Participant Testimonials

Jul 30 - Aug 04, 2023

The BIRS workshop focusing on Applied and Computational Differential Geometry and Geometric PDEs was an outstanding success. It brought together three distinct groups of researchers, specializing in discrete conformal geometry, geometric analysis, and applied and computational analysis using geometric tools. The interaction and collaboration between these groups were highly beneficial, allowing for a rich exchange of ideas and learning from one another. Many talks offered insights that bridged all three groups, exploring connections to topics such as circle packing, the Weyl problem, and the Minkowski problem. What was particularly striking were the unexpected common scientific interests that emerged during the workshop. I personally benefited greatly from the informal discussions with fellow attendees during lunch and dinner times. These conversations allowed for a more intimate understanding of various research themes and provided me with a broader perspective. The workshop's organization was superb, facilitating an environment that was both stimulating and enjoyable. Everything was orchestrated to encourage open dialogue and active participation. In summary, the workshop not only expanded my knowledge in the field but also significantly enhanced my view of the subjects and research directions. It was a memorable and valuable experience that I'm sure will have a lasting impact on my work.

Jian-Guo Liu Professor
Mathematics, Duke University