research, Samuel Lunenfeld Research Inst.

I have been a net benefiter of the recent workshop. More specifically, I had a research problem or consulting problem that I did not know the corresponding literature. I presented my thoughts and received a lot of feedback from other participants. I am confident that I am now in much better position to address the statistical problem that arose from the applications. The workshop also helped me to keep up with the latest developments. Genomics are only a small portion of my research interest. I cannot afford to spend a lot of my time in all details. Thus, the platform of BIRS workshop is most cost effective of my time.

Jiahua Chen Statistics, University of British Columbia

The statistical genetics workshop at BIRS was fantastic, providing a relaxed atmosphere for scientific discussions, seeing long-time colleagues, and meeting members of our research community whose work I have read in journals. The discussions at the workshop supplied new ideas for my research, and opened opportunities for collaborations. A great experience that is hard to replicate in other scientific meetings.

Dan Schaid Professor
Health Sciences Research, Mayo Clinic
Jun 08 - Jun 13, 2014

The workshop was really valuable for me and other participants in gaining perspective on important problems/research directions in our field, and approaches to solving them. Five days together as a small group helped build strong new connections and deepen existing collaborations. Group problem solving worked surprisingly well. The BIRS location and conference support is fabulous. Thank you!

Anne Condon Professor
Computer Science, University of British Columbia

I very much enjoyed the BIRS workshop on programming with chemical reaction networks. First and foremost, I learnt a great deal from the other workshop participants, who often had quite different backgrounds to me and yet had very similar interests in terms of the problems they were attempting to solve. I came away with many new ideas and research directions to investigate. I also really enjoyed working on open problems in the field, and felt we made great progress in coming up with a better understanding of the problems to be solved, in understanding the work that had already been done in attempting to solve these problems, and also in making promising steps towards finding solutions ourselves. I will be following up on a number of strands that we started to explore in the workshop, and expect these to lead to new scientific discoveries in the field.

Andrew Phillips Microsoft Research
Jun 08 - Jun 13, 2014

I have not been to many meetings where there is such concentration on a given problem and I thought it worked well. There was plenty of time of discussion and speculation. I thought the centre was very well run and there were no problems. I also found the people who looked after the accommodation very helpful.

Peter West Mathematics Department, King's College
Jun 08 - Jun 13, 2014

The workshop was an excellent opportunity to meet people whose papers I had recently read, but who normally traveled in different orbits. Because our workshop devoted only little time to talks and more time to problem-solving sessions, I had the opportunity to pose to them some open questions from my research -- and it looks like we now have a solution in the works. New friends, new results. An excellent workshop in a beautiful location.

Erik Winfree Computer Science, California Institute of Technology
Jun 01 - Jun 06, 2014

Almost all, perhaps even all, of those who attended the conference on the future of the trace formula agreed that it was one of the most fruitful conferences they had ever attended. Thank you to BIRS.

William Casselman Professor Emeritus
University of British Columbia

The workshop on the future of trace formula was taking in place timely. The main theme was to find possible approaches from various aspects to understand the Langlands functoriality in general, and understand the Langlands' idea to obtain the Langlands functoriality beyond the endoscopy functorial transfers. I personally learned a lot from the lectures in the workshop, and hope the organizers and other people in the research field will think of such opportunities in near future.

Dihua Jiang School of Mathematics, University of Minnesota

I expect a new collaboration leading to a book to be written, that originated during the workshop.

Jean-Pierre Labesse Aix-Marseille Universite
May 25 - May 30, 2014

The organizers selected a very interesting and diverse group of mathematicians ranging from pure differential geometry to applied PDE.

Sigurd Angenent Department of Mathematics,, University of Wisconsin (USA)

This was a high level workshop. It helps on having new ideas on research projects. Very interesting participation by very young researchers.

Xavier Cabre Matematica Aplicada 1, ICREA and Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya
May 18 - May 23, 2014

An excellent week with plenty of opportunity to meet old friends and to make new ones. As an experimental scientist the process of learning to communicate effectively with mathematicians was challenging but certainly has the potential for great rewards. I have only been back a few weeks and there are already several promising collaborations that have sprung from conversations at Banff. I would like to thank all those involved in setting up the workshop - for their superb organization and for bringing together such an interesting group of people.

Sarah Haigh Dr
School of Materials, University of Manchester
May 11 - May 16, 2014

Questions posed after my talk made me realize that in practice it would be hard to estimate certain parameters in our model. This will lead us to include an analysis of how to determine the parameters, and it will improve the paper significantly.

Jakša Cvitanić Professor of Mathematical Finance
Division of Humanities and Social Sciences, California Institute of Technology

Important is the possibility to discuss with colleagues. Questions were posed and maybe future research can give answers. Having the opportunity to discuss is more important than presenting a paper.

Freddy Delbaen Mathematics, ETH Zurich + UNI Zurich

I greatly enjoyed the workshop in Banff. In my opinion this format is extremely valuable.

Jan Kallsen Department of Mathematics, University of Kiel
May 04 - May 09, 2014

I had a fantastic time at BIRS. I was able to spend valuable time with a few of my collaborators who are based at different institutions and present some of my recent work to an audience of experts in my field. The location is wonderful as well.

Andrew Lawrie Mathematics, University of California, Berkeley

The workshop facilitated collaborations between many groups. Probabilists and people studying PDE theory from the point of view of statistical mechanics were able to talk, analysts were able to discuss simulations and experiments with applied mathematicians that motivate and/or support their work, and various collaborations took place that were both ongoing and spurred by questions or comments in talks.

Jeremy Marzuola Mathematics, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Apr 27 - May 02, 2014

Through the BIRS workshop, I begin to understand the change point test more deeply, know the latest development in this field and meet some famous scholars. I thank the organizers.

Fuxiao Li University of Alberta

Best conference I've ever attended. I'm way senior, so no it didn't influence me careerwise, but I learned a lot. The conference did influence where I take my sabbatical :).

Robert Lund Professor
Mathematical Sciences, Clemson University (United States)

The workshop had excellent scientific quality. I met younger colleagues whom I did not know before and learned about new topics in non-linear time series analysis. The workshop showed the state of the art in the field of time series analysis. Some of the leaders in the field were present and reported about recent results.

Thomas Mikosch Department of Mathematics, University of Copenhagen (Denmark)

I did get to make some new contacts and the work done by several of the presenters opened my eyes to new ideas and new possibilities. There does exist the possibility of new collaborations and mutual visits spawned by the workshop. The facilities and the venue were excellent and the arrangements superb.

Nozer Singpurwalla Chair Professor
Department of System Engineering and Engineering Management, City University of Hong Kong
Apr 25 - Apr 27, 2014

As usual my lodge at BIRS was a great experience. The hospitality was professional.

Michael Akinwumi University of Alberta

The workshop was on math education rather than math research, but it gave me a lot of great new ideas that I can use when I next use Math Fairs or present on Math Fairs to others. It also provided me with many great contacts which I could use or offer to others.

James Nastos University of British Columbia Okanagan
Apr 20 - Apr 25, 2014

My visit to BIRS was simply wonderful: I had the opportunity to meet accomplished female mathematicians, who are inspiring and passionate; I learned about many possibilities I was not aware of for job opportunities; I heard about numerous conferences/workshops I was not aware of, that I might want to attend; the work environment was ideal. I cannot imagine a better setting to discover mathematics; In the short time of one week, our group made a lot of progress, and set ideas we could explore in the near future in order to submit in the proceedings a certain resolution of our problematic and I was able to explore a field different from my research focus, which was both refreshing and exciting. Thank you for hosting this amazing workshop!

Yara Elias Mathematics and Statistics Department, McGill University

The WIN workshops are among the most useful mathematics conferences in which I have ever participated, both in terms of fostering research collaborations and mentorship. This third edition has certainly lived up to such standards.

Matilde Lalin Associate Professor
Departement de mathematiques et de statistique, Université de Montréal

I was very impressed with the Banff campus—it is like a self-sustaining world. I think that residential workshops like the one I just attended at BIRS are the gold standard for mathematical gatherings: because everyone lives and dines together, mathematicians of all ranks naturally mingle professionally and socially in a way that would never be possible at a typical conference venue at a university or city auditorium. I also was very impressed by the WIN format of gathering for research collaborations on pre-designed problems with carefully chosen groups. We had a very successful week and are now working on a long-term collaborative project that I think will be quite successful. I will be thinking carefully about how to apply the WIN model again; certainly a large part of the success of the week was due to the pleasant environment at BIRS.

Lillian Pierce Mathematics, Hausdorff Center for Mathematics, Bonn

I had a wonderful time at last week's workshop, and I would like to thank you and BIRS for supporting the program. I am excited about the project that this workshop introduced me to, and my team and I will continue to work on it -- hopefully with considerable success. In fact, I'm currently very optimistic about this work and I am sincerely grateful for the opportunity to have participated in the program.

Kirsten Wickelgren Math department, Georgia Institute of Technology
Apr 13 - Apr 18, 2014

I had an excellent scientific stay at BIRS. The talks were very stimulating and gave me a lot of new knowledge on fusion categories and techniques on classification of subfactors. The format of the workshop was really excellent because it gave the opportunity to discuss with other participants and ask questions to experts. I began a new collaboration with Dave Penneys and Noah Snyder (two of the organizers) about classification of Subfactors and rigidity theory. This collaboration will certainly ends up with a paper in a few months. By asking a question to Masaki Izumi, I got new insights regarding my current research on infinite depth subfactors. Furthermore, I had and interesting discussion with Makoto Yamashita and people that are more on the algebraic side of my current research.

Arnaud Brothier Postdoc
Mathematics, Vanderbilt University

It was a good opportunity for me to concentrate on mathematics, and lectures and personal conversations with other researchers were really useful for my own research. I learned new facts during the workshop, and based on them I discovered some more by myself in the following week.

Masaki Izumi professor
Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University

This was a wonderful meeting where I met new people and learned new topics. Ample time for discussion was also very useful.

Yasuyuki Kawahigashi Professor
Mathematical Sciences, The University of Tokyo

The workshop is related to my recent research. I met many experts and learned a lot.

Zhengwei Liu Vanderbilt University
Apr 06 - Apr 11, 2014

The workshop was fantastic. It broadened my mathematical view and deepened my understanding of the subject I am working on. More importantly, I got the chance to talk to the community.

Xiaowei Wang math and computer sciences, rutgers university, newark
Mar 30 - Apr 04, 2014

Certainly the participation to the BIRS workshop gives rise to new research projects for me and gave me some fresh insights. It is possible that this gives rise to a new paper and maybe some new collaboration.

Marc Coppens Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Mar 23 - Mar 28, 2014

This was an extremely helpful workshop. There are several groups that use higher (i.e. parametrized) Morse theory techniques, but they don't talk to each other. This conference was the first real progress towards establishing relationships between the fields. It was a major success.

Christopher Schommer-Pries Max Planck Institute for Mathematics

Every time I visit BIRS, I come back with a new project, new collaborator, or new development in an old project - something that can't be said about many conferences.

Katrin Wehrheim UC Berkeley
Mar 16 - Mar 21, 2014

It was a wonderful experience to be at BIRS. The following developments would not have happened (at all or as quickly) without the visit to Banff: 1) I gave a talk on "p-permutation equivalences", a relatively new concept in the theory of blocks of finite group algebras. After the talk, Jürgen Müller and Susanne Danz approached me with the suggestion to write a computer program that would allow to compute and analyze p-permutation equivalences and more generally p-permutation modules. We met for about 3 hours, discussed possible algorithms, and have now an initial concept. Motivated by this quick progress we agreed to meet for a week in July to continue with the project. Computations of specific examples would be very enlightening, especially in order to settle or provide more evidence on uniqueness questions. 2) There is a logical hierarchy between different types of equivalences of blocks of finite groups. Discussions with Jeremy Rickard and Markus Linckelmann gave me new ideas how to construct p-permutation equivalences that do not come from the stronger notion of a splendid Rickard equivalence. Examples of this type are currently unknown. 3) In collaboration with Susanne Danz we continued to complete a paper that we started more than a year ago on the quasi-heredity of certain category algebras. "Skype" or similar media would have been far less efficient for this purpose.

Robert Boltje Mathematics, University of California Santa Cruz

This meeting was a marvelous success and I enjoyed every minute of it. I guess much has been said about the comfort of the venue and the beauty of the surroundings. It might be added that the new auditorium is very intelligently conceived and that the recorded talks were very appreciated. For me the event was a unique opportunity to discuss the maths I am presently working on, having focused on this theme in the last three years. I particularly enjoyed the very interesting and carefully prepared session about the remaining problems in checking for simple groups of Lie type the inductive conditions available for certain global/local conjectures. In all it was a very fruitful meeting due to the presence of almost all experts of the field, plus a couple of other experts in neighboring subjects, like Ben Elias whose talk and enthusiasm I appreciated very much. It is also very positive that this meeting could invite many junior researchers (post doc and PhD students). I had a series of informal discussions with many participants. With Tiep I discussed the possibility of proving certain stabilizer statements in the case of finite symplectic groups from the existing literature he knows well. With Brunat, following Gramain's talk on their joint work, I discussed the possible applications of the representation theory of wreath products and the related Morita equivalences to the proof of more equivalences between blocks of Weyl groups or Hecke algebras of classical types. I had many discussions with Paul Fong about the relevance of the joint work with Broue and Srinivasan on Dade's conjecture in the case of unipotent blocks of finite reductive groups, especially in view of recent results by Spaeth producing a reduction theorem for that conjecture.

Marc Cabanes Universite Paris Diderot

I found the workshop at BIRS very inspiring. Besides many interesting talks on recent results and trends in global-local representation theory of finite groups, the meeting also provided ample opportunities for personal discussions with colleagues from all over the world. Here are some concrete research activities resulting from the workshop at BIRS: Inspired by Robert Boltje's (UC Santa Cruz, USA) talk on Tuesday, he, Jürgen Müller (University of Jena, Germany) and I started to discuss possible strategies for investigating $p$-permutation equivalences between blocks of finite groups computationally. During the problem session on Thursday afternoon we developed some concrete ideas, and we now plan to meet again this summer to pursue our joint project. Moreover, during the free afternoon on Wednesday, Robert Boltje and I had the chance to make significant progress on another joint project (on quasi-hereditary twisted category algebras), which we had started several months ago, but were not able to complete just via email or Skype correspondence.

Susanne Danz Department of Mathematics, University of Kaiserslautern

I found the workshop at BIRS very stimulating. Meeting all the renowned experts in the field was a very interesting and motivating experience. My research background is only tangential to the topic of the workshop, but I am eager to learn more about this topic and I will continue my research in this direction. (More precisely, I am working on classifications of objects which are vital for the local/global conjectures discussed in the workshop.) I also bought two books, written by participants of the workshop, and I will do more research in this field. The stay was wonderful! Thank you very much! I am looking forward to coming back in November!

Heiko Dietrich Dr
School of Mathematical Sciences, Monash University

I enormously enjoyed my stay at BIRS; the workshop was very inspiring for me. Besides getting a great overview on current developments and meeting and discussing with people whom I haven't seen for a while, I found particularly useful the problem session/discussion, in which a variety of problems (from major directions to important obstacles of a mere technical nature) were explained and possible ways discussed on how to overcome them. This certainly provided some fresh insights for me which -- I hope -- may even lead to some new research projects and collaborations.

