Participant Testimonials

Jul 10 - Jul 15, 2016

The workshop was very interesting and the accommodation by BIRS and by the Banff Centre was excellent; everything went smoothly and friendly.

Giuseppe Buttazzo Professor
Department of Mathematics, Universita` di Pisa

The BIRS setting helped me to switch immediately into research mode.

Bernd Kawohl Full Professor
Mathematics, University of Koeln

The participation at BIRS had a very positive impact on my current research. It enabled me to discuss problems of common scientific interest with several top scientists in the field including Andrea Cianchi, Tobias Weth and more. The workshop had similar (and equally, maybe even more important) affect on my PhD student Lenka Slavikova. The workshop also started some new collaborations. The overall affect on my scientific work of the workshop is very positive. I am very grateful for the possibility to participate. Results of the discussions will appear in some of my next scientific papers.

Lubos Pick Department of Mathematical Analysis, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University in Prague

BIRS is a perfect location for workshops, discussions and research. Thanks for giving us this opportunity and for your perfect organization.

Paolo Salani Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica , Università di Firenze

The workshop was a great source of inspiration, and it allowed me to continue - with new ideas - a joint work on a challenging research project in which we got stuck in recent years. Needless to say to anyone who already spent time at BIRS, the facility provided everything imaginable to establish perfect conditions for a successful research stay. I would like to thank the BIRS management and staff for creating and maintaining this unique research environment and for giving me the chance to benefit from it again.

Tobias Weth Prof. Dr.
Department of Computer Science and Mathematics, University of Frankfurt