Participant Testimonials

Apr 23 - Apr 28, 2023

I would like to thank the organizers for assembling an outstanding group of physicists and statisticians for a very productive meeting. Although I have been active in such meetings around the world for 23 years, at this meeting I met and had lengthy discussions for the first time with at least ten participants. This was a great pleasure, including a number of younger physicists and statisticians, with whom I was able to exchange viewpoints and information. The specific geography of the setup, with lodging, restaurant, meeting room, and evening bistrot all close together provided great opportunities for informal discussions.

Robert Cousins Distingushed Professor Emeritus
Physics and Astronomy, UCLA

An inspiring venue and a highly productive meeting. We were able to present results to and get feedback from physicists and statisticians on a recent project and this has provided important impetus to take our work forward. It was equally valuable to learn of recent developments from other colleagues. The Banff Centre is a beautiful location to meet old friends and make new ones. Many thanks to BIRS and the organisers of the workshop.

Glen Cowan Professor
Physics, Royal Holloway, University of London

The workshop was excellent. I enjoyed the fact that it was focused on a particular topic that is particularly relevant today given the rapidly growing dataset at the LHC. Personally, the topics on the statistics side were the most interesting and helped me to get some news ideas that are likely to be relevant in my future research. The location was excellent and very conducive to meeting people and having interesting conversations. The support for childcare was critical in my being able to attend the workshop.

Heather Gray Associate Professor
Physics, UC Berkeley

The workshop was very informative and stimulating! The organization and execution were flawless. I found the presentations to be well put together and the discussions outside the main presentations to be useful and enjoyable.

Tom Junk Scientist
Neutrino Division, Fermilab

I found the place perfectly suited for this kind of events, pleasant, and well organized. So much so that in fact I am going to look into the possibility of proposing a similar event in the near future. Concerning the outcome, indeed I can report that my participation to the event allowed for an interaction in person with several researchers who are closely collaborating with my research group, and to brainstorm on future projects with them in a way that online participation would have not allowed. Also, several of the presentations and ensuing discussions have been really insightful and definitely a positive experience.

Louis Lyons Retired
Physics, Imperial College London & Oxford U

This BIRS workshop definitely gave me some new ideas that I can try out for my existing research problems. I have also piped some of the ideas to my colleagues in my collaboration. It's a little too early to say what the impact will be or whether there will be papers, but at least I'm excited to get back to my host country to give another go at those research problems. It is also very useful to get to know the whole group of statisticians from CMU and we have some ideas on what we can work on together.

Pueh-Leng Tan Fysikum, Stockholm University