Participant Testimonials

Jun 04 - Jun 09, 2023

I would like to thank the organizers, Arpan, Saurya and Shajid for organizing such a wonderful workshop. I would also like to thank you and all members of BIRS for providing great facilities and infrastructure to organize such meetings. Although I couldn't attend the meeting in person due to reason which was out of my hand (visa procedure), I really enjoyed the workshop with several interesting and high-quality talks. Most of the talks were along my line of research and I got several ideas for future research and collaboration. I hope I could be able to attend your future activities in person.

Mohsen Alishahiha Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences

The workshop on "Quantum Information Theory in Quantum Field Theory and Cosmology" was quite useful to my research work. With my focus area in particle physics phenomenology and particle cosmology, it was refreshing to be introduced to new ideas in quantum information theory, quantum complexity, and quantum cosmology. We expect that these ideas would be useful, especially in our exploration of early cosmology.

Poulose Poulose Professor
Physics, Indian Institute of Technology Guwa