Meinolf Geck Lehrstuhl für Algebra, Universität Stuttgart

The conference was a great success; it was excellently prepared and managed by the organizers and the people at BIRS. Most of the talks reported on recent progress on conjectures by Alperin, Brauer, Broué and McKay. It was exciting to see that we are really coming closer to the solution of some of these longstanding open problems. There was also sufficient time for exchange and cooperation with the other participants. I personally profited, in particular, from discussions with M. Geline, M. Linckelmann and A. Turull on vertices of simple modules and characters. R. Kessar, M. Linckelmann and I are in the course of preparation of a manuscript on this topic which will hopefully be available in a few weeks or perhaps months. We are all very grateful to the BIRS for providing such excellent facilities for mathematics and hope to return some time in the future.

Burkhard Kuelshammer Mathematical Institute, University of Jena

[As a result of the workshop], I have started a new line of research with M. Linckelmann about characterizing nilpotent blocks, which is a possible continuation of one of my recent papers. Also, with my coorganizer P. H. Tiep, we have started a possible refinement of McKay in groups with nilpotent Hall subgroups. About my student C. Vallejo, she gave her first important international talk, and she already has an invitation to visit Kaiserlautern with Gunter Malle for some months to join his team working on the McKay conjecture. The talks were, in general, excellent. The discussion session on the route plan to prove the global/local conjectures was very useful for researchers, to know where we are exactly, and for younger researchers (and even senior ones) to join us in the plan of proving them.

Gabriel Navarro Professor
Algebra, University of Valencia

I want to thank the organizers once again for a very nice workshop and the opportunity to speak. It was very beneficial to be able to meet (or see again) many people in the field, both those who are well-known in the area and also fellow early-career mathematicians. Following my talk, there were some very good recommendations and discussions, for example with G. Malle, G. Navarro, and J. Taylor, which may help my progress on one of my current problems. I also had the opportunity to speak with G. Malle and P.H. Tiep about future directions for my research involving the inductive Alperin-McKay and BAWC conditions, as well as S. Koshitani about new ways to simplify some arguments in my earlier work on the inductive conditions, which will be quite helpful in my future research.

Amanda Schaeffer Fry Mathematics, Michigan State University

The workshop on Global-Local Conjectures in Representation Theory of Finite Groups was very successful. The participants were a good mix of senior and junior mathematicians, and there were lectures by both. I had discussions with several participants. One lecture in particular by Olivier Dudas on work he was doing with Gunter Malle (an organizer) gave me insight into my research and leads I can pursue. Among new contacts I would specially mention Ben Elias, a young mathematician who is doing cutting edge research. On the final day Gunter Malle gave an overview of where the program on Global-Local Conjectures stands, which would be very useful for both people working in that area now and for those interested in starting to work in it.

Bhama Srinivasan Mathematics, University of Illinois at Chicago

I would like to thank BIRS for giving us this opportunity to hold the workshop at the excellent venue and in the highly stimulating environment of the Banff International Research Station! During my stay at BIRS, aside from organizational tasks and attending interesting lectures and brainstorming discussion session, I was able to start a new research project with my collaborator Gabriel Navarro, as well as continue our collaboration on ongoing projects that aim to resolve some basic questions on representations of finite groups. Together with Gunter Malle and Frank Luebeck (and in discussion with Jean-Baptiste Gramain and Olivier Brunat), I had started another new research project with the aim to answer a question of R. M. Guralnick concerning representations of finite quasisimple groups. I also had discussions with other participants, including Marc Cabanes, Gerhard Hiss, Klaus Lux, Bhama Srivasan, and Amanda Schaeffer Fry.

Pham Tiep Department of Mathematics, University of Arizona

Although this was not the first time I was invited to BIRS, it was the first time I was able to come. I was very impressed by the organization, and how well the facilities were administrated. The scientific aspects of the conferences were likewise excellent. The topics of the conference had a clear focus on the proof of a number of global/local conjectures in the representation theory of finite groups. The participants are making important and related progress on these, and exchanging ideas and divvying the work to do next is essential. I was particularly interested in learning the current status of these conjectures, including some new ones. I am pleased that there is substantial progress on many of the simple versions of the conjectures. At the same time, there is still a lot of work to do on the more refined versions of them. While there, I enjoyed productive mathematical discussion on these and related topics with a number of researchers, including Michael Geline, David Gluck, and Burkhard Kuelshammer. These and other informal exchanges affected a number of papers on these conjectures that I am in the process of writing, and suggested new promising avenues of research. It was an excellent and productive experience all around.

Alexandre Turull Mathematics, University of Florida
Mar 09 - Mar 14, 2014

I wish to thank you and the organizers for this very interesting workshop. The main interest comes from the pleasure to receive the latest news about their current research from the top researchers directly. On a more personal level, my research made some progress in two directions. On one hand, one of the organizers informed me about the existence of a counterexample (in high dimension) to a conjecture on which we had started to work (proof of the dimension 1). On the other hand, with another participant, we initiated a new line of research. He presented me a new conjecture, which extend a result of mine, and we started to think about it. We already established an interesting particular case of it.

Matthieu Fradelizi Laboratoire d'Analyse et de Mathématiques Appliquées, Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée

The workshop was very productive, as always in Banff. I learned a lot of useful things and problems... Excellent job!

Alexander Koldobsky Mathematics, University of Missouri

I got many new ideas for future research and discussed connections between my work and other fields and problems.

Luis Rademacher Computer Science and Engineering, Ohio State University

The workshop on Geometric Tomography and Harmonic Analysis was a really impressive event that is directly relevant to my current research in convex and stochastic geometry. Most of the talks I found really inspiring, some of the talks will have direct impact on my recent research directions. The style of the workshop - its size, informality and schedule - was perfect, the atmosphere at the Banff Center was ideal.

Matthias Reitzner Inst. f. Mathematics, University of Osnabrueck

The workshop was excellent. It left me with several questions and possible problems that I can see can be investigated. Also, a possible new collaboration did come about.

Elisabeth Werner Department of Mathematics, Case Western Reserve University
Mar 02 - Mar 07, 2014

Great facilities, excellent research environment, which gave me the opportunity to start and/or continue several collaborations. Thanks a lot.

Great workshop. I've learnt so much that I left as a different person. Thank you so much.

Sylvia Fruhwirth-Schnatter Wirtschaftsuniversitat Wien, Austria

I truly enjoyed the last week tremendously! I put my impressions on my blog: http://xianblog.wordpress.com/2014/03/07/advances-in-scalable-bayesian-computation-day-4/

Christian Robert Ceremade - Université Paris-Dauphine

One of the best and most useful workshops I have attented so far!

Håvard Rue Mathematical Sciences, Norwegian University of Science and Technology Trondheim

I was one of very few PhD students to attend this BIRS workshop, and I was a little apprehensive that I would not know enough to be able to meaningfully contribute. I found that I was more than adequately prepared for a number of talks (those most related to my research) and less than adequately prepared for some others. This helped solidify in my mind what were the "hot-topic" areas of my field, and introduced me to many avenues for future research. The collaborative spirit that pervaded the workshop allowed me to have meaningful conversations with world-renowned researchers in my field. A few months ago I was struggling through a particular paper in connection with my research. At the BIRS workshop, I sat at lunch with the lead author and asked him my questions in person! To get to meet and discuss these exciting ideas with the best and brightest was a real privilege that I will long remember. I think that the relationships I forged in Banff may yield fruitful collaborations and/or post-doc/employment opportunities in the future.

Doug VanDerwerken Duke University
Feb 23 - Feb 28, 2014

My participation will greatly impact my future research projects since this WS@BIRS gave me the opportunity to meet new potential collaborations and to elaborate new directions with my existing ones. We have already planned next meetings and cross-fertilization between theoretical aspects and applications. This nice endeavor is coming up! Great place, great workshop, fantastic atmosphere, strong opportunities for future collaborations with new people. The logistic is optimal, the local organization committee is excellent. The atmosphere is "My pleasure is to assist you."

