Participant Testimonials

Dec 04 - Dec 09, 2016

During workshop "Analytic Versus Combinatorial in Free Probability", I had really many discussions with other participants, and got new ideas from other participants. Some interesting comments of other participants were helpful for my research. I think I also contributed to other participants' research. Some new collaborations were started, which would not have been without the workshop.

Takahiro Hasebe Hokkaido University

The workshop I attended allowed me to move forward in existing collaborations and projects but also gave me the opportunity to meet the best specialists in the field (as a newcomer, I had met only the European ones before), make new contacts and start discussing with them new collaborations. I had heard in France of BIRS as one of the world best conference venues in mathematics, I can confirm now this is indeed the case!

Frederic Patras Mathematics, Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis