Field Theories and Higher Structures in Mathematics and Physics (17w5167)

Arriving in Oaxaca, Mexico Sunday, June 4 and departing Friday June 9, 2017


Thomas Strobl (Universite de Lyon)

(Artois University, Lens)



The workshop, taking place in Oaxaca, a UNESCO designated World Heritage site, intends to bring together leading experts in mathematics and theoretical physics on the subject of Higher Structures and Classical and Quantum Field Theories. One of the goals is to compare and outline recent approaches to quantum field theory such as factorization algebras, extended TQFTs, and perturbative quantization of gauge field theories on space-times with boundary. Another objective is to clarify the relation between the "BV formalism" in quantum and classical gauge theories with the "Derived mathematics" program. Finally, we aim at a better understanding of higher gauge theories, the general new framework of the gauging of singular foliations, and higher homotopy moment maps.