Philippe Ciuciu Principal Investigator, Research Director
NeuroSpin, CEA

The BIRS workshop has an impact on my current research in order to have a fresh insight on some of my research projects.

Nikolai Leonenko Profesoor
School of Mathematics, Cardiff University UK

I have had contacts I would not have had otherwise, with people working on multifractal analysis. With my collaborators and students we are currently working on image retrieval as well as recognition of melanoma lesions. In both subjects we mean to apply multifractal analysis. The workshop has certainly had an influence on this decision. Thank you!

Ana Ruedin Doctor
Computing Department, FCEyN, University of Buenos Aires

I want to thank you for this great week at BIRS. It was a huge opportunity for me to make new contacts and research projects than I wouldn't have had otherwise. Also, now I'm aware of other workshops organized by people I met last week. Thanks again for your enormous work!

Cristian Scarola Departamento de Matemática, IMAS UBA-CONICET

The workshop was really great. The place is a wonderful place to work, with all the equipment (wifi, computers, meeting rooms...) It is a bit soon to know how it will impact my research, but at least one new collaboration might arise from the workshop, and maybe an other one. I also have new contacts I probably would not have had otherwise.

Beatrice Vedel LMBA, Université de Bretagne Sud

This was a great conference. The organizers have done a fabulous job. I find the talks to be a good mixture of theory and Applications. The participants have diverse background, rating from math to physics to engineering. This is very helpful for many of us to learn things form one another. The food and scenery can't be beat, too ;)

Yang Wang Mathematics, Michigan State University
Feb 16 - Feb 21, 2014

One of the main benefit of this workshop is to mix people from different communities, working on a common subject. It allows to have a good overview of the state of the art on the subject while sharing some ideas, some problems, some solutions... I think the workshop will open new directions in my research, from the most fundamental aspect to the validations of the methods I have proposed to model the contact. I also think that it was a good opportunity to share our experience on different simulation platforms. We had the opportunity to show the results obtained with our open-source framework SOFA and discuss them with people that are involved with other platforms (siconos, chronos, ...), with different application focus. I think the idea of providing benchmarks for assessing the quality of these platforms is very important. It was PERFECT! (special thanks to the chef... the food was excellent!) Do not change anything!

Christian Duriez PhD
Shacra Team, INRIA Lille

This workshop is of utmost importance to support a small extremely cross disciplinary community such as ours. It allows us to exchange research experience and knowledge across diverse fields such as computer science, mathematics, physics and engineering. On a personal level I extracted important knowledge about how our research field is maturing and developing. An important observation is that many independent research groups are seeking a methodology for validation. Hence without this workshop such efforts may not have been unified. With this workshop everybody has joined efforts in collecting data for creating benchmarks -- an important step for our field.

Kenny Erleben Computer Science, University of Copenhagen

Thanks for letting us have this great workshop! It had never learned so much about contact mechanics in such a short amount of time. More importantly, mixing people from different academic communities (math, robotics, graphics) provided a unique opportunity to meet so many interesting people and discuss ideas and possible collaborations. This allowed me to start discussions about at least two exciting new collaborations. I sincerely hope that this will take place again.

Frédéric Faure Institut Fourier Grenoble (France)

I found it extremely informative and interesting and it gave me a number of new things to think about, and kick started a few new projects. Specifically: 1. Interaction with Jeff Trinkle and Ying Lu on using the PATH solver for nonlinear versions of the friction contact problem arising from real data. Ideas sparked about how to use MPEC in conjunction with these models. Clearly this was influenced by the talks given by Ferris and Lu at the meeting. 2. Interaction with Vincent Acary on an iterative solution technique for the friction cone problem. Motivated by talks by Acary, Pang and Anitescu. 3. Further interaction with Negrut and his students (at Wisconsin)! Ideas on how to collaborate to use conic solvers (interior point versions) on their data sets. 4. New thoughts related to the use of logic programming and complementarity. Thinking about ideas on how to formalize this, and when it would work well. Lots of other things might come from the meeting, but these are clearly things that are foremost on my mind after the talks and discussions at Banff.

Michael C. Ferris Computer Sciences, University of Wisconsin

The workshop was extremely helpful in understanding what are the state-of-art in computational contact mechanics, providing a forum for researchers from different background (Math, OR, ME, CS, Geo-Science, etc.) working on the similar problems to discuss and exchange ideas, and shared recent work. Wow! What a collection of brilliant minds with different perspectives working on similar problems in one place! CONGRATS to the organizers' excellent planning and organization! I've certainly met several new researchers from other disciplines, as well as those within my own community. I'm also looking for postdoc, though I did not find any suitable candidates at the workshop, I did spread the words. The new contacts I made should be very valuable in my future endeavors in expanding my current research projects into other related topics and ideas that I've in mind. I've found new energy and new directions in a relatively short time there. The workshop was absolutely fabulous and planted new seeds for future projects! THANKS! The local arrangement, rooms, and meals were excellent! This is a wonderful facility and I very much appreciate the opportunity to be able to take advantage of the workshop and the facility.

Ming Lin Parker Distinguished Professor
Computer Science, University of North Carolina

The BIRS workshop on computational contact mechanics was one of the best workshops that I've attended. I was able to network with the top researchers in this field and discover the state-of-the-art in terms of modeling contact. For example, studying the formation of rivers by modeling particles flowing in a fluid and speeding up the solution of the algorithms using advanced optimization techniques. BIRS created a relaxing and conducive atmosphere for learning and collaborating. I learned from, presented to, and conversed with THE top researchers in my field. Needless to say, I walked away from BIRS with an incredible list of contacts. The workshop provided an impetus for a larger collaboration effort across the field. This effort will eventually help standardize the methods of testing and validation for the entire discipline. The BIRS facility was amazing and the staff were absolutely wonderful.

Daniel Melanz Research Assistant
Mechanical Engineering, University of Wisconsin - Madison

The BIRS workshop on Contact Mechanics brought together researchers from a variety of fields including mathematics, robotics, computer graphics, and geology to discuss the state of the art in contact simulation and analysis, as well as to discuss open problems. In my robotics research, many of the most challenging problems are deeply tied to the difficulty of analyzing contact mechanics. This workshop brought me together with some of the best researchers in contact modeling, whose approaches have deep connections to my formal analysis of robotic stability. Not only did I make some invaluable contacts for future research, and my future job prospects as a current graduate student, but some of the discussions at the workshop have produced immediate results in my algorithm development. While the workshop finished just weeks ago, and I have not yet written any new papers, I have no doubt that some of these ideas will lead to future publications and research.

Michael Posa Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MIT

This is my fifth Banff meeting (Muscles x 2 + non-holonomic mechanics + balance + contact =5). I am always happy to come back because: I like small meetings. The setting is lovely and inspiring. The accommodations are great (well, too great), e.g., Good vegan food, Nice rooms, Basketball, etc. The meeting logistics are well done: Good meeting rooms. Good support staff. Good lounge room for evening discussions. Good internet. About this meeting in particular. It introduced me to many people with whom I have overlapping interests but whose work I did not know. In particular, through the talks and evening discussions I have finally got a sense of the issues of concern to those who do large scale simulations with contact. I also learned about the capabilities of the packages and as a result of this meeting I am more or less committed to collaborations with two of the groups at this meeting. Because of the time for discussions at this meeting, both groups were able to describe their computation abilities well enough so I could get a sense if they would likely be of use for my lab. On the flip side, the meeting gave me an opportunity to share some of the more physical things that I think about with a community that can make use of those insights.

