Prior to Your 5-day Workshop


Approximately one year prior to your workshop at BIRS you, the organizer, should be receiving a letter of detailed information for planning your workshop. 8 - 10 months before the event, you will receive an e-mail requesting that you add participants to your workshop, with instructions for how to do that.

Participants will receive invitations from BIRS, with a special link that allows them to confirm or decline their attendance. BIRS will handle the responses and answer logistical questions from invited participants. You will be able to see the status of your participants online, as they answer invitations.

E-Mail List

BIRS provides an e-mail list for each workshop. An e-mail list is an e-mail address that you can send a message to and it will be redistributed to the e-mail addresses of your workshop's participants. This facilitates group discussions, and is often used to send announcements pertaining to the workshop.

Your workshop mail list will be automatically populated with those of people who confirm their attendance in your workshop. There are separate e-mail lists for invited, declined, and undecided participants, should you wish to communicate with those groups.