Participant Testimonials

Sep 17 - Sep 22, 2023

I just wanted to let you know that this workshop was one of the best workshops I have attended in a while. Apart from the FANTASTIC location and FANTASTIC accommodation that BIRS provides, I learnt a lot in this workshop: both from the superlative talks given by the participants and the discussions that were held in the middle of the talks. I foresee many papers of mine thanking this workshop where germs of ideas were discussed! In short, many thanks to Zachary, Jochen, Euiwoong, and Britta (I will also email them personally) for organizing this, but also a very big thanks to BIRS for being a wonderful facilitator of this. This was my first time in BIRS, and I have had nothing but great things to say about it! So, thank you again!

Deeparnab Chakrabarty Dartmouth College