Women in Mathematics in Latin America: Barriers, Advancements and New Perspectives (16w5003)

Arriving in Oaxaca, Mexico Sunday, August 21 and departing Friday August 26, 2016


(Arizona State University)

Neal Koblitz (University of Washington)

(Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)

Luis Ramiro Piñeira (Universidad de La Habana)

Lilliam Alvarez Diaz (Cuban Academy of Sciences)

Patricio Felmer (Universidad de Chile, Member of the Chilean Academy)


• To show research on the lives and works of women in Mathematics.

• To bring together women in Mathematics having leadership positions in different organizations and institutions in different countries.

• To present short communications and/or Posters on concrete results in different fields in Mathematics, joining Seniors and Young Women in Math.

• To propose and Strategic Action Plan to disseminate and promote in Education systems and media calling the attention on the importance to include more Women as scientists and as Mathematicians in particular.

• To promote, through the National Societies for Mathematics in Latin America, one Association, with Focal points and Groups, for Women in Mathematics.