Participant Testimonials

Oct 28 - Nov 02, 2012

The presentations and follow-up questions/discussions were great resources for participates to know the current research directions and interests. I marked quite a few papers for further reading. The part I like most in attending the BRIS workshop is that I was able to meet different scholars from closed research areas and discuss research problems with them. This is extremely useful when participates are trying to broaden their research interests and seek for opportunities of collaboration. During this workshop, I had some productive discussions with researchers who are working on Hopf algebras, graded Skew Clifford algebras and got to know some open questions in those areas. We discussed problems and possible solutions over the board in those small rooms downstairs. (A great place to do research. The security man was very nice and made us feel comfortable stay after midnight.) Such discussions were very beneficial. I did have new collaboration that originated during the workshop. I will definitely keep these contacts and continue these research communications.

Linhong Wang Mathematics, Southeastern Louisiana University

The BIRS workshop talks were valuable in helping me to keep up with current research in my field, as well as to learn some related topics that are a bit further afield for me. I met with collaborators on two research projects at the workshop. Both are projects I have just begun, with mathematicians that I do not see very often, and it was important that I speak with them in person at this stage to get the projects moving.

Sarah Witherspoon Mathematics, Texas A&M University