Participant Testimonials

Feb 19 - Feb 24, 2023

This was a very exciting and productive meeting. Some progress was made towards finishing the joint project with Nick Ramsey and Itaï Ben Yaacov on studying measures in NSOP1 theories using Keisler randomization. Some productive discussions on the generalized Elekes-Szabo with Sergei Starchenko. Some questions for future work on higher classification (around treeless and C-less theories) were raised in discussions with Nick Ramsey and Itay Kaplan. Many fascinating questions were raised in the problems session, in particular reactivating my investigations of faux finite theories and their relation to quasi-finite axiomatizability. The setting was beautiful, the service was excellent - thank you BIRS and the organizers for hosting such an excellent event!

Artem Chernikov Professor
Mathematics, University of California, Los Angeles

The BIRS neostability workshop series has been one of the most stimulating and fruitful academic meetings to me. Throughout the workshops the theoretical development of NSOP1 was initiated and pursued, and finally recent success was made by Itay Kaplan, Nicholas Ramsey and others. In addition, at the February 2023 meeting in Banff, I can hear further fruition and current exciting achievements on various subjects. Scott Mutchnik's resolution of the equality of SOP1 and SOP2, and related topics including his ambitious plan to solve further the equality of SOP3 are announced. More on independence notions are presented. In particular Granger-independence in Charlotte Kestner's talk seems interesting as it loses only (the least-damaged) local character than base monotonicity. It surprises me to see how seriously young researchers are working to solve difficult core open problems. Benjamin Castle's full positive solution to Zilber's restricted trichotomy conjecture impresses me. I express my deep thanks to all the speakers and organizers by whom I can remember the meeting as fully enjoyable and memorable moments.

Byunghan Kim Mathematics, Yonsei University

I made several new connections with younger researchers and found research directions of mutual interest. I learned about many new interesting results and open questions. I made substantial progress on a paper during the off-hours. I appreciate the efforts of the organizers, and the excellent talks prepared by the workshop participants.

Lynn Scow Mathematics, California State University, San Bernardino