Participant Testimonials

Feb 12 - Feb 17, 2023

The workshop was very nice, I really enjoyed the discussions and presentations. In addition, the accommodation, meals and environment were great. I will keep a great memory of this meeting.

Ángel Rivas Theoretical Physics, Universidad Complutense de Madrid

The BIRS workshop on "Non-Markovianity in Open Quantum Systems" had a fantastic set of speakers that touched on some of the most interesting topics in the field. The workshop gave me new insights into the different measures of non-Markovianity and developing open system approaches for systems strongly coupled to their environments. It also helped me get a good overall view of the various topics covered within the workshop and identify some of the most impactful works from recent years. The hybrid mode allowed me to participate without compromising on my teaching duties and the active participation helped me build new connections that I strongly believe would benefit my future research. There was enough time kept for discussions which inspired new ideas and led to a new collaboration with one of the speakers (Dr. Anton Trushechkin) at the workshop. I look forward to more such workshops that help inspire and bring experts from related fields together in a collaborative environment.

Juzar Thingna Physics and Applied Physics, University of Massachusetts Lowell