Participant Testimonials

Apr 16 - Apr 21, 2023

This was an exceptionally productive research meeting. I was able to meet new potential collaborators and discuss possible research ideas, including one specific research project that is already showing progress, as well as resume a discussion with two former collaborators. The conference center and surrounding area makes for the greatest conference venue, and the energy level of the participants made the meeting very impactful and memorable. I particularly enjoyed the 5 minute pitch session that allowed me to get to know everyone a bit even if they weren't giving a talk.

Erik Lundberg Mathematical Sciences, Florida Atlantic University

The BIRS Workshop on Random Algebraic Geometry was one of the most interesting and stimulating workshops I have ever attended. There was a very positive atmosphere with many wonderful talks and ideas floating around. There were several very new ideas and insights that I encountered that I will be exploring further over the coming months. It remains to be seen if new papers will come out of the meeting but, at the very least, seeds for new collaborations were sown. Absolutely I made several new contacts that I wouldn't have had without the workshop. What a wonderful and productive week!

Chris Peterson Mathematics, Colorado State University