Material Evolution from Plasticity to Morphogenesis (17frg674)

Arriving in Banff, Alberta Sunday, June 11 and departing Sunday June 18, 2017


(Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)

Marcelo Epstein (University of Calgary)

Manuel de León (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicos)

(Instituto de Ciencias Matematicas)


The primary objective of our stay in Banff is bringing together researchers from five different institutions, that come from different branches of science, engineering and mathematics, but with a same objective: to put their knowledge in common for a research project entitled ``Material evolution: from plasticity to morphogenesis''.

This gathering is part of an ongoing effort to overlap purely mathematical grounds and applications of engineering to material evolution. People in the proposed team are good representatives of these fields of research. The spanish team is an expert in differential geometry and geometrical mechanics, whilst members from Canada, Israel and US have a solid background of applications of differential geometry in biomechanics and materials.

From this meeting we expect some publications in reputable journals concerning the applications of geometric mechanics to the understanding of evolution and composition of organic and inorganic materials: from muscle tissue to crystals. We also plan to write a state of the art indicating potential ways to explore in the next future.

Apart from these generic objectives, we plan to discuss the following items:

  • A generalization of the algebroid and groupoid theory to different kind of materials, as for instance, functionally graded materials and Cosserat media.
  • Derivation of a Hamilton--Jacobi theory that is invariant under the MS setting.
  • A further step consists of a geometric Hamilton--Jacobi equation with the implementation of stochastic variables that still preserves the MS setting.



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