Transport in Unsteady Flows: from Deterministic Structures to Stochastic Models and Back Again (17w5048)

Arriving in Banff, Alberta Sunday, January 15 and departing Friday January 20, 2017


(University of Adelaide)

(University of New South Wales)

(University of Victoria)

(Stanford University)

(University of Oxford)

(CWI Amsterdam)


1. Assess from experiment and observation the predictive utility of LCS and transport estimates arising from deterministic models of real world systems 2. Investigate how LCS-based perspectives on transport can inform the development of stochastic models of subgrid-scale transport 3. Harmonize the deterministic and stochastic perspectives on transport, and discover which objects are analogous to LCS for stochastic models

This workshop proposal stems from the pressing need to understand fluid transport at both the geophysical and the small scales, with importance respectively in the global climate and environment, and in fluidic devices down to the micro- and nano-scales. The scientific necessity for incorporating both larger scale coherent structures and smaller scale unresolved motions in such an assessment is becoming more apparent. There is for example a growing urgency in being able to incorporate, in a scientifically rigorous way, the stochastic/probabilistic/statistical models associated with small scale motion into large scale climate models. The complementary advances in the areas of coherent structures and stochastic analysis, and the fledgling dialogue between researchers from the two communities, renders this proposal particularly timely.