Participant Testimonials

Jan 22 - Jan 27, 2012

Thank you so much for having me to BIRS for this workshop. The talks were excellent and the workshop was very well organized. The Banff Centre is a fantastic place to have this type of conference, and I will definitely highly recommend it to others, as well as hopefully attending or organizing future workshops myself! Thanks again very much for you wonderful hospitality.

Alethea Barbaro Mathematics, UCLA

Thank you very much for organising these fantastic workshops at BIRS. I had a great time in Banff last week. I have learned about new mathematical models in my field, I have met great researchers (such as Prof. Jose Carillo de la Plata - whom I would have not met otherwise), and started a possible collaboration (and a possible paper). BIRS is a fantastic place to do research (to start new projects, to establish new contacts, ...). I was honoured to be invited to attend this workshop, and I am already looking forward to my next visit at BIRS.

Raluca Eftimie Mathematics and Statistics, McMaster University

This workshop was addressed very timely and interesting problems and is certainly going to have significant impact on my future research. It served excellently in forming closer relations with key players of the field I had hardly opportunity to meet otherwise.

Klemens Fellner Institute for Mathematic and Scientific Computing, University of Graz

I was one of the few engineers among mathematicians and researchers from other fields working on the topic of swarms or multi-particle systems with local and non-local interactions. I learned a lot about the view and aspect researchers from other fields have. It helped me form new ideas for expanding my current research. I also had the opportunity to communicate our results and views. I believe that it was a very useful interaction.

Veysel Gazi Professor
Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Istanbul Kemerburgaz University

It was a very nice and interesting workshop. I particularly enjoyed hearing about the work of up-and-coming junior people. A junior colleague (postdoc) and I also started a new collaboration with one of the participants.

Joceline Lega Professor
Mathematics, University of Arizona