Andy Ruina professor
Mechanical engineering., Cornell University

The workshop has been fantastic. Having a focused theme, but with people from a variety of backgrounds (engineering, robotics, computer science, mathematics) has been especially valuable. I, myself, have taken away two ideas that have the potential to become publications. They will need continued development away from the workshop, but they would not have started without it. One of these involves a new collaboration for me. I already knew some of the participants, but many (actually most) were new to me or I knew only by reputation or papers. Some participants "prodded" intellectually, and have forced me to re-think some things I had taken for granted, or had not taken as seriously beforehand. I am going to be doing some calculations to see if my assumptions are as well-founded as I thought. Thanks for the workshop. It has been very invigorating.

David Stewart Professor
Mathematics, University of Iowa

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop last week. It was one of the best meetings I have been to in recent memory, due to both the technical strength of the participants/material and the fantastic venue. It absolutely broadened my perspective by introducing aspects of the field that I had not been exposed to previously. Thank you for your support!

The workshop was amazingly successful. We got a number of email thank you notes like the one below: "Organizers,This is the best meeting I have ever attended. As a graduate student, I attended international conferences in which communication was largely stratified (professors mostly spoke with professors, and students with students). Due to the intimate size of the meeting, the shared meals and housing at BIRS, and the egalitarian attitudes of the participants; I felt much greater connection to the other participants. I would emphasize the importance of the meals and informal social gatherings, at which technical discussion continued. During this meeting, I was exposed to a number of open source physics solvers that I would like to investigate for connections with our open source robotics software packages (I compiled Chrono Engine, Sofa, and Siconos on my laptop this past week). I'm also looking forward to developing a set of benchmark contact problems in order to compare the different methods that we use."

Jeff Trinkle Professor
Computer Science, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

The workshop was fantastic. I was introduced to the people behind the work I know so well, as well as what they're currently working on. The talks and interactions I had during the week certainly have helped me in better understanding the ideas and concepts of my field, and I feel as though my own work benefited greatly from the insight and input of the other attendees. As a result of the workshop, I believe that we will as a group pursue a database of benchmark problems for multibody dynamics that will prove invaluable to the progress of our field.

Jedediyah Williams Computer Science, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Feb 09 - Feb 14, 2014

The participation in the BIRS workshop on "big data" benefited my research in several ways. First of all, I was able to present my own work to a group of researchers working in different areas in statistics and learn from their comments and suggestions made from different angles. These expertise broadened my sight and gave me more insight into my research problem. Some of the things that I learned in this workshop, though not directly, are helping with my current project. Second, the topic of this workshop, "big data", was something that I was not very familiar with before attending this workshop. Through this workshop, by involving in the talks and discussions, I learned about the problems, current development, and future unsolved challenges in this field. I now think this area is very important while requiring more attention and research. Third, this one-week workshop created a very friendly environment that people can closely interact and focus on research without much disruption. I personally got to many of the experts in this field and learn from both their talks and informal discussions. Some of these people I would not have met if it were not in a small and concentrated workshop like this one. I am really grateful for the workshop organizers and local staff at BIRS who made all these possible to me.

Xiaoyi Min Postdoctoral Associate
Biostatistics, Yale University

This is one of greatest workshops I attended so far. It gave fresh information on the research status of Big Data Analysis and activated some new research projects (or collaborations) related to Big Data Analysis. In particular, I have got contacts with some front players in this new emerging field and have learnt several new software about Big Data Analysis. I start rethinking my current research projects by exploring the utility of Big Data Analysis. I am working on statistical genetics and neuroimaging. I have seen from this workshop that the two fields start integrating each other. Some exciting discovers will appear next few years.

Jian Zhang Professor
School of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science, University of Kent

I believe that the talks in the conference are high quality. I have found that I can continue to do something along the same directions. Nice organization. BIRS is super.

Hongtu Zhu Professor
Biostatistics and BRIC, Univerity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Feb 02 - Feb 07, 2014

My participation had remarkable impact on my research and I had stimulating discussions about problems I currently working on or thinking about with some of the experts in the field or related fields. There are also prospect of some collaboration on future papers with some of the workshop participants.

Kiumars Kaveh Assistant Prof.
Mathematics, University of Pittsburgh

I participated in a so-called half workshop, but the partner conference was very close to our own subject. In particular, the participants of both workshop new each other well. This made it possible to create some interaction between both workshops, including joint talks. I liked this idea a lot. It gave us the opportunity to look at related subjects, too. The atmosphere at Banff was really nice and stimulating. I was glad that I was able to visit this place again.

Klaus Altmann Institut fuer Mathematik, Freie Universitat Berlin

I very much appreciated my participation in the BIRS workshop. It has been a great opportunity to meet experts in a field which is very close to my current research interests, especially mathematicians from the US, Canada or Russia, which seldom visit my home country. The talks by Kiumars Kaveh, Valentina Kiritchenko, Nicolas Perrin, and Evgeny Smirnov were especially interesting for me, as well as subsequent discussions on their recent results. I also had stimulating discussions with Jochen Kuttler about my latest work, and I established new contacts with several junior mathematicians including Izzet Coskun, Chris Manon, Henrik Seppänen. The workshop had a very significant impact in the development of the theory of Newton-Okounkov bodies, a currently very active topic with experts scattered in many countries. It also had (at a smaller scale) consequences on my own research, by showing which lines of investigation would be of interest in this theory.

Michel Brion Dr.
Institut Fourier, Université de Grenoble
Feb 02 - Feb 07, 2014

It was a very intense and POSITIVE week. The conference was very interesting, the participants were all very motivated, the conference room and all facilities were very comfortable and and everything needed was there. The location was incredible, I hiked a little bit whenever I had time, I just regret I did not have more time to relax in this incredible place. My deepest thanks to the organizers and to BIRS and Banff Centre staff.

Ernesto Carlo Mistretta Dipartimento di Matematica, University of Padova

Some of the talks were very inspiring, and they will certainly have an impact on my current and future research. During the conference I started some new research projects with people at the conference. I wouldn't have started these joint research projects otherwise. The scientific organization and the BIRS accommodation and organization were truly great. The BIRS hospitality and organization were simply perfect.

Giuseppe Pareschi Professor
Mathematics, Universita di Roma, Tor Vergata

My participation in the BIRS workshop did impact my current research on toric vector bundles. Specifically, time spend with my collaborators at BIRS lead to new discoveries and results. Feedback from our presentations also lead to new insights. Although it is too soon to be sure, some conversations from the workshop may develop into new research projects and new collaborations.

Gregory Smith Mathematics & Statistics, Queen's University

The workshop was a great moment to discuss research with people in my field. Me and my coauthors have had good feedback and ideas. It was also a good occasion to meet people that I would have hardly met in person and discuss math in an intensive way. In particular the location is great and it stimulates a lot the scientific activity.

Stefano Urbinati Università degli Studi di Padova
Jan 26 - Jan 31, 2014

First I have to congratulate all the BIRS, from the very concept of having an excellent place to work, to share experiences and knowledge, to the logistic facilities that allow people with same objectives to gather in a productive way. The staff to support the work is also perfect. It looked to me almost unreal that we can actually have such a place. For me the workshop was truly profitable in a wonderful atmosphere. I have met people from different places yet with same ideals and I could share the professional experiences of Mathematicians contributing to Mathematics Education. The number of people with specific profile attending the workshop was also a key ingredient to the success, but of course the effort of the organizers (Sol Friedberg, Ed Barbeau, Bill McCallum, Patricio Felmer and Jose Antonio de La Peña) was determinat. I express here my gratitude and appreciation to BIRS for this wonderful experience.

Yuriko Baldin Department of Mathematics, Universidade Federal de São Carlos

I must say that it has been a wonderful experience I won't forget. I want to thank the generosity of all participants. They shared their ideas, their initiatives, their experiences and at the same time they were eager to know about what is happening in other places of America. Attending the workshop showed me that it is of the highest importance involving in mathematics education issues. This meeting let me learn many things, gave me ideas and also, let me think about cooperation with mathematicians from America interested in mathematics education. Finally, I want to thank BIRS for providing such a marvelous enviroment.

