Participant Testimonials

Jul 09 - Jul 14, 2023

The BIRS Workshop on 3D Generative Models has been one of the best academic events I ever attended. Its focus and selection of researchers enabled getting a unique overview of the field and connecting with numerous colleagues some of which I have met in person for the very first time. As a consequence, this workshop has been a source of inspiration and several potential follow-up collaborations. Needless to say that Banff is beautiful even on a gloomy day.

Igor Gilitschenski Assistant Professor
Computer Science, University of Toronto

I visited BIRS for a workshop on an area neighbouring my field of study and it served as the perfect space to understand the main research questions in it as well as the most popular techniques for answering them. I left the workshop with an entirely new perspective on Machine Learning and Computer Vision that I hope to apply to my own research soon. As someone who will be entering the faculty job market soon, it was particularly useful as a networking opportunity too.

Silvia Sellán University of Toronto

This was the most valuable event I have attended in recent years. Many others invitees have expressed a similar opinion, and even asked whether we could organize this yearly. I am thoroughly impressed by how well organized BIRS was. As an organizer, there is little more one could hope to run a smooth event. A ~40ppl event like BIRS, with plenty of time for 1:1 discussions is something that vision and machine learning conferences, which have 10k+ attendants, cannot offer any longer.

Andrea Tagliasacchi Visual Computing Research Chair
Computing Science, SFU, Google Deepmind