Prediction and Control of Pandemic Outbreak

Confirmed Participants

Name Affiliation
Bansal, Shweta Penn State University/National Institutes of Health
Chiang, Jonathan M. C. University of Alberta
Dwyer, Terry University of Mississippi Medical Center
Fiegel, Jennifer University of Iowa
Green, Michael Queens University
Hasan, MD Anwarul Alberta Innovates Technology Future
King, Malcolm University of Alberta
Lange, Carlos University of Alberta
Miller, Joel LaTrobe University
Moser, Flavia University of British Columbia Centre for Disease Control
Nicholas, David University of Calgary
Pelude, Linda Public Health Agency of Canada
Pourbohloul, Babak University of British Columbia
Rogak, Steven University of British Columbia
Tellier, Raymond Provincial Laboratory for Public Health; University of Calgary
Zayas, Jose Gustavo University of Alberta
Zayas, Jose G. City of Edmonton