Antonio Cafure Instituto del Desarrollo Humano, Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento

I found this conference very stimulating and informative, learning the latest about the state of math education in the Americas and the efforts of mathematicians to improve this education. Our conversations also included serious discussion of ways to share resources and help each other in working in this area. I am optimistic that the workshop will have a long-term effect upon international cooperation among mathematicians in the Americas concerned with math education.

Solomon Friedberg James P. McIntyre Professor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics, Boston College

It was a fascinating and inspiring workshop. Of course, since the topic was math education, it did not help my research program in any direct way. However, as a professor at a university where half of our math undergraduates want to be high school teachers and one of our graduate M.A. programs is specifically for in-service teachers, it was certainly highly relevant to my professional life. It was my first exposure to math education in Latin America, and in some ways they are better organized than we are. It was also noteworthy that the majority of the people there were active innovators in teacher education (I don't count myself as one of them) and simultaneously active mathematics researchers. Thanks as always to BIRS for the great organization and facilities and financial support (especially since we can't use NSERC funds for this meeting).

Neal Madras Department of Mathematics & Statistics, York University

The Pan-American Workshop on Mathematicians and School Mathematics Education was fantastic in bringing together a geographically and mathematically diverse group of individuals. In my specific case dealing with mathematics education as a tool of international development, the conference was a catalyst for a project to create a conference for finding donors for development projects and to coordinate a visit from participants from Paraguay and Chile to the Caribbean. These kinds of connections were facilitated by a conference as focused and international as this one. In a more unexpected way, the discussion topics outside of the panels and lectures provided a wonderful sharing of ideas such as how to increase the representation of women in mathematics and mechanisms for international cooperation. The logistical support and hospitality was excellent.

Angel Pineda Associate Professor
Mathematics, California State University, Fullerton
Jan 19 - Jan 24, 2014

The workshop was very good. It helps me in my current researches allowing new collaborations with researchers from the SAT community. It gives me new insights and new ideas for my current research domain.

Gilles Audemard Universite d'Artois

I find this particular kind of workshop very important and interesting. It purposely invited researchers from two disparate but quite related disciplines. It was very informative and stimulating to hear about the research conducted by our peers. Many thanks, once again, to BIRS, for allowing this special workshop to take place and a special thank you to the workshop organizers!

Eli Ben-Sasson Computer Science, Technion

The workshop was an exciting and optimal mix of researchers from theory and practise. During the workshop I met with a number of previous, current, and what I hope will be future collaborators. One collaboration during the workshop led already to a paper, submitted to SAT'14. The workshop was definitely an excellent opportunity to get in contact with many researchers from the more applied side, whom I did not know before well.

Olaf Beyersdorff School of Computing, University of Leeds

The workshop was really inspiring in many regards, particularly it really helped bringing together the proof complexity and SAT solving community. It even lead to a nice joined paper with two other participants, which without the workshop would not have happened.

Armin Biere Johannes Kepler University

The talks at the workshop were very useful, offering deeper insights than would be possible at a conference. I embarked on possibly two new projects, while concerning my own projects I was able to start possible collaborations with at least three different groups. So I consider the workshop as very successful. On my own behalf, and on behalf of the two research communities involved.

Oliver Kullmann Computer Science, Swansea University

My participation to this BIRS workshop had a very tangible outcome: while discussing with other participants, we discovered that we worked separately on a similar subject so we decided to team up to submit a paper to the next SAT conference (SAT14). I met during the workshop some people that I usually do not see or meet during conferences. It gave me another point of view of our research topic. I would say that the organization is close to perfect. I got a great time during the workshop, and felt home during the week. I could hardly believe that such a great place could exist. I am looking forward my next opportunity to attend a workshop in Banff.

Daniel Le Berre Computer Science, Universite d'Artois

The workshop was very useful in bringing together the complexity theorists with the practitioners to benefit future research in both domains. The organizers did an excellent job in putting together an agenda that enabled in-depth discussion on topics across the theory and practice spectrum. The discussions have sparked some new research ideas that I am exploring. In addition to meeting people who I had known of, but not met before, I met a few potential postdocs during the workshop that I will be in touch with.

Sharad Malik Professor and Chair
Department of Electrical Engineering, Princeton University

The workshop was a rewarding experience. Well-planned and offering the possibility for interaction with many colleagues. BIRS is ideal for these kind of events.

Joao Marques-Silva UCD CASL & IST/INESC-ID

That was quite an interesting experience. The research I am doing is highly theoretical (mathematical), and the workshop was a healthy mixture of practically-inclined complexity theorists and theoretically-inclined people from the SAT solving community. I was really impressed by the fact that understanding of the enormous challenges faced by this interdisciplinary area is quite similar, at least in some prominent circles within both communities, and I will try to get some students interested.

Alexander Razborov Computer Science, University of Chicago

This was an extremely successful workshop that brought together two groups that typically do not interact. I believe it has created a dynamic that will foster future collaboration between members of the two groups. We should repeat this. The informal setting at BIRS and the extensive "face time" throughout the week (talks, open discussion evening sessions, meals, hike, etc.) made it easy for participants to engage in unexpected conversations. I certainly left with a new idea and am pursuing it with two other participants!

Karem Sakallah Professor
EECS/CSE, University of Michigan

This was a great workshop, where theorists and practictioners of Satisfiability solving got to meet each other, and explain their most recent results and open problems to each other. It was the most successful "bridging" workshop that I've attended so far. I've learned a lot about the practice of Satisfiability solving, and have found a number of interesting and well-motivated theoretical problems to keep me occupied in the near future!

Rahul Santhanam School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh

From my point of view the workshop was very successful. It brought together people from two communities -the theoreticians and the more practical researchers- working in the area of satisfiability and the result was that we all were pushed out of our comfort zone and were exposed to many results and methods we were not familiar with. This for sure will influence my research in the future. The logistics, facilities and hospitality were all excellent.

Jacobo Toran Institute for Theoretical Computer Science, University of Ulm

I found the workshop most stimulating, and I was able to re-establish some old contacts with the SAT-solving community. In particular, I had some fruitful interactions with my old friend John Franco that may lead to some new research on the complexity of resolution. I've had to put this research on the back burner for now, but hope to come back to it soon. The combination of people from both the theoretical and practical side of the SAT community was an excellent aspect of the workshop.

Alasdair Urquhart Computer Science, University of Toronto

The workshop I attended, Theoretical Foundations of Applied SAT Solving, exposed me in depth to material that I only knew about peripherally, and led to several new insights and new research ideas. I met and talked to several new people in some depth about their research. The facilities and staff at BIRS were the best I ever experienced at a professional meeting.

Allen Van Gelder Professor
Computer Science, SOE-3, University of California Santa Cruz
Jan 12 - Jan 17, 2014

This was a very impressive workshop that was directly relevant to my current research into the structure of string theory. I was particularly interested in the talks about the (2,0) supersymmetric string theory, which brought me up to date in a subject that would otherwise be difficult to come to grips with. The style of the workshop - its size, informality and schedule - together with the atmosphere at the Banff Center were ideal.

Michael Green Professor
DAMTP, Cambridge University

It was indeed an enormous pleasure for all of us to organise and participate in this workshop. We were able to attract outstanding speakers and this helped ensure the scientific quality of the meeting. This is my second time at Banff and, as before, I'm amazed at the efficient way in which BIRS functions (not to mention the recent addition of a superb, almost magical, video-recording facility!).

Sunil Mukhi Indian Institute of Science Education and Research

The workshop was just fantastic in every possible way!

