Participant Testimonials

Apr 30 - May 05, 2023

I discussed a possible new project with a couple of participants, which I otherwise wouldn't have.

Jakša Cvitanić California Institute of Technology

It was a great and very well-organized workshop, which provided an excellent opportunity to meet and discuss with many colleagues for the first time since the pandemic. Thanks a lot to the organizers and the BIRS team for making this event happen.

Christoph Frei Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, University of Alberta

Wonderful events with many great talks and interactions.

Ali Lazrak Faculty of Commerce and Business Adminstration, University of British Columbia

It was a great workshop. It was super helpful for me to learn from some of the top-notch specialists in stochastic control. I apply their techniques in my finance research, but sometimes my analysis is not as rigorous as I would like it to be. Thus, the workshop was exactly what I was looking for.

Alejandro Rivera University of Texas at Dallas and University of California at Berkeley