Participant Testimonials

Jun 14 - Jun 19, 2020

Yes, the BIRS workshop helped me learning statistical challenges for integrating single-cell proteomics data, existing methods across other fields that can be used to solve these challenges, and future direction of proteomics technologies. I met and learned from experts in my research area and received an insight into how researchers work together. I will be a tenure-track Assistant Professor in Statistics and Data Science at McMaster University, starting July 2020. This workshop inspired me to organize a workshop in the future so that my students at McMaster University can involve in solving statistical challenges in biological data analysis.

Pratheepa Jeganathan Dr.
Statistics, Standford University

This meeting was an incredible opportunity for me to get fresh perspectives on advanced biological data analysis and has been instrumental for designing new research projects in my research field. Many thanks for the organizers for setting up such a wonderful meeting.

Babu Mohan Post Doctoral Fellow
AIV Institute, Dept of Biotechnology & Molecular Medicine, University of Eastern Finland