Participant Testimonials

Apr 02 - Apr 07, 2023

The workshop gave me the opportunity to interact with colleagues within my research area on a topic that interests me that would be difficult to find otherwise. The format of the workshop was nonstandard but turned out to be very successful, mainly because it strongly encouraged collaboration and interaction through team work. I very much appreciated the fact that every participant was given the chance to propose and present a research problem/project to the others and to express his/her own preferences on the proposals. The team work resulted in new insights, directions, interest and potential for my proposed project that would be impossible for me to achieve on my own. The workshop was much more fruitful and interesting than what I had expected.

Christos Athanasiadis Professor
Mathematics, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

My experience at the BIRS workshop was very positive. I reunited with old colleagues and met many new mathematicians. In the talks and discussions I learned about the latest developments in various lines of research, and I was also introduced to new open problems in the field. I began a new project with colleagues with whom I had not previously worked. It is unlikely that this collaboration would have happened without the workshop, and I am grateful to BIRS and the organizers for the opportunity!

Anton Dochtermann Associate Professor
Mathematics, Texas State University

I'm so grateful to the organizers and to BIRS for the wonderful workshop! I learned a ton (including something I'd tried unsuccessfully to read about on my own over the past several months), met people in an adjacent field that I am certain I would not have met any time soon without this workshop, and also just had a really fun time. The week managed to be simultaneously intensely productive and also rejuvenating, which I would never even have dreamed possible! It was a truly wonderful experience.

Patricia Klein Mathematics, Texas A&M University

My participation in the BIRS workshop positively impacted my current research, allowed me to work with three new collaborators, and make progress on a result that we anticipate will result in publication in the future.

Susan Morey Professor and Chair
Mathematics, Texas State University

This was a great workshop. The talks presented interesting new developments, and during the group work I became very familiar with an important conjecture.

Nagel Uwe Mathematics, University of Kentucky