Bengt Nilsson Chalmers University of Technology

I was very happy to learn various new works on aspects of M-theory and related topics. To raise one example, I was able to grasp the idea of using 5D SYM theory to describe 6D (2,0) theory, its problem associated with the UV property of 5d SYM theory, the idea that the instanton modes may cire the problem. I was also able to meet and work directly with Stefano Kovacs who is on the other side of the earth (I am working in Japan and he is working in Ireland). This worked as a big stimulus to our project on the matrix model of M-theory. Stefano had gave a talk on a work with me, and I hope some participants get interested in the direction we have studied in the work.

Hidehiko Shimada Dr.
Okayama Institute for Quantum Physics

The participation in the workshop was extremally useful for me. During the talks and discussions I have got many new ideas and also answers to questions and issues I encountered with in the course of working on certain projects. Unexpected relations between a priori different topics have been revealed which may stimulate new projects and collaborations.

Dmitri Sorokin Professor
INFN Padova
Dec 15 - Dec 20, 2013

I had started a collaboration with one of the organizers, Ailana Fraser three years ago. But since we have not had contacts except for a brief one at Stanford in 2011, our collaboration came to a standstill. However, during this period of the workshop we were able to find time to discuss deeply about our project, and fortunately we succeeded in making a considerable progress! We are planning to continue the collaboration through Skype. I found a talk by Philippe Castillon very interesting, and so I will try to read his paper carefully and check if his result will be helpful for my research which is relevant with his.

Jaigyoung Choe Professor
Mathematics, KIAS

The workshop was great. The selection of the topics and of the participant have been done in such a way that all people could communicate and discuss with all the others. I personally started to collaborate with two people I had never personally met before.

Annibale Magni Albert-Ludwigs-Universitaet Freiburg

It has been a great experience: great talks, inspiring and stimulating atmosphere and wonderful place.

Andrea Mondino Dr.
Mathematics, ETH
Dec 08 - Dec 13, 2013

This is a very exciting workshop. I got updates and new ideas that are extremely valuable to several of my current research projects. I also discussed possible collaborations with several participants of this workshop.

Jingfang Huang Mathematics, UNC-Chapel Hill

This was an extremely productive conference, I was able to hear about many of the latest research areas of my field.

Michael O'Neil Assistant Professor
Courant Institute, New York University
Dec 01 - Dec 06, 2013

The BIRS workshop will have a significant impact in my research: several interesting ideas and insights were discussed and raised during the workshop that I intend to explore in the years to come. Moreover, we formed a working group during the workshop to discuss a particular subject in the area, and the result of this working group already led to a paper submission to an international workshop. As usual in this kind of events, I met new researchers in the area, some of whom I intend to collaborate in the future.

Manuel Alcino Cunha Departamento de Informática, Universidade do Minho

For me the main result of this conference was getting a chance to go through the formalisms that were being used by other practitioners in this space and relate them to my own. This forced me to put my current research into a more formal vocabulary, which exposed immediate connections to the work of other attendees.

Edward Kmett Software Engineering Lead
S&P Capital IQ, McGraw Hill Financial

The BIRS workshop I attended provided a superb opportunity to meet new colleagues and work collaboratively in a setting that allows, indeed encourages, intense concentration. During the workshop, a longstanding co-author and I were able nearly to complete an article that has been awaiting time for us to collaborate in person. Even more important for me was the chance to meet in person a number of researchers whose research I have been following closely. More generally, the workshop allowed researchers from the several subareas of the rapidly developing Bidirectional Transformations community to get an up-to-date overview of the whole subject. Extremely valuable for everyone involved and for the subject.

Robert Rosebrugh Professor
Mathematics and Computer SCience, Mount Allison University
Nov 24 - Nov 29, 2013

Helped me form a better picture of the current context and state of the research in this area, which is closely related to my research interests. Provided me with some questions to look into and potential areas of future research interest, although I need more time! It also clarified in my mind what my current MSc student should be looking into. The meeting provided me with a valuable opportunity to make some new contacts, and renew other contacts. It also allowed me speak confidentially with colleagues who have had contact with a potential future pdf candidate. Altogether I really valued and appreciated this opportunity.

Berndt Brenken Mathematics, University of Calgary

It is wonderful to spend a few careless, focussed days in relative isolation with a nice, small group of people. These few days at BIRS I experienced the serendipitous atmosphere that works so inexplicably good in science. The organisers made the fantastic choice to reduce the number of talks and leave a lot of free time for discussion. For me, this turned out to be the best part: the naturalness with which small teams would form and let their thoughts flow, spending time together in the small discussion rooms; I was in at least one of those every day, and most of these discussions I expect will lead to new collaborations and definite insights.

Gunther Cornelissen Mathematics, Utrecht University

As a PhD student (in number theory) I have only recently started studying operator algebras. It was very enlightening to hear more about how these structures can be used (in a number theoretic setting) in more generality. I have met many people with whom I have had interesting discussions. Hopefully I could also discuss things with them, once I am further along in my project.

Valentijn Karemaker Utrecht University

This was a very interesting meeting and gave me ample opportunity to talk to experts in the field as well as getting to know what is happening in the field right now. These two aspects were most important for me. Organizers did a superb job.

Masoud Khalkhali Professor
Mathematics, University of Western Ontario

I found the workshop very interesting and informative. It did indeed help my research directly, since it brought together a team of 4 researchers with whom I have several ongoing projects. One feature of this workshop was that it was very well organised: the order of the talks was planned so that later ones could build on earlier ones. I also enjoyed the half-workshop format: it was easy to get to know all 21 participants. (I think this is probably especially beneficial for younger people, of whom there were quite a few.)

Iain Raeburn Mathematics, University of Otago, New Zealand

The workshop was extremely beneficial and stimulating. The program of talks was excellent, and introduced me to a number of exciting new ideas in number theory and dynamics that are closely related to my own area of operator algebras. A few specific benefits of the workshop were: * The intensive research environment and excellent breakout rooms enabled me to interact with collaborators to make significant progress on three separate research projects. * A number of the talks suggested extremely interesting connections with the theory of number theory and semigroups that are likely to lead to new research projects and new collaborations. * The workshop introduced me to new research contacts, both amongst high-profile established researchers, and amongst exciting current students who will be a part of the next generation of researchers in the area. * The workshop was extremely valuable for at least one current post-doc in my department; attendance and the opportunity to speak will have had a very positive effect on his job prospects. All in all the meeting was extremely well organised and scientifically stimulating and struck an excellent balance between interesting talks, and time and space for research interaction.

Aidan Sims School of Mathematics and Applied Statistics, University of Wollongong
Nov 17 - Nov 22, 2013

Thanks to you for all the attention! My participation at BIRS workshop was very useful and inspiring in the sense that allow me to aim new projects in related areas of mine. The workshop was very innovative in the areas that was covered, so all the on going projects actually are focusing in a most wide point of view. So the workshop was very interesting and useful for me. Thanks a lot!

Maridian José Kadomatsu Hermosa MSc
Cientific and applied Computation Laboratory, Facultad Politécnica

As one of the organizers, I found the experience working with the BIRS team to be one of the best I've ever had in my career. Both prior to the meeting and on site, they are the best. Our program appeared to work very well, thanks to the extraordinary contributions of all the participants, both speakers and those who did not but contributed with their questions and round the clock discussions. New understanding of ongoing research questions, a sharper understanding of many outstanding problems, and the generation of some new questions were balanced against subgroups working on continuing collaborations. It was a great experience for my postdoc as it was for me. This multidisciplinary interaction has had impacts in all these disciplines and we expect to see more in the future making bridges between a good number of junior researchers for whom this was their first experience with this sort of workshop.

Kenneth Millett Professor
Mathematics, University of California, Santa Barbara

This was extremely good meeting. The knotted proteins are very interesting area of the research. For that reason, we had almost 100% attendance on all session - something very infrequent even when there is -20C outside. I would also like to praise Linda for all her efforts.

