Participant Testimonials

Nov 27 - Dec 02, 2022

The design of this workshop was excellent, with a wonderful variety of talks. My graduate students found the mini-courses extremely helpful. We are delighted that the main talk was recorded, as the speaker raised many points that we will be able to discuss as a group while rewatching the lecture in future.

Monica Nevins Professor
Mathematics and Statistics, University of Ottawa

I am very grateful to BIRS for having given me the opportunity to attend this workshop. This was a unique experience and a very instructive week. This workshop enabled me to discover some very interesting and recent work on the Langlands Program, but it also enabled me to broaden my knowledge on the subject thanks to the different lectures. So, I would like to thank again sincerely all the organizers of the workshop but also all the speakers involved in the event. To finish, I would like to warmly thank you once again for organizing and hosting this workshop.

Maxime Sommella Université d'Aix-Marseille