Participant Testimonials

Feb 26 - Mar 03, 2023

The topic of the workshop was very interesting. I enjoyed the talks and learned from them. This will be helpful for my future research. I appreciated that the organizers made a major effort to also have more junior speakers. The level of female participation was very high (and much above comparable conferences).

Klaus Hulek Mathematics, Leibniz University Hannover

Overall I was quite pleased with how the conference turned out. The Juniper Hotel was a nice venue, that brought the researchers together quite well. It was good to eat meals together.

Nathan Priddis Associate Professor
Math Department, Brigham Young University

It's too soon to say what the scientific effects of the meeting were but I am optimistic about them. Examples: a talk that is relevant to the work of one of my research students (and the chance to talk to the speaker about it); progress with an ongoing collaboration with another participant; an opportunity to advertise the work of another of my research students. The Juniper was a very pleasant place to stay and the practical arrangements about the talks were satisfactory.

Gregory Sankaran Mathematical Sciences, University of Bath

It was a great workshop, with great talks and interactions between the participants. As an organizer, I'm sure that this workshop will contribute in producing several exciting results and papers!

Alessandra Sarti Laboratoire de Mathématiques et Applications, University of Poitiers

Great workshop, nicely organized! Got me a new collaboration going that would have been quite unlikely without.

Matthias Schutt Institute of algebraic geometry, Leibniz University Hannover