Wladek Minor Department of Molecular Physiology and Biological Physics, University of Virginia

I think the workshop I attended was very interesting and high quality. BIRS facilities are excellent (my room in Corbet Hall a bit too cold). Overall, big success.

Mario Nicodemi Prof.
Dip.to di Fisica, Universita' di Napoli

I attended this workshop/conference as someone only marginally involved in the field, and was impressed at the level of collegiality between the participants. There were no disputes that I could recall, and everyone was impressively friendly. Any competition between the participants was hard to detect; there were certainly no egos on display. Overall a great learning atmosphere- I had a great time. Kudos to the organizers!

Steven Plotkin Associate Professor
Physics and Astronomy, University of British Columbia

As usual, this BIRS meeting was excellent--great location, great food, great science. I did indeed have a fresh insight into how the mathematics of DNA recombination can be directly applied to reconnection events of vortex tubes in fluid mechanics. One of those eureka moments during a talk on DNA recombination by Mariel Vazquez at the BIRS meeting.

DeWitt Sumners Mathematics, Florida State University

I have been a participant at quite a few BIRS workshops and they are always stimulating, interesting and useful. Every time I visit I renew my acquaintance with people with research interests close to mine and meet new people in more disparate parts of the subject. On this occasion I spent quite a lot of time talking to three of my collaborators about research problems -- e-mail might work well but it's hard to beat a face to face conversation and a blackboard! In addition I learned a lot about entanglements in proteins, an area about which I had known rather little before this workshop.

Stuart Whittington Chemistry, University of Toronto
Nov 15 - Nov 17, 2013

I learned a number of new ideas that will be helpful in my work as a curriculum developer and teacher trainer I met some wonderful people, who could be potential collaborators in the future

Henri Picciotto Henri Picciotto's Math Education Page

Gordon Hamilton and James Tanton put together a wonderful Unsolved K-12 conference. I feel that identifying 13 unsolved math problems that can be shared with K-12 students will be tremendously beneficial. I enjoyed being part of this event!

Amanda Serenevy Executive Director
Riverbend Community Math Center

The Unsolved K-12 Workshop was incredibly stimulating for my professional life. It has advanced me professionally and academically in profound ways. It has expanded my knowledge of unsolved problems in mathematics, inspired me to work with teachers to disseminate and implement these problems in their classrooms, networked me to the colleagues in the discipline that I can now draw upon for information / wisdom / experience. I thank the organizers, Gordon Hamilton and James Tanton for inviting me and for providing such inspiring environment for this work. I love the conference booklet that Gord had put together!

Natasa Sirotic Mathematics, Southpointe Academy
Nov 10 - Nov 15, 2013

I would sincerely like to thank and commend you for one of the most productful workshops I have attended. The workshop most definitely impacted my work and helped me to refine my creative science and math writing skills. The prominent participators in the workshop contributed to my professionality, as I hope my skills in digital creative writing in science and mathematics contributed to theirs. As a result of the workshop, I have already started to study the interaction between mathematics and poetry, a field which I most definitely would not have dreamt to enter had I not had the opportunity to meet the inspiring individuals that I met at the BIRS workshop. The workshop has inspired me to further deepen the knowledge, research and innovation in the interdisciplinary fields of creative writing and mathematics at our institute and I intend to hold local lectures, day workshops and perhaps even a weinar or conference on the topic. Once again many, many thanks.

Yossi Elran Technology in Education, Davidson Institute of Science Education, Weizmann Institute of Science

I took part in the BIRS workshop on Creative Writing in Mathematics and Science. I had never written a novel before. For the past two years I'd been working on one about a mathematician -- a German refugee in the United States -- who disappears suddenly many years after the war, and whose disappearance intrigues a young mathematician who tries to discover its causes. After she learns about his life in Germany and what happened to him there before he managed to get to the States, she hits a dead end and is forced to give up the search. But then a memoir he has penned turns up and explains all. The memoir, which forms the largest part of the book, is both a bildungsroman and an account of a mission to spy on the American scientific establishment before and during World War II. In it, a number of real-life figures -- among them Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, Professor Felix Hausdorff, and Professor Emil Artin -- play important roles. The comments I received from the various participants, both about the novel's plot and about the chapter I presented, were immensely helpful to me in delineating the aspects of my writing that I have to clarify, expand, and edit. Several participants were sufficiently interested in what they saw and heard to ask me to send them the entire draft, and I now eagerly await their critical comments.

Jacob E. Goodman Professor Emeritus
Mathematics, City College, City University of New York

I am a mathematician by training, but am currently spending my creative time writing poetry and blogging on the topic, "Intersections -- Poetry with Mathematics." I brought to Banff the beginnings of a poetry project -- I wish to develop a collection of verses that will focus on the properties of prime numbers and will convey to poets and other non-mathematicians the beauty and poetry of mathematics. Discussions with colleagues at BIRS helped me to see the strengths and weaknesses of my work-in-progress; they also suggested sources to tap for new ideas and directions for possible expansion of the original project-idea. For me a valuable week, a source of enrichment for the weeks and months to come! Thank you!

JoAnne Growney Mathematics and Poetry

I enjoyed the camaraderie and the intense atmosphere at BIRS. We had a very successful workshop, where each of us learned from one another. I was able to make substantial progress on a current manuscript and I left Banff with new ideas for how to revive an older project. Overall this has been an excellent opportunity for me. I met some old colleagues and made new connections with very interesting people. In terms of facilities and such, things went very smoothly. I was sad that the exercise facilities are not in Corbett Hall but it makes sense I suppose. The facilities were perfect otherwise. The food was great, the rooms were comfortable, and the conference room was convenient. I hope to one day lead a workshop at Banff myself (together with my philosopher colleague Emily Grosholz) on humanistic (aesthetic, historical, philosophical, literary) aspects of mathematics. This workshop will be a good model for us.

Gizem Karaali Mathematics, Pomona College
Nov 10 - Nov 15, 2013

In addition to congratulating the organizers, I want to thank you and your superb team at BIRS. They are outstanding. The workshop was extremely successful for me in many ways, probably the best workshop I have been to this year (out of 4). The scientific highlights for me were (a) new contacts with researchers in probability and statistics and the insight that I can incorporate many aspects of their presentations into my work; (b) new contact with one researcher in conservation ecology and the prospective of long term collaboration; (c) continuing work with existing collaborators on at least three projects. Thank you so much.

Frithjof Lutscher Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Ottawa
Nov 10 - Nov 15, 2013

I came to the BIRS creative writing in mathematics and science workshop with a fictional work about an ambitious high school senior in the South Bronx, her progressive math class, and her mentors. It is a story built from a few solvable mathematical riddles, and loosely based on a true-life story. An excerpt (a half-dozen of the 47 chapters) circulated in advance of the workshop led to many valued intelligent conversations, discussions, opinions, and constructive ideas that could not have happened without the intelligence and collegiality of our wonderfully eclectic group of entirely egoless participants, all eager to hear and to know more about each other’s projects. Several perceptive ideas for improvements came during the time of my workshop presentation, and others came as residual ongoing discussions, sometimes late into the evening. I believe that everyone gained hugely from the wisdom of our wonderful group. In speaking with others, I understand that the whole event was an outstanding success, and that everyone felt both a sense of accomplishment and an awareness of work to be done. I am a nonfiction author, in particular, an author of narrative popular mathematics. The work I presented at the workshop is my untrained attempt at putting together a work of fiction incorporating narrative mathematics skills. With one whole week devoted to critiques in writing, I came away with a comfortable list of ideas for improvements and an exhilarating sense of accomplishment, a feeling that would be hard to come by in my usual world of solitary writing.

Joseph Mazur Marlboro College