First Nations; Mathematics and Science Education

Arriving Saturday, June 17 and departing Thursday June 22, 2006

Confirmed Participants

Name Affiliation
Alvarez Adem, Melania University of British Columbia
Chambers, Russ Skelep School of Excellence: Principal
Crowfoot Clark, Amelia President of Old Sun Community College and Superintendent of Siksika Board of Education
Doolittle, Edward First Nations University of Canada
Fortier, Warren University of British Columbia
Fox, Genevieve Siksika Board OF Education
Glanfield, Florence University of Alberta
Hoechsmann, Klaus Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences
Jalan, Rahael Britannia School
MacLean, Mark University of British Columbia
Matthew, Marie First Nations Education Steering Committee (FNESC)
McKee, Darren Aboriginal Education Unit of Saskatchewan Learning
Megginson, Robert Uinversity of Michigan
Michel, Tim First Nations Coordinator - UBC
Nakonechny, Joanne University of British Columbia
Nicol, Cynthia University of British Columbia
Sirotic, Natasa Southpointe Academy
Weston, Harley University of Regina
Wiseman, Dawn University of Alberta